Problem With Virgin Mobile Canada

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ok dropped the phone my fault sent it in to get repaired virgin phones me say it going to cost 150.00 to fix it “left on my voice mail” call back 4 times to confirm yes repair it. my phone sent back not repaired what the !

now they whant to charge me for the lonner phone 250.00 dollars what my options????

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    Courteneyq says...

    I have worked in the telecommunications industry for many years, and I will try my best to answer your question through your broken sentences and poor grammar.

    If the phone’s defect is your fault and not covered under warranty, it is more than likely going to be VERY expensive to fix it. If they left messages on your voicemail, they are clearly trying to get a hold of you because once it is sent to be fixed it’s up to you to approve or reject the charges before they do the work. They obviously didn’t hear anything from you so they sent it back.

    A loaner phone is your choice and in most cases a credit card imprint is all you need. If you have poor credit, which I’m assuming you do- they need to be able to cover the replacement cost of the loaner phone if you decide not to return it. It is standard practice and you always get your money back if the loaner is not damaged.

    My advice to you is to go on Kijiji and find yourself a cheaper replacement phone. The repairs to a phone that is dropped or has water damage can be very expensive.

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    S.Y. says...

    …take an English grammar class? It might help if you explained the situation a bit more coherently.

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    Ricki911 says...

    Honestly, its not worth fixing at 150.00$ let alone $250.00. You can buy a new phone for $50.00 at many stores including Walmart. My phone had the same issue but it wasnt her fault. The first phone stopped woirking suddenly (after 3 days of buying the phone - no dropping, no nothing). She sent it away and they wanted $150.00 to fix it. I mean she paid $50.00 for the phone and no contract. She got another one and it mysteriously stopped working after a month. Again, they tried to say numerous things, their stories changed at what was wrong with the phone, just to get it fixed.

    I wouldnt even pay to get my Blackberry fixed. I mean I could get a new updated for which is 10x better and less likely to *accidently break* again after they fix it.

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    aileen says...

    I don’t understand why you post these short reviews, and yet I submitted 3 long reviews with correct grammar and spelling, and yet they don’t get published? I don’t understand?

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    Amy says...

    They shouldnt be charging you money period! my bf has a blackberry and it breaks every year and virgin sends out a new phone to replace at no cost. All he has to do is send his old phone back.

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    Kshah says...

    I’m wondering whether I should get a phone from virgin or not??, am still doing my research and am not very convinced, bet let me keep looking.

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