Sears Doesn’t Care

By diane sparkes

I have been shopping at Sears for decades and now find I am not getting any catalogues. How can I continue to order items. I am a senior and can’t always get out. I guess Sears doesn’t really care about Customer Service!


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    dawn says...

    Why not use the web . sears has all the catalogs on line all you have to do is click on them . if you can post this message then you can order and shop on line

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    GlutenFreeDoll says...

    You can order the catalogues through the Sears website and they will mail them to your home.

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    Ciel says...

    If you have ordered from a major catalogue this year, Sears will then send you a card in the mail when the next major catalogue is ready for release. But if you don’t order at least one thing in a year, you are left to pick up catalogues at your Sears Catalogue outlet (mall store, Sears Home-which tends to not give out the big catalogues without the mail card, or UPS outlets that act as Sears agents).

    That is what happened a few years ago-ordered an item from a catalogue, got the mail card for next catalogue but did not order from it. No more mail cards since then.

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    Tiana says...

    Have you tried to contact them and ask to send you a catalogue?
    What really bothers me in your complain is just like someone else has already mentioned, you seem to have a pretty reliable access to the internet if you can come on Smartcanucks to complain about Sears. Why can’t you just browse online? I don’t think not sending a catalogue to EVERYONE means a company doesn’t care.

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    kelsie94 says...

    Tiana, no need to be nasty! You have no idea about this person’s situation. Big difference between Smartcanucks and searching/shopping online!

    Diane, I would give Sears a call and explain your situation. I’m sure they would be happy to help you out.

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    cheryl888 says...

    They are probably doing their part for the enviroment, and not sending out catalouges to every tom dick and harry out there. still have to take your card to sears to get the catalogue. So why not just go without the card, and get one!!!!

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