Problem With Beyond the Rack

By Shanns

I just received my purchase from Beyond the Rack. I purchased a set of three “Heys USA” suitcases. To my surprise they shipped me the exact suitcases that were pictured on the website HOWEVER they are not “Heys USA” they are “Travel Concepts”. I have never heard of “Travel Concepts” and from the looks of it didn’t actually get that great of a deal on them. I have emailed Beyond the Rack for them to explain this to me. We will see what happens :)

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    Joe says...

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    John says...


    Reminds me a couple months ago I bought the Heys X Case carry-on case on (Showstopper) for $55 + taxes and shipping. When I got it, it had a Sears price tag on it for $239.99! Let’s say I won’t be shopping at Sears anytime soon.

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