People’s Jewellers Complaint

By Steph

thanks for sharing your online shopping experience with people’s. unfortunately i too have experienced similar online return policy issues with other major stores such as future shop. recently i purchased a diamond wedding band and a diamond pendant from people’s to my surprise they do not issue appraisals for their diamonds unless its a diamond solitute ring usually intended for once in a lifetime engagements. what a crooked way of making people pay an extra $50 for an appraisal.

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    Angelcat says...

    My husband purchased a promise ring from Peoples for me a few years back. After he gave it to me, I brought it in to be sized down to a size 4. It was sent away for 4 weeks and when I finally did get it back, the larger center diamond fell out on the same day! I brought it back, and they said that would require another 4 week trip for the ring, but it would be free because my husband bought the lifetime warranty. After another 4 weeks, I went in to pick up my ring. The next day, I noticed that one of the smaller side diamonds had fallen out. I went back to the store very distraught. The sales woman told me the diamonds fell out because the ring had to be sized down so small! The manager had the nerve to say “Good thing you had the warranty!” As if they wouldn’t have covered the damages if we didn’t have the warranty? I will never go back!

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    Robin says...

    Hmm, sounds like People’s have an issue with keeping their stones in their rings. My husband bought me an engagement ring a few years back, with one large diamond in the middle, flanked by two small and then one small, to each side. The large one was loose right away but never actually fell out and we had the claws enlarged. That got me to check the rest and sure enough, I could wiggle several with my fingernails. Two of the stones did fall out. We too had the lifetime warranty so they were replaced and fixed but really, they seem to have shoddy work!

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    Marc says...

    Same thing happen with me. I bought my wife a 3 stone sapphire ring with smaller stones. It wasn’t really expensive being $100 on sale for 50% off with the lifetime warranty at the driftwood mall in Courtenay B.C..My wife sent it in for a re-size from a 7 to a 6..It took about 4 weeks to come back. .It still was not the right size, I don’t think they did anything to it. It was sent in again for re-size and took another 4 weeks.When it came back the small stones started to fall out immediately.I returned it and it took another 4 weeks. Same thing happened again, small stones falling out and my wife had worn it a total of about 4 days by now. We decided to speak to the manager. She said she would order another ring from the manufacturer. I guess peoples did not make this ring. We waited 6 weeks and no contact. We went to the store and the manager said it wasn’t ordered. She said, “my staff aren’t reliable”. She said she would order one herself. We waited another month and went back. It again had not been ordered. The manager said it wasn’t made any longer.We asked why she didn’t call us. She said,”I am an old women and forget”. By this time we were totally fed up with the store, the manager, and the ring. The manager tried to give us a in store credit but we demanded a refund. It was given. We will never deal with that store or Peoples Jewelers again.

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    Michael says...

    same here stone fell out after two years,168.00 plus tax to have put back in.Should,t a diamond be made to wear and not sit home on the dresser.what is wrong with this company-?

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    Jeannie says...

    I wish I had read this before I purchased items online…I was at the store for over two hours and was put on hold waiting for a supervisor on the phone for over an hour! The Sunridge Mall Peoples Jewellers (Calgary) sales associate Rosalyn and the store manager Connie were rude and unhelpful. Even though the supervisor of online services told the sales associate to go ahead and take the return…they sales associate “did not feel comfortable” taking the return. What a frustrating and maddening experience! Never again will I be shopping at Peoples!!!

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    Ashlie says...

    I bought 70 dollar silver hoop earrings and noticed that when I apply light pressure they would bend and deform. I took them back and they had the nerve to say it was “not normal wear damage” and they wouldn’t refund it or even exhange! Until I argued they were selling the worst quality jewellry as opposed to the “best quality” their slogan boasts about. After I fought like a dog for an exchange the woman had the nerve to write on my receipt FINAL SALE after we purchased them. It wasnt made aware to me that the earrings were ever a final sale! And sheeven said “This is so you don’t do this again” I even bought 110.0 dollar really frail 14 k gold earrings. I wore them twice. They fell on the carpet and broke, again. Thank goodness my boyfriend bought the warranty. But seriously wince when does GOOD quality jewellery ever need a warranty!? So now I need to go back and deal with the manager and saleswoman, I will NEVER go back.

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    Heather Olinski says...

    My boyfriend bought me a beatiful silver bracelet with diamonds for Valentine Day. Six months later the bracelet broke. I took it back and they were not going to repair it for free because he did not take out the life time waranty. Why would you need one if the jewellery you sell is high quality. If I lost it, the bracelet would not be covered. After much discussion, they finally repaired it for free. Again it broke and told me I should only wear it on special occasions. I said, “Is it beause of the poor quality”? No answer. It was not a cheep bracelet!
    My boyfiend bought a more expensive white gold one with diamonds and after about six months this one broke also. So lucky I didn’t loose it!
    I took it back and paid for the rapair. After one week it broke again.
    The manager again asked if we had the life-time waranty.
    My boyfriend said he wants his money back because he does not think there jewelery has very good quality but she wants to repair it again.
    I am so upset with this company and will never buy anything from this store and will tell everyone what poor quality Peoples jewelery has and not to go there.
    Keep you posted.

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    Laurie Machulla says...

    My bf bought me a promise ring b4 Xmas.. brought it in for sizing on the Dec 30th.was told by Jan 10th id have it back, was promised 3 different occassins id have it. then on the date of..i got a call saying the lady made a mistake it I shouldnt have been quoted the 10th the lady who took my ring was new, my fault? i think not needless to say it took another week i recieved it Jan 18th 19 days after i took it to b sized down 2 sizes. I picked it up went home only to realize when they sized it they took away the 10k stamp. Now im told were sorry bring it back and we will send it out again will only take a week. so i have been able to wear the ring a total of 8 days since it was given to me xmas morning and its now Jan 24th. my bf or I will NEVER purchase anything more from peoples.

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    Tessa says...

    I have had nothing but a horrendous experience with Peoples.

    • My fiancé bought my ring in May of 2008. I took my ring in to be sized; a week later I received my ring back with extensive clamping marks on the band and bridge of my ring.
    • I had Peoples send it away to have these marks fixed and when I received it back from Peoples the clamp marks were not fixed. The goldsmith simply dipped my ring in rhodium in an attempt to cover up the marks.
    • Frustrated, I had Peoples send it out again and same thing, received it back a week later with same clamp marks and was told the goldsmith dipped it in rhodium.
    • At this point I didn’t want to deal with Peoples because their customer service was lack luster and obviously the goldsmith they used was not doing his job. I dealt with my engagement ring having these clamp marks on it until November 2011 when I took it in for my 6 month inspection.
    • Days before I had to have my ring inspected I noticed there was cracking on three of my claws. I brought that to the attention of the lady doing the inspection and she said she would send it away to have that fixed. I asked her to not send it to the goldsmith they previously used as he doesn’t seem to fix things. They sent it away to “their top goldsmith in Vancouver” and I was assured the clamp marks and the cracks would be gone and I would not have an issue with this ring anymore.
    • I received my ring back two weeks later and sure enough the clamp marks were gone and so were the cracks! I was finally happy with this ring.
    • On the morning of January 26th 2012 when I was at work (I work in an office) I was twirling my ring around my finger and noticed it felt different. Looked down at my ring and noticed that one claw was completely broken off. I had a closer look at the other claws and two had cracks on them again!
    • That afternoon I took my ring into a different Peoples Jewelry store for repair. I explained to the sales woman that this was now the fourth time I’ve had to have this ring in for repairs and that this was just getting ridiculous. She told me “Sorry you’re having a bad experience. The only thing we can offer you is a ring upgrade which in that case, you would need to look at rings in the $5,000 price range and pay the $2,500 difference”. My wedding is now 7 months away so unfortunately that is not an option for me. I had no other choice but to have my ring sent away AGAIN to the same goldsmith in Vancouver whom just fixed my claws two months ago.
    • I called the Peoples customer service line, explained my concerns and frustrations, received a case number and was told I would receive a phone call from the Calgary district manager (Tim) in 3-4 business days.
    • On the 5th business day I called the customer service line back because I had not heard from them or Tim. I was told that Tim reviewed my case and is standing by what the store told me (customer service was supposed to call me and inform me of this but they never did). I told them I wanted a phone call from Tim so I can explain my case to him and hopefully get some answers as to why this ring keeps having issues.
    • 30 minutes later I get to speak to Tim. I explain to him that this is becoming extremely frustrating for me to continually get this ring sent away for repairs and that I don’t believe it is fair for me. I told him my experience has been horrendous and the customer service I’ve received has been lack luster. I explain that this is my engagement ring and I’m supposed to have this ring for the rest of my life and I don’t want to keep having to take it in to be fixed, maybe there is a flaw in the gold, a manufactures defect, or the goldsmiths aren’t doing their jobs properly. He told me “I understand your frustration, the store informed me the claw was “sheared” off and normally that is caused by force to the ring and your lifetime warranty does not cover that however, this time we will make an exception given your circumstance. The only other option we can offer you is an upgrade like the store explained to you. I do empathize with you but thankfully you do have the lifetime warranty so not costs will be incurred to have the ring fixed. The ring is being fixed by our top goldsmith in Vancouver and he will inspect the ring before sending it back this time. There could have been a junior goldsmith working on your ring and sometimes a small amount of things like this do fall through the cracks, we’re all human and we all make mistakes. I’ve given you your options and that is all I am able to do for you”. I was on the phone pleading my case to him for 20 minutes and got absolutely nowhere.
    • After speaking with Tim I called the customer service line and told them that he was less than helpful and did absolutely nothing to rectify the problem other than telling me to spend more money or deal with having to keep getting it fixed. They told me they would put in for “escalation” on my case so I could speak to Tim’s manager. That was February 03. I called customer service back today and was told the Regional Manager reviewed the file on the 3rd and stood by Tim’s decision. No one from customer service bothered to call me back Friday to inform me of this (just like they forgot to call me back last time) nor have I gotten to speak with this regional manager like I was told I would get to. I told them today I want a phone call from the regional manager because this is complete crap.
    • My ring cost $2,500 and they’ve had to send it out for repairs 4 times now plus the cost to have it sized…you would think this ring is costing them more money to send it out than it’s worth. Them having to spend money on my ring I could care less about, but it’s becoming a hassle for me to keep sending it out and quite frankly, it makes me sad. All I would like is for them to put my diamonds in a new band or give me the choice of a ring worth the exact same dollar amount. Not either spend an additional $2,500 or keep getting it fixed.

    So frustrating.

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    Tessa says...

    And the saga continues… I put in for another request to speak to the regional manager but of course, no one ever called (that was a few days ago).

    I received my ring back from Peoples yesterday after having one claw completely re-built and two others filled in (cracking). When I got home and took a good look at my ring I noticed that two of the four claws were different sizes (larger and stuck out more) and they weren’t even sitting on the diamond itself! (I could stick my nail in between the top of the diamond and the claw). I just took my ring back to Peoples and they’re sending it BACK to Vancouver for the FIFTH time and just like last time, they ensured me that “it’ll be perfect when I get it back”.
    While the lady is telling me this at the counter there’s a poor sucker buying his engagement ring from a sales associate and when he asked if he could get a deal, the sales associate called the store manager over to her and her answer was “Most certainly we can do something for you, we want to ensure your business with us!” Nice how Peoples will do something for you when you’re a new client but not if you’re an existing client. I guess once they get your money they stop caring. I so wanted to tell that guy to run for the hills but I bit my tongue.

    I called the Peoples call centre again just a few minutes ago and told them what was going on. They added it to my file and I again requested a call from the regional manager which I doubt I’ll ever get. This is absolutely unacceptable.

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    Cindy Mellow says...

    I bought new wedding rings for our 20th wedding anniversary 3yrs ago…have had problems ever since! My ring has sides on it that were not supported and kept bending down so I went in and had those lifted back up, had all the prongs replaced, new posts added to the ring because the sides kept pushing down so bad, which they made me pay for, after I got it back I lost the big marquis diamond in the middle and now my prongs are lifting again…so frustrated!!!

    I don’t know who to contact next. The store that I bought it at basically told me to stop bothering them. I’ve written customer service so many times I probably have my own chapter with them! The last thing I heard from customer service was that an area manager was going to get in touch with me…that was over a year ago!! I have written them again and also left a real nice message on their facebook page asking for someone from upper management to get in touch with me.

    I’m about to go to something like Market Place or some show like that and let them take care of it. I paid over $2000 for my ring and did buy the lifetime warranty so I think I did everything right…accept shop there!!!

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    Stephen says...

    I had the same problem! I bought my boyfriend a promise ring with 9 small diamonds for Christmas and we sent it in to get sized. It took 3 weeks to get it back and within 2 weeks after that 1 small diamond fell out. Today, another 1 fell out. I haven’t taken it in yet but I definitely will this weekend. I have the lighttime warranty so this should not be a hassle!!

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    Tessa says...

    Just a little update on my Peoples saga…

    I received a phone call from Peoples telling me my ring was back from being fixed. I went into the store on February 29th to pick my ring up and the lady helping me suggested we inspect it in store to ensure I was satisfied with the fixes and this would hopefully be the last time I have to get my ring fixed. She brought my ring out, I had one look at it and it STILL wasn’t fixed. The re-built claw, although it was definitely not as big as it was before still didn’t match the other 3 claws. She looked at it and agreed, she had her manager in store look at it to see if she agreed it still didn’t look right. The in store manager agreed and that’s when they decided they were sending my ring to Century (Head Office I think?) to have it fixed once and for good. The only catch is that I wouldn’t have my ring for 6-8 weeks. Like that matters, at this point, Peoples has had my ring more than I have in the last 4 months. So away my ring went…for the SIXTH time.

    When I got back to my office, I called the customer service to add this onto my file. The lady I spoke with was very nice to me and actually seemed to care and feel bad for me and the situation I’m in. She said this is absolutely unacceptable and she would be going straight to her manager to talk about this.

    A few days after logging my recent complaint I received a telephone call from the assistant to the executive’s at Peoples head office. He was very nice and had told me the executives want me to go into Peoples and pick out a new ring of the same value. FINALLY I got a decent option other than “keep getting it fixed or pay an additional $2500 for a new one”. It’s bitter sweet because I LOVE the ring my fiancĂ© picked out for me but I hate the problems I’ve had with it. Once my fiancĂ© gets home from work we’re going to go into Peoples and pick out a new ring together! The executive’s assistant asked me to call him before we go in so he can personally speak with the stores manager to ensure we won’t run into any problems when we go in to get a new ring. Hopefully my new ring won’t have the same problems as my old one.

    For everyone out there frustrated with Peoples, my only suggestion would be to keep calling the customer service line and let them know you’re not happy and that you aren’t going to go away until this gets dealt with. I was probably the most annoying customer for these past four months but I did finally get answers and got a call back not from the regional manager but the executive’s assistant. They knew I wasn’t going to stop until they helped me.

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    monique says...

    Saga continues in Ottawa as well, purchased my engagement and wedding band set, and also my husbands wedding band from Peoples in Ottawa. One year later we returned to get third ring to complete my set. Lots of issues there, 5 months of returning, wrong rings received…list goes on. Three years later, I noticed my husbands wedding band is missing a gold braid inlay on his ring. No lifetime warranty purchased on his ring, we assumed it was a solid gold band. Now I am being told, I have to pay to have it repaired!!! I paid $1,000 dollars for a ring I assumed was quality workmanship. Peoples Jewellers is no better than buying jewelry from Canadian Tire.

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    Erin says...

    My fiance recently bought me an engagement ring from peoples… I loved it. I went to get it sized, only took 7 days to get back. Got it home and noticed that the band was still split. We went back into the store, they tried to blame it on me! They sent it out again, took 15 days this time.. got it back and the diamond had a fracture in it and was totally not centered anymore.. of more to one side than the other. Looked completely like garbage!! I went in to see the manager of the store, and apparently to him this is normal? Can happen during shipping? Um…. I didn’t know that 18k gold bent that easily.. and diamonds broke that easily? He told me he’d send it back again!! Yes again… so 1 day out of 22 days of actually having the ring I was super upset. I didn’t argue till I told my fiance.. he was so mad. He went in that night and asked for his money back ( it states that you can return it within 28 days no reason) They gave us a really hard time about it and didn’t want to give us our money back, tried getting me to look at new rings etc. NO!! Finally they gave in, because we paid in cash we now have to wait 20 days to get a cheque that WE have to go back and get.. HORRIBLE!!! HORRIBLE STORE!!

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    Zee says...


    My fiance bought me a Vera Wang engagement ring from peoples. You would think being a Vera Wang ring, it would be good quality - wrong! The center stone fell out 3 months later. We purchased the lifetime warranty so we thought we would have nothing to worry about - wrong again! We had the ring sent in so they would replace the diamond. They told us we should have it back in 4 weeks. We mentioned that we are getting married at the end of April (7 weeks after we sent it in) so we asked if they could put a rush on it, which the sales associate said she would do. I called 3 weeks later to see if they had received it but they had not. 4 weeks later I called in to see when I could come pick up my ring. Instead of telling me that it’s back, they informed me that they will not be replacing the stone as it looks like it has been TAMPERED with. I can’t believe the nerve of this company. They have the audacity to blame the poor quality of their product on the customer! The ring certainly wasn’t cheap and now, not only do we not have the diamond we payed for, but we gave them an extra $300 for the lifetime warranty for the hell of it too - it proved to be utterly useless! They have literally stolen our money and the only way we defenseless consumers can do anything about it is legal action?!? Unbelievable.

    Honestly, People’s Jewelers is by far the most unethical and deceitful company we have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Save yourself the trouble and buy your jewelery elsewhere.

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    Olga says...

    Hi everybody! 3 years ago my boyfriend bought me a promissing ring from peopl’s jewellers. Soon i lost my diamond and i went to the store to fix it because we had a life time warranty. Manager of the Promenade mall store was very rude and told me that i did’t have a diamond bond and they couldn’t help me. but the truth that they never gave me one, when the ring was purchased. So i went to the customer service in Missisauga and they send me back to the promenade again . I was very frustrated and didnot have time to fight then. After what happened i went so many times to the different locations People’s and sales persons were trying to sell life time warranty and told me that if something happened you don’t need to have a diamon bond! It made me very angry, and 3 months ago i went again to the center point mall and to the promenade mall to ask them to helm me. I am still waiting for the answer! I can not nbeleive it!!!!!!!!! Now i am thinking to call to their Head Office in Dallas and talk to them. If someone can give me an advice what to do Iwould really appreciate that! Thank You!

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    NancyFell says...

    I am writing to put a hudge complaint about our Burlington Mall on guelph line. I understand that you can’t take this complaint as I am not the owner of the rings. This is my niece and her husband. Her husband had purhased these rings for marriage. My niece has nothing but terriable treatment from the staff of this store. They have disrespect her on every visit they call her a liar they loose diamonds and place them with grey diamonds and when this brought to there attention they called her a liar. Her rings have been dipped aleast 3-4 times in a two year period. They told her that her husband ring was a waiste of time and that she should have nevered spend the extra money on waranty as they can not fix his rings. I am so tired of them disrepecting her I have been there when they have done that and no manager has come to help her. very discusted in there actions. I wish this would all be solved and her memory of this be a happy one. As were are getting no where with all the staff of this store I am asking that head office is able to solve this problem. If you could please email me I would be greatful in giving her name and number to you. I have never met a group of people that workes for the public. Between her and her husband and the family we have all spend a lot of money in this store and if was up to me I would bring every thing back and demand all my money back and trust me I will never shop there again and I make sure I will tell all my family and friends never to shop in a peoples store I hope that you will help us in this trying time for my niece as it has been a very bad expierence. I hope to here from you soon

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    Lainey says...

    Three weeks ago I purchased a $600 yellow gold necklace with a 10K stamp on it at Peoples Jewellers. I purposely bought the item because it was 10K as gold plate and other junk jewelry cannot be worn all the time. A few days ago I took the necklace off and noticed strange pink and rusty color spots all over it. It looked more like a piece of copper with its gold plating wearing off. I called the People’s head office to enquire if this has ever happened before. They told me “no” and that I should return it to the store. When I brought it back to the People’s store, the staff acted as though this was normal. They told me that gold oxidizes. I’m a woman in my mid-forties and never in my life have I owned a piece of 10K gold jewelry that changed color or tarnished. As I didn’t even own the piece for 30 days they did refund my money. However, the attitude of the staff members was terrible. I was not apologized to but rather scolded for not agreeing that gold will tarnish. Not only was I disappointed in my treatment but also concerned with the authenticity of their karat marked gold jewelry. — Winnipeg, MB

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    Lainey says...

    Just a little add on… If the staff were knowledgable they would know that “oxidization” would appear darkened or black and could be cleaned off. My necklace sold as 10K gold appeared more like it was gold filled. A term used to describe jewelry made of base metal (commonly brass or copper) covered by sheets of gold bonded to the base by a mechanical process. In my case, the yellow plating was wearing off.

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    Michelle says...

    Wow! I thought that I was the only one with a problem with products at People’s! I wish my now husband would have seen this page before he purchased my ring…maybe a LOT of my headaches would not have been happening now!
    Here’s my story:
    I went into to People’s in YORKDALE MALL, Toronto, Ontario. I wanted to know if they could re-size my wedding band as only the engagement ring was sized. I went into the store the associate told me that I would need to bring in my original warranty and I said fine. My ring wasn’t looking as shiny as it probably should so she offered to clean it for me! I said sure and in my rings went into this little electric machine that moved from left to right as it completed its job (like it has done SEVERAL times before, with my rings) The lady took the rings out, she looked at them briefly and then I examined them! Only to notice that two stones were missing!!! The associate inspected again then had to confirm whether or not they were going to be able to fix my rings (mind you, the diamonds fell out in their machine)! Anyway she took my rings and created an order form to sent it off to get fixed, that was May 17, 2012. On June 8, 2012, I called People’s to find out where my ring was because now it was 3 weeks. The associate stated the ring came back into the store on the 1st and was sent BACK out on the 4th because the stone that they used to replace the missing one was a “dead stone”. I let her know that I was happy that she made that decision however, I expressed my disappointment in her or anyone not calling me to update me. She apologized and told me that my rings should be back into the store by the following week which would be June 11-15, 2012. Since she had no specific date I waited patiently. I waited until after 4pm on Friday evening. I called the story and the associate that answered proceeded to go into detail about my product. I told her that I was not interested in hearing again what happened to my rings just an answer as to when I can come into the store and pick it up. She told me that the ring was not in but should be in the following week. On Thursday June 21, 2012, I got the call that I had been waiting for! My ring was ready! I was so excited! I was unable to pick it up on Thursday but went to pick it on Friday evening. When I went into the store, I walked right over to an associate who was assisting me. She gave me my rings and I inspected them! Taking key note of the “dead stones….YES PLURAL” on the side of my ring! I asked her if she was kidding. I told her that this was getting ridiculous. The ring was sent back to the jeweler because of “dead stones” and now I am still getting the same “dead stones”?? I was livid but my friend was right beside me helping me to maintain my composure. The associate tried her best but her lack of concern or even remorse was only making my anger rise and so I began to speak loudly in the store obviously peaking the curiosity of customers and other associates alike! There was another associate at the back of the store who made the dumbest comment! She told me that staff members do “quality control” on the products that come in. (Blank stare…really???) So I asked her if she was confirming that someone is not doing their job?? Obviously she had nothing more to say after that because the timing of her comment was completely off and she was only agitating the situation.
    I am currently waiting to speak with the manager, Cathy Trota, who is on vacation and will be returning to work tomorrow. I will also be making a call to the head office, 1-800-211-2272 for resolve on this issue! I am going to be leaving the country in a week and the only thing that I want is my ring…in the SAME condition that it was bought at which is the same condition that I brought it to the store in on May 17, 2012.
    I will update this post when I hear back from Cathy at some point tomorrow.
    Michelle Toronto, Ontario

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    Riley says...

    Thank you for these posts. I was seriously considering buying a stone and ring from Peoples. I knew that they would be more expensive than a local jeweller, the only question was going to be how much more. I don’t mind paying more for quality service, a lifetime guarantee and peace of mind, however, if the difference was sufficiently large, I was going to go with a local jeweller.
    Peoples made me what I thought was a very good offer. They showed me a stone, the certificate, and allowed me to view it at 10x magnification and it was very stunning. They quoted it at $7200 but offered a 25% discount. They said that this stone was being held for another client, but that they could have a very similar stone in the store in a few days to show me. They called me a few days later to tell me that the stone was in store and that I could view it at my leisure, I went the very next day.
    This time the 10x magnification loupe was not presented to me. I thought this was odd and asked to see the certificate. The colour and inclusion grades were 2 grades lower than the “very similar” stone I was previously able to thoroughly inspect. It was also 0.96 carats (for those of you who don’t know, there’s a pretty big price jump from just under a carat to a carat). Lying by omission, strike one.
    I kept quiet and said that I would like some time to consider my options and asked how soon I would have to act before they would sell the stone to another buyer. He said, “Today. We have another buyer ready to purchase and the stone ships to another store tonight.” Wait a sec… yesterday I could come in at my leisure, but today this is a time limited opportunity? Lying directly, strike two.
    I left the store, indicating that I would call them by the end of the business day with my decision. I was still considering them. Yes, they were trying to make the price sound like an amazing steal, but in the end, the price of the stone was in the ballpark. Also, I can forgive the “limited time only!” sales tactics, every company does it and I’d probably embellish my own situation a little if I thought they’d knock a few hundred of the price tag. In the end, having a life time guarantee on the ring and knowing that I would get high quality jewellery from a professional store was very important to me.
    I then came home and read these posts. Strike three…. and four and five and six. Thank you all for contributing. If it’s any consulation for all of your troubles, I really do believe you have saved me from having to go through these experiences also.

    Riley, Toronto

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    Arin says...

    I got my engagement ring from people’s and went there to buy out wedding bands. When my ring went to get sized they filed the band so thin it will wear through within 3 years. I was at another jewellers and he asked if he could look at it. He said its a gorgeous ring but it ha not been properly sized and that it was very shoddy work. Our wedding bands finally came in from being sized and we wanted them engraved. 80$ a ring and they’d be gone for 3-4 weeks. The jeweler that warned me about my ring said he would engrave on site for 30$ a piece. I went to get them engraved and he refused to engrave my fiances ring because it was hollow! A fact we were NOT made aware of when we bought it from people’s. I brought both rings back to people’s and stated my concerns and complaints. When we were hopping we made the salesperson aware that my fiancĂ© works with his hands, a lot. Looking for the strongest possible gold ring, our hollow ring being their “most durable” gold band, something that if banged on a counter will dent.when speaking with the manager she told me that,yes, my ring is in need of getting fixed. But my fiances ring is our own fault and that’ve are out of luck with it. Then proceeded to tell me that it is not their responsibility to tell customers the ring is hollow and that the reason we weren’t told it was hollow is because the girl didn’t know what she was talking about and was fired after we bought out rings. Stating that the independent jewellers we saw was being crooked and trying to steal their business and was saying anything to steal their business. We are now stuck with a ring that he can’t even wear at work and that isn’t engrave able unless we want to loose it for a month. My ring already needs to be sent away for 2 weeks to be rhodium plated. I will never go back to people’s again, even though all of our rings have the lifetime warranty. They are a bunch of crooks who can’t take responsibility for their employees

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    Shady says...

  25. 0

    Shady says...

    My boyfriend bought me a beautiful promise ring and we went to go get it sized, white gold plated, and polished. Two weeks later we picked it up. Major problems. They claim they “forgot” to change the gold plated part to white (wth??) and it’s so freakin tight that it hurts to actually wear (leaves a mark on my finger). Not only that, but not even a full day of me wearing it, I noticed a diamond is missing! I am so upset because my boyfriend did a very thoughtful and sweet gesture of getting me this ring and we patiently waited for this disaster of an experience! He purchased the lifetime warranty which makes me feel bad because they are such liars! How does a big manufacturing company like People’s not double check their work before they send it back to their customers? How do they just “forget” to do what’s requested and paid for? I just don’t get it. And yes you would think “People’s is a reliable jeweler with good quality”..right? Don’t think so. Honestly as beautiful as the ring is, I feel that my boyfriend got cheated with this purchase and I want him to get a refund and buy a ring from somewhere else. I’m so upset and dissapointed, so is he!

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    Linda says...

    I received my wedding band today via their online store and I’ve never been so disappointed. I should have read all these reviews beforehand. I thought they would be as trustworthy as Bluenile, but I was wrong. I was so happy when the package arrived, but it was in a FedEx bubble envelope - free to move around. I expected the ring box to be secured or at least wrapped in bubble wrap, but it was not secured by ANYTHING and the ring fell out of the ring box during shipping (moving around freely and in the corner of the envelop). The ring box was also BROKEN. I would have expected better packaging for something worth a few hundred dollars. I called customer service and she said they never get complaints about the packaging for shipping and to go into a store to return it. I plan to return it and never shop there again.

    If anyone is looking to purchase jewelery online, I highly recommend Bluenile their products, shipping, and customer service are all an A+.

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    Darlene Martin says...

    I have the lifetime replacement warranty. Diamond fell out. they had the ring was in for a month, when I got it back not nearly the quality that was in there before. Will be complaining today, will keep posted

  28. 0

    Bryan says...

    I went to People’s for a repair on a necklace that was purchased at a different store. I chose them because they had sign saying one hour repair. It was weekend and the guy said the person who can do what I need will be there tomorrow and my neclace will be ready by 5pm the next day. I agreed. When I went back at scheduled time, the neckalce was still not done and I asked to have it back. The guy went to the back, put some glue on my necklace really quick and came back 5 min later telling me is still unfinished, but he will still charge me for the service even though job was unfinished (it needed some adjustments). I am very disappointed because he lied to me “we are all about customer service” and he didn’t return me the broken necklace when I asked for it because he really wanted to charge me. Shame on you People! I hope the message gets to people before they spend their money with dishonest people.

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    Julie says...

    After my last experience I will never buy anything from People’s again.
    While in Toronto in September, I purchased an three stone Opal ring, surrounded with diamonds. I paid $500 for it, not a lot of money but enough for an Opal ring.
    After I returned to Calgary, I noticed that some of the claws on the sides of the ring were really sharp. Since I had purchased the lifetime warrenty and the ring needed sizing I went to People’s in Market Mall. I had some other jewelery that I took in to have repairs done, as well as the ring. I had to wait over three weeks to pick up the work. When I called to ask if everything was in, the woman on the other end of the phone said “did they call you about your Opal ring?” I said “no, what about my ring” “Oh, well it wasn’t worth fixing so we sent a ring from our store to be sized”
    I own a lot of opal jewelery, mainly because I love them and my birthday happens to be in October. I said to the woman “what if I don’t like the stones in the ring from your store?” she said “if you don’t like it, you don’t have to take it”
    The next night I went to the People’s store and picked up my ring. It was not as nice as the ring I had purchased and the middle, larger, Opal had a flaw across the bottom of the stone. I asked the store manager if she could not see the flaw and the stone wasn’t as nice as the ring I had and she said yes I see the flaw and if you don’t like the ring you don’t have to take it. I couldn’t believe that a 500 dollar ring wasn’t worth fixing. I asked if the centre stone of my ring could be put into the ring they had sent out and the manager told me that no they couldn’t do that becasue the heat would damage the opal. I told her they got the stones into the ring somehow. The Store Manager, Belinda, told me that I would have to go around to other People Stores and find a ring that I was happy with. The other jewelery repairs were $160 on top of the $500 I already paid for the ring.
    I went to four People stores before I found a ring at Cross Iron Mills that compared to the ring I had bought. I spoke to the Store Manager there and she asked if she could send my ring out for an estimate regarding fixing it. I thought, oh no, here we go again. I agreed on one condition, that the ring they had in their store be put on hold and if the repair guy didn’t want to fix my ring, that they send the ring that was on hold to be sized. She agreed. Three weeks later I went to pick up my ring and they fixed it. Though my ring is now wearable, I won’t buy so much as a paper bag from People’s in the future.
    I really hope that People’s Head Office gets wind of this site as they really need to pump up the Customer Service in most of their stores.

  30. 0

    Simon says...

    I sure am happy I stumbled across this site. I was just browsing engagement rings. Spence Diamonds will get my business. After the way you poor souls have been treated, Peoples will not get a single dime from me.

  31. 0

    Colleen says...

    My son bought his girlfriend a ring for christmas. She had it sized through peoples. She got it back and wore it for about a month and the diamond fell out. He bought a lifetime warranty on the ring as it is more of an engagement ring than a promise ring he intended it to be. She took it in with the warranty and receipt. They were not going to fix it. After much arguing they finally did send it away. I will never ever shop there again as the Manager and employees in the sunridge mall location in Calgary are extremely rude. They don’t even acknowledge your presence when looking. I have told my sons girlfriend she had better take it else where to be appraised afterwards as they will probably replace it with a cubic zerconia. Very Very Poor service. I really can’t believe they are still in business.

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    surprised says...

    I just have a few things to say in response to some of these comments i have read. I have shopped at peoples for over 20 yrs and have purchased a lot of jewellery. I have never had the kind of experiences that are described on the website and have a very hard time believing that no one was willing to help you. I have had stones fall out and I have always been taken care of very well at Peoples. I also know that it is very easy to break a chain if it is worn all the time and it can come from any store and still happen. Perhaps it is easy to blame the company, but truthfully if you know jewellery, then you will know that gold is a soft metal and alot of rings now have small claws on them that compared to a solitaire ring for instance…a lot of women are very active and dont realize that they have hit their ring on something because you wont feel it…i have seen friends with custom work who have still had issues not from Peoples…and I love that all i need to do is take my ring in for inspection every 6 months and if something happens to my diamonds, it is taken care of for me. I once was shovelling my snow and a diamond fell out of my 3 stone ring. No questions were asked, it was simply sent out and taken care of for me. THe diamond bond doesnt cost you anything and the protection plan has paid for itself through the times that i have had the ring professionally cleaned and polished and for the sizing as well. We are all human and make mistakes, I am pretty sure that we can all admit that we havent handled every situation with people in our lives perfectly every time…whether it is work related or personal…so to not give peoples or its employees a second chance does seem a little extreme

  33. 0

    Evelyne says...

    I do not buy rings with the expectation that the stones will regularly fall out because I am “active”. I am an office worker, not a labourer. I bought a mother’s pride ring from peoples at Bayshore in Ottawa for $700 just over a year ago, and I’ve had two stones fall out already. Lesson learned - I should have visited this site before I bought anything from peoples.

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