I’m Happy

By Karen

I just started ordering from Beyond The Rack last month, and so far I have absolutely nothing to complain about. I ordered a ladies Swiss Legend watch and it came much earlier than I expected it to. It’s just gorgeous and very well made - I have no doubt that it is authentic. In fact, I just ordered a men’s watch for my husband for our anniversary and I’m expecting it to arrive fairly soon (they sent an email indicating it was on its way). If I don’t write another review, you’ll know it also arrived safely. I have recommended this site to several of my friends so hopefully none of them has a negative experience. I continue to shop on the site almost daily!

6 Responses to “I’m Happy”

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    Skeptical says...

    How interesting that this is the only good review that I’ve heard for this business. How sweet.

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    Kathy says...

    I’ve ordered twice (Ontario here) and was quite happy with both shipments. I really like the ability to track my order on the Canada Post website. I ordered a few shirts - quite lovely @ $7.99 each, an adorable wooden duck for $5.99, PUMA socks for the hubby and more. One order came in 19 days, the second order was 20 days. (including weekends)

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    Nice says...

    @Skeptical LOL have you been scammed by them?

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    Renee says...

    I ordered to items from Beyond the Rack. One was a Lucien Piccard watch and the other was a queen size duvet.

    I received both in a timely manner. I am enjoying the watch.
    The duvet looks and feels lovely, though I expected it to be a bit fluffier. Is that a word. Maybe as I use it it will fluff up. It came in a package so that might be why it was as flat.

    What I do know is there are other online sites with as good deals, if not better.

    So far, I am happy with my purchases. I have read so many of you who had bad experiences which make me think it is a hit/miss situation. This isn’t acceptable when spending good monies.

    I have always been hesitant to order anything online. I still won’t order any clothes online. That, I think might not work out. What do they mean when it fits to size?

    All in all, I guess I have been one of the luckier ones!

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    Renee says...

    that’s two items, not to!

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