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By Disappointed

Our letter carrier delivers to the house next door from our yard,either he delivers there first or us it makes no difference. I heard its illegal,their only to deliver in your yard to you and only you.So why is he getting away with it we’ve sent a letter in and nothing done about it.

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    georgette says...

    Not surprised they’ve done ‘nothing’ about it, especially if your letter is written with the same quality, with as many errors as your review. I have no idea what your issue is, and I doubt they would either.

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    Carlotta says...

    I have to agree with you georgette. When did we become a society of illiterates? I can barely stand reading some of the posts on here. The spelling is bad and the grammar is atrocious! Not much wonder people get such poor service…. no one can understand them!

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    Mary Walsh says...

    Are you upset the postman or post woman walks on your grass? You should be happy you have home delivery and not have to walk to a central box. Any saving on time and walking energy should be welcome. Thank them for doing the job.

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    Muttgirl's Mum says...

    Are you saying the Postie can’t hand you your mail in your yard?

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    Mel says...

    I am very confused by this review.

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    Theresa says...

    Wow, I am confused?? Is your mail being delivered or isn’t it??

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    MoTaffy says...

    I suspect the postal carrier is cutting across one person’s property to get to the other rather than using the sidewalk. I can’t imagine it would be illegal (although technically trespassing… or I guess it’s just that I can’t imagine anyone getting that worked up about it).

    In our old neighbourhood in Toronto, our houses weren’t at street level so we all made paths between our properties so the carrier didn’t have to go up and down the steps for every single house.

    The carrier is providing you with a very valuable service. Many places no longer have home delivery.

    If this issue is truly bothering you, why don’t you request Canada Post take your house off the route and provide you with a PO box at the nearest depot free of charge? Then the carrier won’t have to trespass on your property.

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    Ron Simmons says...

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    Theresa says...

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