Canadian Tire - Should Have Known Better


143.00 to change a bulb on the signal for a 10 minute repair
I should have known better, all my experiences with Canadian Tire have been negative. I needed to repair the bulb so I could rent a trialer. Had they been honest and charge the initial $28.00 to change the bulb, I would have been a returning customer, somehow they managed to get a $94.00 dianostic fee, saying it was a wiring problem. Shame on you Canadian Tire Golden Mile in Scarborough

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    Kezia says...

    A friend of mine had this happen at a dealership. They tried to charge her over $100 to change one little headlight bulb and she squawked to high heaven. The manager reduced it to a reasonable amount.

    Just goes to show that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. And men in a repair shop will try to take advantage of a woman who they think has no sense of value for amount of work done.

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