Walmart Sells Used Shavers

By Brandon

I bought a beard trimmer at a Walmart at Lougheed Mall in Coquitlam, BC, Canada, and didn’t notice until I got home, but it had clearly been used before as there was someone elses stubble all over it. The box didn’t say that it was “refurbished” or anything that would indicate that it had been used before. I haven’t tried to return it yet, any thoughts before I do?

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    Euw euw euw says...

    Take it back and tell them that it had already been used (btw - gross). No doubt, it’s a return that the service desk person didn’t bother to look at before sending it back to the department. IMO, they never should have taken it back after being used UNLESS it was defective. Again, gross.

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    AmyB says...

    Thats disgusting. Not to mention a health issue. We’ve all seen those commercials about Hepatitis; not to mention about a zillion other things that are spread by using someone else’s razor. I would return it for sure, but I would also be advising the manager of the store that I’ll be contacting the health department. If they are letting stuff like that slip I would hate to see where else they may be cutting corners!

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    Ellie L says...

    Honestly, I am not surprised.
    People would “test or try” a product out and if it doesn’t meet their needs, they will return WITHOUT cleaning it out.
    Atleast have the decency to clean it out before returning it.
    But anyways, walmart doesn’t check the product inside the packaging when things are getting returned. Which they should do because who knows, someone can return an empty box back to walmart and they’ll just assume the product is in there.
    I suggest returning it or at least getting an exchange.
    That is completely unhygenic.

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    HFgf says...

    Walmart takes back just about anything, I’ve heard stories where people take open games they bought at Best Buy.

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