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Canada Postie

By Disappointed

Our letter carrier delivers to the house next door from our yard,either he delivers there first or us it makes no difference. I heard its illegal,their only to deliver in your yard to you and only you.So why is he getting away with it we’ve sent a letter in and nothing done about it.


IKEA Surprise!‏

By TeriB

If you bought a bookcase at IKEA in the last 30 years, chances are good it was a Billy. Though the composite materials and finish have changed over the years, the dimensions never have. Until now.

IKEA has changed the dimensions of their iconic bookcase to include a new, deeper version. Which is lovely. Except that the IKEA in Richmond, BC hasn`t bothered to inform their customers who assume that a Billy is still the same dimensions that it has always been… That there are now two versions available, and that they can no longer assume it is the same dimensions as every other Billy made for the last 3 decades.

There was no notice of the change in the store, and the new product wasn`t even on display. But according to IKEA staff, we customers should have known that and carefully checked all the product code numbers, so as to not get half the pieces of one sort of Billy and half the other. Normally they make great effort to idiot proof everything, so this is an interesting change in store policy.

They took the returns without argument, as usual… but at the cost of considerable waste of my time in returns. And because it is new this month, they don`t yet have the height extender out for the deeper version, and I couldn`t complete my bookcases.


LG Fridge / Sears Service‏

By Da Mang

Both Suck, I am on my seventh service call..or lack of with my 1.5 year old $3800.00 Stainless steel, french door,bottom freezer. ice dispenser, digital control piece of crap.


Finally Free of Fido

By Yasser

I came to Canada 3 years ago. On my first week, I started a couple plan with fido with a three years agreement. They gave us two phones for free (Nokia 6555) but they asked for 200$ as a deposit because we didn’t had credit history in Canada at that time. They took 200$+Tax=226$ … They promised that they will return that after two years. We got the phones and it worked.

On the next day, they deactivated the phones. I called them and they asked me to Fax my photo ID. … Can you imagine that the guy in the store have copied that two days ago?

I faxed the ID and they returned the service on the next day … After month and half, I called them to ask why did not they send me a bill?? They had my address missing the Apartment number and all the bills returned back to them … So, why did not they call me to inquire about that !!?? … What was funny is that we had a bill like 5 times of our expectations … First, they started our bill cycle on the next day of signing the contract (we signed on 20th and had our first bill on 21st as if we were using the phone for the whole month) … Second, My spouse was recieving some annoying text messages on her mobile phones … and she sent them an SMS to stop that and they did not stop … and the bill included all these text messages as if we asked for it.

I started the fight over the phone and I told them that I will not pay what I did not ask for … and this is the law in Canada … After I told them that, they removed the text from my bill … then I started to talk about the first month bill. The guy told me that he has nothing to do with that … I asked for his supervisor and she said the same … so I told her that your company policy is that one day in the month is equal to a complete month, right? .. she answered yes … so I told her that you stopped your service for three days … this means that you owe me by three months. After that she removed the bill for the first month …

After 2 years they returned the 200$ paid as deposit but without taxes … (I paid 226$ and I am pretty sure of that) … I called them, they asked me fax the reseat … I couldn’t find it (after two years) and they didn’t return the 26$ … and on that day I decided not continue with fido after my contract.

45 before the end of the contract, I called them to ask give a notice for cancelling in the last day of my contract …. They asked me to call back in 15 days … I had nothing to do but making fun of the guy saying at what time exactly should I give the notice … Finally I am free of Fido


Sears Doesn’t Care

By diane sparkes

I have been shopping at Sears for decades and now find I am not getting any catalogues. How can I continue to order items. I am a senior and can’t always get out. I guess Sears doesn’t really care about Customer Service!


Walmart Sells Used Shavers

By Brandon

I bought a beard trimmer at a Walmart at Lougheed Mall in Coquitlam, BC, Canada, and didn’t notice until I got home, but it had clearly been used before as there was someone elses stubble all over it. The box didn’t say that it was “refurbished” or anything that would indicate that it had been used before. I haven’t tried to return it yet, any thoughts before I do?


Extremely Poor Service From Sears

By Conny

In 2010 I purchased a washer/dryer set from Sears. Delivery was a nightmare but I eventually got them.. Then came the installation. No shows for 2 booked appointments.

Fast foward 14 months….

Last week the washing machine broke down. I called Sears home service. I work but told them I could be home September 26th. They nicely gave me a service # and booked the appointment for Sept 26th, 2011. The repair persib would be here between 8 am and 8pm but would call in the morning to confirm a more accurate time. It is now 2:30 pm. I just got off the phone with Sears ( I called them)…and guess what no repair person is coming today. Apparently I was force booked into their system. Today I was advised that being force booked is no guarantee that someone will show up. Would have been nice to be advised of this at time of booking. I took the day off work…without pay. The customer service person in the Philipines apologized but said there was nothing to be done.

I have purchased my last anything from Sears. I find it hard to believe that Sears has sunk so low. They used to be the best at what they do. Wonder how long it will be before they are no more.


Bad Service at Tim Hortons

By Muriel

I went to Kent ville Tim Horton’s for Lunch with my family of six and ordered a very good meal or so I thought only to be subject to rolling eyes and bad service. Not only was the coffee cold but they got the order wrong and because they made a mistake with the order the teller was in a discussion, with me regarding that she never rang the item in and that I should pay for the said item even tho I have already paid, or so I thought ! I told her it was her mistake and I still wanted the food ordered for my children. I was not happy with the service or the teller or the coffee, I will not be going to Kent ville Tim Horton’s again.


Poor Customer Service From Beyond the Rack‏

By Irina

I ordered several times from BTR and found the products to be sometimes nice - other times obvious knock-offs. I have consistently had problems getting refunds for returned items and yes, the fee to return the items is high.

What really ticked me off was that they never refunded me for an item I did not receive. They responded initially, saying I would be refunded but I never got the refund. After writing half a dozen times about this problem and being ignored, I decided to cut my losses and never buy from them again. I discourage people from doing business with BTR.


Foodland, Wiarton Manager

By penny gerow

Alot of people in Wiarton are so fed up with the manager of the store, his rude outragous ways of trying to deal with us the people who no longer can shop in this store because of the pricing and the bad quality of his products, his outdated products, his over ripe fruit products, his bad meat and on and on. My friend asked him one day if he could please turn the music in the store down, because it is to loud, but his reply was “This is my store, my radio and I’ll play it as loud as I want. WRONG. This man used to do alot of shopping in this store before he came to town, he has a big restaurant outside of town, but not anymore. I here this man has gone through two stores already, so lets get rid of him now, we don’t want him here.


I’m Happy

By Karen

I just started ordering from Beyond The Rack last month, and so far I have absolutely nothing to complain about. I ordered a ladies Swiss Legend watch and it came much earlier than I expected it to. It’s just gorgeous and very well made - I have no doubt that it is authentic. In fact, I just ordered a men’s watch for my husband for our anniversary and I’m expecting it to arrive fairly soon (they sent an email indicating it was on its way). If I don’t write another review, you’ll know it also arrived safely. I have recommended this site to several of my friends so hopefully none of them has a negative experience. I continue to shop on the site almost daily!