Problem at Canadian Tire

By tallfrenchman

It started out by ordering tires at ct and they screw up on the order…so they started again by placing the order again but this time for 4 tires 315/75/16 and they were back ordered 4 to6 weeks…so I waited…they finally come in…so they mounted them on my rims and I asked them to do a wheel alignment…and I needed 2 bolt joint and got everything installed when they finally came in…cause they only had 1 side…but I got everything done the same day..but I had to wait for the parts…so I was ok with it…
I got the bill $1497.00 so I paid it with my ct master card and I went home….and 3 days later she calls to tell me I didn’t pay the bill and I said I sure did and I faxed the bill to ct tire and never heard nothing until 3 months later telling…theres was mistake and I had to go ct and pay a $98 more a tire…so I went and told her I wasn’t gonna be the difference so she took off to get the manger…and he started telling I knew the prize when I order them and I said yes but someone made the mistake at ct and charge me for 245/75/16 the size I had on before…it’s there mistake…and we argued in front of the parts counter…in front of other workers and other clients…I was pissed off…and I told him I’m not paying the difference and it’s final and he told me I had stolen from him $400 in front of other people…he should of took me to an office to talk about the matter and as far as I’m concerned I paid the bill when I walked out 3 months ago … when I got the
tires installed…and the manger told me to not visit his store again…well I live in Hearst so I guess I will take my money else where to other business who will gladly take it and I can go to Canadian Tire Kapuskasing if I really need something that bad…lmao
oh well it was Canadian Tire’s turn to get screwed this time and not the consumer getting screwed…over and over like I see on this site.. just had to shared this experience…

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    escher7 says...

    Friend of mine used to work at CT. Told me never to take my care there.

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    dawn says...

    write head office report the store and the manager , and no you do not have to pay the diff in the bill .

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