Spicy Pizza and Wings Double Billed Me

by I am M

Spicy Pizza & Wings located at 5637 Finch Ave E Scarborough, ON M1B 5K9 scammed me by double billing me for a large pizza and wings combo. Their telephone order taker stated that my $25- prepaid Amex gift card was invalid so I paid in cash. Months later, I found out that the gift card had a NIL balance and discovered that Spicy Pizza & Wings took $25- from the gift card on the same day in which they claimed was invalid. I wonder whose signature they have on the receipt before they submitted it to Amex. The owner, Ram Uthyan requested a copy of the transaction by email. I did not hear back from Mr. Uthyan after I sent him the email.


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    Mel says...

    Keep on calling and emailing. They owe you the money and that is stealing!

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    UglyDoris says...

    Why did you wait until ‘months later’ to check the balance on a gift card a retailer told you was invalid?

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    glowworm2k says...

    Be sure to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau; this is the kind of thing that people need to be aware of!

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    I am M says...

    Hey Mel and Doris,

    The pizza place did not reply to my messages.

    I checked the balance right after Spicy Pizza and Wings said the card was invalid. There was $25- on the card so I thought the pizza place might have entered wrong card number. Paying by cash was fine. I did not use the card until months later and that was when I discovered the nil amount on the card.

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    Linda says...

    Can you report this to the Amex card company its issued from. This is fraud and the company charged your card without consent so those are criminal charges. I wonder if you can even call the police about this, at least they can tell you what can be done. Keep us posted as Im interested to see whats done to help you.

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    UglyDoris says...

    Has the owner replied to your email yet? Has Amex offered any help at all?

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    I am M says...

    Hey everyone, The ownership of the establishment just changed hands. I just spoke to the new owner briefly and he said the previous owner was on vacation for a month. The new owner said that he’ll try to get $25- from the previous owner when he comes back. Prepaid cards are treated as cash and do not have the same protection as credit cards. The card was a gift. I find prepaid cards too expensive because of all the fees. I believe the BBB takes complaints from members that pay a fee and register with them.

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    Jay999 says...

    the bbb is free, i just put in a complaint against rogers

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    I am M says...

    Yes, the BBB is free!

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    Joe says...

    I am M - did the new owner follow through on the refund?

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