Bad Service at Burger King Kelowna BC

By Rick Tanner

I get treated very badly at this outlet this is the only restaurant in western canada that is this way. I went through the drive thru and I’m a regular there (no more) the manager told me he wouldn’t give me my order cause i didn’t pull up as asked bvt other instances have been made waiting behind others for long times and never said anything. Is this guy on drugs ? he definitely lshould be tested and not work around the public.

3 Responses to “Bad Service at Burger King Kelowna BC”

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    Btigger says...

    We don’t eat in Burger King either, its like playing russian roulette with your insides. Too many people I know get sick from their burgers.

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    Gazpache says...

    I haven’t been there in a few months. I went there 3 years ago and it was like they poured salt all over my burger and then I found 3 bone chips in it. Then my mom went and got bone chips in her burger. We finally decided to give them a try again about 5 months ago, and low and behold.. bone chips again. That’s just nasty.

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    escher7 says...

    I dropped in to one in Winnipeg last summer. I have no problem with slightly overweight people, but the waitress had her belly hanging out like a piece of lard. They screwed up the order and when the manager came he was even worse, I’m talking ruin your appetite gross. They have the right to work, but cover them up for Pete’s sake.

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