Winners…Not Such A Winner


I went shopping for green coloured clothing for my daughter for a play she is performing in on Wednesday. She is going to be a frog. It isn’t easy to find that colour for clothing for girls. I bought this one outfit at Winners, because although it had white bottoms, the top was cute and it was green, and I figured she could wear it this summer too, so it wouldn’t be an entire waste of money. Well, shortly after purchasing it, I went into another store and they had green yoga pants and jacket…perfect!! The perfect green too! My baby REALLY cranky at this point, so I sat down to feed her/play with her, and sent hubby back to return the original outfit from Winners, since I no longer needed it. I paid by bank card, not credit or anything. So he comes back, with the bag, and says that they won’t take it back as it was bought on credit. Hubby says “did you get a credit card and not tell me?” He wasn’t angry, but just confused. I look at the receipt and it CLEARLY says on there ‘direct debit purchase - chequing’. So, I go, taking the baby with me who is crying now, but I need to go because they only have a 10 day return policy and I don’t know if I will be back again before that time. So, we go, and I go up to the cash register, and I explain how hubby was just here trying to return, and they wouldn’t because they said it was ‘credit’, but it wasn’t…it was bank payment. So, they instantly get their backs up, say they will call the manager. I said, “no, I just need to go, my baby is fussy, can you please ring it through”. They don’t. They call the manager. She tells me (snotty like) that the reason why they wouldn’t take it from hubby was because it wasn’t the same bank card. I said that we have the same account, and how do they know it’s not? Also, that isn’t what they told hubby. Well, the lady was very rude…rude tone, smirking…this is the manager. So, I said, well, that’s too bad, that isn’t going to work for my family and I can’t see myself purchasing here in the future as hubby returns alot of my purchases. So then the snotty manager FINALLY rings through the return, and she says to me rudely “swipe your card”. I said “I can’t…you have my card” (She is holding it). She tosses/throws it at me. I believe it is just another way to make it hard to return items.

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    Stahr says...

    Im guessing the cashier mistakenly thought the items were purchased with credit. Most retailers will only refund back onto the original cc (or put it on a credit note if you do not have it with you). The way you were treated was outrageous and there was no excuse for it. I think you should send an email to head office.

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    Mel says...

    I would complain. She is PAID to assist and serve you that is her JOB!!! I am so sixkened by the way we are treated when we are SPENDING our monwy in their stores.

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    UglyDoris says...

    Most retailers will only credit to the original card used for the purchase.

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    Ashley says...

    Retailers usually need the ORIGINAL CARD and it has to have the EXACT number as on the receipt. Regardless of whether they thought it was a credit card it wasn’t the exact same method of payment because it wasn’t the correct card.

    I work in retail and I experience this A LOT where the customer gets told the return cannot be processed and they get upset, forgetting that this is for their own benefit, privacy and security.

    I have never once dealt with a customer, who when they found out I cannot return the money to another card, who was respectful to me and understanding that I do not make up the rules but I do have to follow and enforce them.

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    Tams says...

    One of the reasons it has to go back on the same card/same number is in the event your purchase is stolen and the thief tries to return it to get the cash(or credit/debit) back (this happens more often then you would imagine). As mentioned above, it is for the customers security that the refund be given back the same way it was purchased. You can give your husband your card, or pay cash if you want a smoother transaction.

    The manager always has to be called to discuss any issues the customer may have that are against company policy. If every employee could change the policy when they liked, the store would be a disaster.

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    Choff says...

    I think you are all missing the point. At the end of the day, people can make exceptions. The bottom line is a manager should have the respect to deal with people in a professional fashion. I have always maintained my cool when dealing with people even if they begin to get irrate.

    The coin flips both ways as well. Supervisors and managers have to set an example, if you have a condescending manager or supervisor that only explains how the staff are.

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    Catherine says...

    I shop at Winners frequently and rarely have a problem. I would like to know which store this was so as to avoid it in the future. Thanks.

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    sally says...

    Home Hardware pulled the same crap with my husband he left there swearing he wont shop there agian. They’ve lost a pretty consistent customer.

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    Christina says...

    @Choff: I completely agree with you! Customer service is paramount and its funny to see the same people who are rude and ignorant, demand to be treated with a high level or respect or have people bend the rules for them!!

    For the rest of the people who have responded and agree with the merchants ‘policies’ what is your response regarding customers who have had their debit card or CC compromised where the bank replaces the card with a new number and it is STILL the same account but its out of the customers hands since the bank is replacing the card for privacy/security reasons and to prevent fraud on accounts…

    To me, the only merchant who seems to have given consideration to ensuring that customers returns are processed to the same account from where it was initated is merchants like GAP/Banana Republic/Old Navy where the card isn’t swiped. The system AUTOMATICALLY processes the credit to the original account…

    Btw, for those that work in retail, policies are GUIDELINES and can be adjusted or tailored to the individual customer - no need to be rude and start pulling the word policy or rules out of your pocket when you can’t be bothered to try to satisfy the customer or go above and beyond to accomodate them..

    Put yourselves in your customers shoes and ask yourself what you would expect… that should help you deliver a more positive experience each time..

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    lori says...

    I agree about missing the point

    As a manager there was no reason to be rude to the customer simply explaining why they couldn’t return it because it was a different bank card would have been suffice. Some people just don’t like to admit they are wrong like when she was holding the customers bank card.
    Some managers also go on a power trip, being a supervisor myself I have seen it plenty if times at my workplace.

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    Alicia says...

    There was no need for the staff to be rude to you. It would be in your best interest to inform Head Office as I don’t think Winners would appreciate their behaviour.

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    Jay999 says...

    Winners head office and marshalls will send you a gift card for the value of the dispute even though you got your money, i know this because i used to work for them. not only that but they could have given it back to you as cash, it is considered a cash transaction because thats what debit is- a direct payment…i.e cash.

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    Joe says...

    @Jay999: Winners will NOT refund cash back to a debit transaction.
    “Within 10 days, with original register receipt and tickets attached to the merchandise, any refunds given will be in the tender paid.”

    I don’t know when you worked there but debit-only-back-to-debit has been the system for the last few years.

    And there is no reason why the OP should expect any gift card. If the manager was rude, she should shop somewhere else.

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    Winners Dude says...

    Winners, nor any other store will credit back a different credit card.
    They are not allowed to, as stipulated by their agreement with credit companies, and YOUR OWN credit card agreement that you signed. It is not permitted.
    re:cash back for a debit transaction. Winners, nor most reputable retailers will not do this as it is a breach of loss prevention policy put in place to protect the customer. We are your partners, not your foe.
    Imagine an unscrupulous person steals your shopping bag when you put it down for any number of reasons, and they tries to return it for a credit to their own account - BTW - this happens a Lot - once upon a time, people stole from us, now they’re too lazy to even do that - Fraud is the new popular theft. This policy is for YOUR own protection.
    If your husband does your returns, give him your card as well - then it’s no problem for anyone.
    In regards to the employee being rude to you, there’s never any valid excuse for that, all disputes can be diuscussed and satisfied between reasonable adults. I apologize on behalf of my company, and am sorry it has turned you off from a great company to work for, and a great place to shop. Please give those of us who are not like the person you encountered another chance to wow you. I bet we will.

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    Person says...

    Yo but you can’t return it to a different card, are you stupid?
    As for the way they treated you, they obviously were not paying attention during training…

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    Steve says...

    You sound like the person with the issue. Consumers like you make my experiences at retailer worse!!

    Different card…..after that…does not matter what they said!!

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