Bad Service at Tim Hortons

By Muriel

I went to Kent ville Tim Horton’s for Lunch with my family of six and ordered a very good meal or so I thought only to be subject to rolling eyes and bad service. Not only was the coffee cold but they got the order wrong and because they made a mistake with the order the teller was in a discussion, with me regarding that she never rang the item in and that I should pay for the said item even tho I have already paid, or so I thought ! I told her it was her mistake and I still wanted the food ordered for my children. I was not happy with the service or the teller or the coffee, I will not be going to Kent ville Tim Horton’s again.

6 Responses to “Bad Service at Tim Hortons”

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    Theresa says...

    You should offer to pay for the missed item.

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    GlutenFreeDoll says...

    Mistakes happen. I agree with Theresa, you should have paid when the error was caught. If you had an issue with service, you should have taken it up with a manager.

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    Ron Simmons says...

    I agree with Theresa also. Muriel should stop being cheap and pay for the item.

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    Rick Tanner says...

    I’m not surprised I limit my visits and find Starbucks a lot better.

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    yesbeware says...

    Pay.. it makes no difference it was for your kids. There is not Scanning code of practice saying if the item isn’t rung in you get it free.

    Did you mention the cold coffee and get it replaced. If you did good on you, otherwise I do not know why consumers are so afraid to deal with bad customer service/products on the spot. They take what they are given and then turn around and complain.

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    Jessica says...

    Tim’s replaces coffee every 20 mins…how could it be cold?

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