Lowes Brampton - Return of Defective Stock

by Lucy

I purchase a charcoal smoker, when I went to assemble the main drum was dented, the top would not go on properly.

Took the smoker to the store, they give me a refund and I went and purchase another one (I had a party the next day really needed a smoker) got home started to assembled the second smoker and 2 parts were missing
I got this box from the shelf myself, whent back to the store explain the situation and the employee told me he would give me a refund and I could get another box from the shelf. I refuse - told him that all boxes on the shelf were open and properly returns because of defects, I asked him to give me the missing parts from the smoker that I return earlier, He went to the back of the store and give me missing parts.

Needless to say I will not go to Lowes anytime soon, I did not like my experience, the employees were very helpfull, the problem is, return items should be sent to the mfg. not back on the shelf.

I don’t live close to the store so it took me a good 20 minutes each time to return these items. And since I can’t lift anything heavy I had to get my son to go with me.


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    Joe Blow says...

    They did everything right and took care of you…And all you can do is complain? Ooooohhhhhh a whole 20 minutes each time?!?!?! Who cares. They made sure you got what you needed. That’s GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE! I feel sorry for these retail stores. Even when they get it right people complain. There really is no satisfying some people.

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    Joe says...

    Did you tell them the smoker had a missing part when you returned it? Maybe the other customers didn’t say anything when they returned theirs?

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    Anna says...

    Agree 110% with Joe. Wow..you got what you wanted and now you are banning the store?? Hate to see if they did nothing to solve your problem.. go postal on the clerk??
    Yes..they should not re-shelf the product..but you should have noticed the boxes the first time… Maybe you picked up the only two boxes that were closed..but you said every box was open… that should have told you something was up.
    And the clerks there will put heavy boxes onto your cart and into your car.. So no need to bother your son.

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    Mary says...

    If a product is returned and the customer informs us that it is defective, we do not put it back on the shelf.

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    PointNShoot says...

    I agree with you all here who commented: People are just whiners especially those who are LAZY ones! first and foremost, if a product is defective or with missing part we do not put back on the shelves.

    Whatever it is, this woman is clearly an idiot, that’s all!

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