Mr. Electric

By Liz

Called Mr. Electric to look into a melted receptacle, figure out why it melted, and replace it, and check others. Very nice fellow showed up and did a “free” inspection, but spent more time trying to sell me stuff, than focused on the issues I called about. So I spent $385 getting two receptacles replaced, and still had to call another electrician to deal with my original issues. I think their business model is to offer free inspections, so that they can get into your house to sell you stuff you may or may not need.

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    Customers daughter says...

    A Mr Electric London went out to my mothers house . She is older and is very trusting and niave . She doesnt get out of the house much and is almost 70.
    A Strathroy Ontario Mr Electric by the name of Shaun charged my mother $4,000.00 to install an electrical box last spring.

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    Customers daughter says...


    one last thing…
    she has the receipt still

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