Not Very Helpful At Candian Tire

By Joe

I have a SAE Metric 60 pc. tap & die set Guaranteed Forever - product #58-7171-4. 2 taps broke so I returned to Canadian Tire in Strathroy, ON to replace them. I was told they had none in stock, that I should check larger stores.
I don’t have the time or the gas to travel out of town to look for them.
Could the staff in Strathroy not call around to try to find them for me? Thankyou.

2 Responses to “Not Very Helpful At Candian Tire”

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    escher7 says...

    The stores are all independently owned. They don’t phone around like Staples or other centrally owned chains.

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    PastEmployee says...

    Even though they are independently owned, their computer systems should all be connected. All they would of had to do was press F17 (or was it F14?) and the inventory of any surrounding stores would be displayed.

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