Appalling Customer Service at The Real Canadian Superstore (Clareview Store, Edmonton, AB)

by Biddie

I have been a customer of The Real Canadian Superstore since it opened in Alberta.  My son & I were in store # 1566 on July 9, 2009 & upon leaving the store my son was stopped by a gentleman at the exit door.  My son was taken back by this as we have never been stopped leaving one of your stores before.  I have to admit that my son is not subtle & develops a rude attitude very quickly so when he was asked to stop, he basically stated “What the f— for?”  The gentleman asked him for the receipt.  My son attempted to keep walking & he was again asked for the receipt.  At this point, my son yelled at me as I had already walked through the exit door.  I passed the receipt through the small opening left as the door was closing & then opened the door manually & went to stand beside the gentleman.  I did not hear what my son said but I’m sure that he was rude & the gentlemen looked at him & said “If you don’t like it, don’t come back”.  Even though I had not heard what my son had said, I definitely heard this gentleman tell my son not to come back.  When I challenged him on this statement & the way he was talking to my son he told me “If you don’t like it don’t come back”  At that point, I was infuriated at the lack of respect & customer relation skills of this gentleman so I took my receipt out of his hand & left the store.

On July 10, 2009 I returned to this store with my daughter to speak to the store manager regarding the incident the day before.  I was disgusted to find out that the gentleman that I had dealt with on July 9, 2009 was actually the store manager.   I attempted to speak to him about how he had treated my son & I the previous day.  As I started to speak, he interrupted me & told me that I did not hear the whole initial conversation with my son.  I then stated to him that I know how rude & obnoxious my son can be however, that did not give him the right to degrade & demean another human being.  I again attempted to speak with him to try & somehow resolve this or to at least receive some acknowledgment that the situation could have been dealt with in a more appropriate manner.  This gentleman attempted to take over the conversation & turn it all back over onto my son (who certainly is responsible for being rude) & would not let me speak.  I forcefully then asked him to stop talking & listen to what I had to say.  He then said he would listen but within less than a minute he was again interrupting me by talking about having a responsibility to his 400 staff & 5000 customers.  I let him know that I did not have a problem with loss prevention as I have worked for a major Canadian retailer as an inventory control supervisor & know how much money that can cost a company.  This gentleman still showed me no respect & would not listen.  I let him know that I was contacting Head Office & lodging a formal complaint against him.  His response was “Go ahead, I’ve had lots of complaints laid against me” as he walked away from me.  This situation was dealt with in front of the Assistant Manager & the staff at customer service.  It was very apparent that they were all embarrassed to be there & the Assistant Manager would not look at me at all.  As this gentleman walked away, I said “this is the disrespect I am talking about”.  He completely ignored me & waved his hand in the air as if to say “get lost” & kept right on walking.

At no point was there any acknowledgment that  he had been disrespectful, no attempt at any type of resolution, no apology & no assumption of responsibility for the role he played in this situation.  Furthermore, to be disrespectful to the same customer twice in 2 days is beyond belief.  this type of behavior.  If this gentleman treated me this way both times I had contact with him, I have to wonder how he manages his staff & what other customers have been offended by him. As I have managerial & supervisory experience I was absolutely appalled at this man’s behaviour.  As a manager you have an obligation to your staff to set an example & it is your responsibility to deal with complaints in an appropriate & respectful manner.  I guess I have to ask  “What kind of reputation does Loblaws/Mayfair Foods wish to portray to their customers?”

After my experiences over the last two days, I have decided that my grocery dollars will be better spent elsewhere.  I will not return to the Superstore for anything that I have always purchased there.  I will be transferring my husband’s prescriptions from your pharmacy as well.  My children are in support of me & will not be purchasing their groceries, gas, liquor or cigarettes from any of your stores either.  I would think that in times where people are pinching pennies & watching where they spend their money, retailers would ensure that their customers are treated with respect & that any complaints are dealt with in a reasonable & fair manner.  Where has the idea gone that without customers, retailers & their employees don’t have a job?

I have e-mailed a complaint to the customer service department in Ontario.  So I await their response

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    FunkyMunky says...

    I’m sorry but if yout son started everything with “What the f*** for?”, it’s already calling for a conflict

    however I agree that as a store manager the guy needed to have more customer support skills

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    James Towers says...

    Your son was in the wrong here. He has an attitude problem and you enable that by rushing to his defense every time he mouths off. Heaven help us with parents like you around because we’re starting to bear the fruit of this type of parenting with a new crop of young adults who act like jerks and think the world owes them.

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    Catherine says...

    I have a lot of experience in retail and I can assure that the way that manager treated you and your son was completely inappropriate- those making comments against your son obviously have never been trained to perform customer service. I have had people yell and swear at me and I continue to smile and do everything I can to please the customer.

    As much as that store owner thinks he is trying to save money by “thinking” he’s stopping theft- the truth is that the amount of money you and your family (and any other friends you convince not to shop there) would have pontentially spent there adds up to much more than whatever it was he “thinks” your son might have stole.

    Also, as far as I know from working with loss prevention in stores all over toronto- I do believe it is actually illegal to detain someone unless you have visual proof (cameras or otherwise) that someone stole something, and they have to have continual visual contact from the time they saw him pocket something to the time he actually leaves the store (if not he could have simply put it back). What this store manager did was completely wrong and your son was actually right to continue walking out of the store- he did nothing wrong he has no reason to be questioned.

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    James Towers says...

    What Catherine wrote is a crock. Perhaps she likes being treated like dirt by customers but she’s only enabling them to treat her even worse. You don’t reward bad behaviour with smiles and glad tidings.
    If the woman and her little darling don’t want to shop at RCSS anymore, I’d say good riddance and kudos to the store manager for ridding his establishment of a self-entitled brat and his useless mother.

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    Ellen says...

    Unbelievable! Your son needs a kick in the ass to learn some respect. Yes, respect. He started it. If I were the store manager and got that kind of language, I would have told him and you not to come back aswell. Disgusting. Its about time you taught your son some manners. Or maybe you are the same.

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    Jessica says...

    I just skimmed through this, but saying “if you don’t like it, don’t come back” isn’t -that- rude/demeaning, especially after just being cursed at–the ‘appalling’ part.

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    Jessica says...

    and lol @ “liquor or cigarettes from any of your stores either.” –why do I think this will be a lot of sales lost for them………

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    Kat says...

    You and your son are completely in the wrong here. You can’t treat people like garbage (yes, even salespeople are people too!) and expect them to treat you with respect. I wouldn’t want you as customers either.

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    biddie says...

    Thanks for all the comments. Sometimes neutrality is a good thing. No doubt the inital situation could have been handled in a much more productive manner by all concerned. However, I think that making assumptions & personally attacking someone you have never met before is not called for. I appreciate the opinions of others when they aren’t presented in a demeaning or vengeful way.

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    Ruth says...

    I am unsure of your laws there but in Ontario I am not obligated to show any receipts if I have paid for my items. If that were to happen to me I would of challenged the manager to either arrest me or take a hike. I am appalled at managers whom are not 100 percent sure if a person has shop lifted. Someone needs a lesson on the laws of loss prevention. Although your son was not right to say those things I can see how this would provoked him to let out a “F” bomb. Shame on the manager for his lack of tolerance and bad judgment. As for the manager telling you not to come back well if this is how much he appreciates his paying customers then I guess he doesn’t need my business either. I wouldn’t want to be stopped and embarrassed so maybe if these are the store policies we should all beware and expect to be treated as if we are stealing.

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    James Towers says...

    I love it. Embarrassed how, Ruth? You’d be embarrassed being asked for a receipt in front of a bunch of strangers? Why would they care? Are you so important in the community that the gossip would start to fly?
    And if anyone you knew saw it, what would they think? They’d think, “Oh, she’s showing the receipt to a staff member.” Then they’d go on with their lives. Unless you’re being hauled away in handcuffs, what is the problem?

    Oh, and you’re wrong about the Ontario laws. There are no such laws against asking to see a receipt before leaving a store. Ever been to a Costco?

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    cheapskate101 says...

    cashiers are people too. i dont blame the guy for getting kinda mad. your son did drop the f bomb on him.

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    Tracy says...

    Good luck getting a response. Real Canadian Superstore has a horrible reputation and their stores and managers are notorious for their lack of customer service. I live in Saskatoon and it is a joke that if you want good prices and crappy service you go to superstore. Their have no respect for their customers because they treat their staff with no respect.

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    bunnybuster78 says...

    That’s why they call the store “STUPIDSTORE” :)
    I think they have the right to ask for proof of purchase. Not sure what else you son said other than “what the F* for.” If it’s only “what the F* for ” statement, I think the situation should have been dealt in more appropriate way. But if the manager has warned your son for his “holy” words and he kept swearing to the manager, then I can see the point why the manager did not give respect. So, I won’t judge coz I don’t really know what actually happened.

    I do agree that stupidstore has sucky customer service though…^_^ I shop there coz of cheap price…never expect any customer service :)

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    deetree says...

    At the Superstores in Surrey, BC, I’ve been asked for the receipt a bunch of times. Especially when coming straight from the electronics section and out the door without going through the front cashiers.

    Never bothered me. They just look at the receipt and checked it off, and I’m gone after just a few seconds. They always have a guy at the front assisting people and checking the occasional receipts.

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    lynnie says...

    Of course you know your son was in wrong saying what he said off the bat - REGARDLESS, this doesn’t mean that the manager of the store has to act like a smart ass back. That’s horrible and rude and I’m glad you are not tolerating it! He is suppose to be a professional and I cannot believe he’s had other complaints against him and yet he is still working there….unreal.
    Good for you for not shopping there ever again, I would have done the same thing, regardless of my child acting like a shit. LOL You know, it just goes to show that some people (the manager) just don’t grow up.

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    Johnny says...

    Everyone is in the wrong.
    Make sure that if you are wishing not to support the RCSS anymore, ensure that you will not be going to any of the stores which are under the parent company. That will show them… That will show them all!

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    locutus says...

    This is a typical of all Loblaws. Having worked in both the union and management at this company I feel for all involved. I am also a loblaws shareholder, i am aware of the internal and external market forces loblaws is facing. I feel for both the customer and the store manager.

    The store manager is proabbly getting shitted on by upper management in calgary or toronto for poor performance of his store for one reason or another and he is having a really hard time finding people to work for him and he doesn’t have all the answers. His reaction speaks of someone who is over worked and doesn’t get sufficient respect in his position and feels trapped in his situtation.

    The customer and ultimately the shareholders are paying for the lack of direction and management at the highest levels of Loblaws. The products suck, the stores are a mess.

    The employees don’t care, the union has its head stuck in the sand. The employees are the most important things to making a successful business is your employees. The other problem is you need to make sure you actually have enough employees making people wait more than 5 minutes in line is not a good thing in a grocery store.

    Higher enough cashiers and ensure that your employees are clean up the store and are stocking your shelves constantly so there are no holes. Place large orders of single items so your distro centers are sending out larger quanties of product that have fewer hands touching them is another good step as well.

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    Jeff K says...

    You have to show respect to get respect. It’s his job to stop someone whom he thinks is shoplifting, and as you mentioned, he only wanted to see a receipt. I don’t see any reason why your son, with an attitude problem according to you have to be rude to the manager. If you treat someone poorly, don’t get all worked up when he doesn’t kiss your feet just because you’re a paying customer. You son dished it, so take it like a man. As for you going all out to defend your obviously spoiled son is appalling. Instead you should teach your son some manners instead!

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    bc gal says...

    I agree with JeffK - Sorry, but I think your son started it, and to be honest, why is it a problem to show a receipt?? You have to show receipts at Costco when you leave the store, and sometimes at Wal-Mart too. I understand the manager maybe shouldn’t have said not to come back, but really, you need to realize being sworn at whilst doing his job is not the best way to handle a situation.

    I never care if they ask for a receipt - if it helps catch a shoplifter I’m all for it - that helps keeps costs down in and of itself. And sin’t lower costs why we’re part fo this group in the first place?

    Maybe you should spend less time complaining about service and more time thinking about the way your son treats other people.

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    jo says...

    Gee - when soemone responds with “WTF?” after being reasonably approached by someone, is it really a msytery why the other person might not respond with sweetness and light?

    If you are going to act like a rude jerk after a simple request, don’t be surprised when other people respond in kind

    Mom - you are only teaching this rude son that his behaviour is OK, and bad results are never his fault. Why don’t you focus your energy on teaching good manners in your family first?

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    Lee says...

    I work in retail and it is a common practice to ask customers for receipts. I think you and your son have attitudes that need to be addressed. If you owned a store you would do the same thing and think it was appropriate.

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    vira toro says...

    In the Chilliwack,B.C.Superstore there is no customer service, you are on your own. It is common practise there for groups of people wearing large back packs to walk around the store with impunity. Incredible. This manager was trying to protect the store.

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    Kenny says...

    I applaud the store manager. Too many people think that the customer is always right, even when the customer’s son starts swearing at the staff for no good reason. If I were the manager, I wouldn’t want your son back in there either.

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    Sarah says...

    I spent several years working in retail and am always frustrated by people who think that because they are the customer, and the customer is “always right”, that means it is acceptable for them to treat staff rudely. It is the managers job to provide good service to customers (and checking receipts as people leave the store with big items is a service to all of us as it reduces shoplifting and keeps prices down), but it is not his job to tolerate verbally abusive customers.

    To the writer of this original post: I wonder if you took the same amount of time and energy talking to your son about his behaviour as you spent talking to the manager, writing this post, and convincing your family to boycott the store?

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    Tom says...

    obviously the real problem is lack of parenting skills. Sounds like the kid is destined to learn some respect in a detention center.

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    Glen says...

    Why don’t you try to teach your child some manners and respect. Sounds like you are the one with the problem “Biddie”, and for you to say “My children are in support of me & will not be purchasing their groceries, gas, liquor or cigarettes from any of your stores either”.Then I think there is something other then a receipt that is a problem. I have been asked many times in Costco and RCSS for one and never had a problem

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    jo says...

    To the writer of this original post: I wonder if you took the same amount of time and energy talking to your son about his behaviour as you spent talking to the manager, writing this post, and convincing your family to boycott the store?

    Right on Sarah!

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    FunkyMunky says...

    “I spent several years working in retail and am always frustrated by people who think that because they are the customer, and the customer is “always right”, that means it is acceptable for them to treat staff rudely. It is the managers job to provide good service to customers (and checking receipts as people leave the store with big items is a service to all of us as it reduces shoplifting and keeps prices down), but it is not his job to tolerate verbally abusive customers. ”

    right on, fully agree!

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    Fifi Trixibelle says...

    Clairview. Hhm, says it all.

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    Randy says...

    Every RCSS is loaded with managers like this, it is how they train them at Loblaws. I can’t imagine shopping in a grocery store just because it is “cheaper”. RCSS has it all, rude managers, mouse invasions, glass in ground beef, sexual harassment, rumours of employees and management “getting it on” in their parking lots. One comment to anyone reading this, just shop elsewhere! If enough people “just say no” to RCSS, stores would be shutting down left, right and center.

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    Gooch says...

    What is wrong with people today, lady your son was totally wrong, you don’t get or deserve respect unless you give it. It is always someone elses fault isn’t it, that is what is wrong with society today. If you don’t like the show the receipt policy don’t shop there. As a business owner I don’t want your peoples business no matter how much you spend. Grow up and learn some manners, both of you.

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    Flint says...

    Unfortunately, if you don’t change your son’s attitude, the jerk of a store manager that you described will be him in 20 years….

    Yes, I’ve worked in retail and I’ve had to deal with some of the worst customers. I acted professionally at all times and there were incidents where I told the customer to shop somewhere else. Their rudeness was impacting the experience of other customers so it was best to ask them to go somewhere else. Imagine if you were greeted with “WTF do you want?” if you were asking for help from a store? Would you shop there? It goes both ways.

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    Michelle G. says...

    Oh, for crying out loud. Shame on you, lady. Shame on you for raising a son who swears and bullies when he is simply asked to display a receipt. Shame on you for trying to defend his and your obnoxious behaviour. Shame on you for being mouthy and loud and crass (I could “hear” you quite clearly as I read your version of what happened). Shame on you for butting in to “defend” what I am guessing is your adult, overweight, stubble-faced son. And of course, shame on your son, but since he’s not the one who wrote the story, he’s probably not interested.
    Man, do you both have a lot of growing up to do. Gives our country a bad name for sure.

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    Catherine says...

    The person who wrote this original post was simplay taking advantage of an outlet provided to us to warn other consumers of bad experiences or to rave about good ones. People are making personal attacks here and it is completely un-called for. I truly believe that ‘biddy’ was trying to help others by warning of her bad experience- just because YOU think that she deserved to be treated badly does not mean that you should be using these comment posts to tear into her. Save the personal attacks for your own friends and family and lay off the total strangers. You people are sick and twisted. GET A LIFE!

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    bigdog says...

    there is no way on earth anybody in retail or foodservice or anywhere for that matter, should ever be talked to the way your son talked to this person…manager or not. I have worked in foodservice for over 10 years, and the attitude many (not all) people have of people working in any type of retail has become pathetic to say the least. if you’re in a bad mood don’t take it out anyone else, if you made a mistake ordering at a food establishment, dont blame the staff just because you are too proud to admit your mistake or are embarassed…i know there are many bad apples in customer service, but there are just as many bad customers knowadays as well

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    Heather says...

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    Melissa says...

    You are right, your son definitely has an attitude problem. I have worked in Superstore before and I have been in that manager’s position where I had to check receipts as people walk out the front door. Standard procedures. Your son being rude in the first place is definitely starting a conflict with the manager and that being said your son should work on his communication skills. The manager wasn’t there to attack your son in the first place, all he wanted to do was check the receipt. If your son had nothing to hide, then he really should have had no problem with it. Honestly, this is what anyone would do.

    However, on the other hand…

    It’s the manager’s job (of all people) to keep people calm in these types of situations. Empathize, detect a problem/conflict, etc. No, he shouldn’t have treated your son like that, and he most certainly shouldn’t have treated you the way he did when you went back the following day. I believe you have every right to be upset about the way he treated you when you went back there, but I don’t believe that with your son. He got what he was asking for.

    Let’s just take this as a learning experience, and also lets hope your son doesn’t verbally attack another store manager either.

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    Dave says...

    your son’s a complete jackass, you have failed as a mother.

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    alex m says...

    Costco is legally allowed to ask for receipts because it is a “club”. RCSS is not, and as such is not legally allowed to ask for receipts at the door in Ontario.

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    francine says...

    ANYWHERE is “legally allowed to ASK for receipts”

    your son’s a complete jackass, you have failed as a mother.


    Unbelievable she has issue with the store manager and not her kid!!

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    Runner says...

    To the original poster, you should know that this is the way that this manager treats all his employees and customers. It is a regular thing for him. At one point in time I worked for him, and it was the most aggrivating time in my superstore employment. I am thankful that I am gone and moved on to a company who knows how to respect their employees.

    If you wish to put a formal complaint against him, I would suggest going to a different store and asking for contact information for the district manager of the store. It might not do much but eventually the company should get the picture.

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    Fed Up says...

    YOUR SON WAS NOT WRONG!!! They had no right to treat him like a shoplifter, and I would have responded the same way.

    Incidentally, I stopped shopping in RCSS in the mid-nineties because of lousy customer service at the Clareview store.

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    francine says...

    There was no problem with anything the store/manager did!

    The son was 100% at fault in the conversation with the manager!

    The mother is 100% at fault, and comes across as a crazy person, in complaining about the manager instead of her vulgar son!

    the mother is 100% at fault in what has obviously been very poor upbringing of her son. I can’t believe she’d actually reinforce that type of behaviour!

    the son sounds like the type that does shoplift from stores

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    nosaint says...

    once you pay for the items, they are yours and the store has no right to ask to see your bill or check your groceries…

    if they want to charge you then let them, then you can return the favor and charge them for false arrest..

    course its just easier to let them look…

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    Fed Up says...

    This site is about sharing shopping experiences and finding bargains, not so Francine,Dave and Michelle can tell people how to raise their children. Whatever the case with the RCSS, the obnoxious comments about Biddie and the way she raised her son are innappropriate and childish.

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    Dave says...

    You’re wrong, “Fed Up”.
    I suspect you probably have a little “darling” of your own that can do no wrong and the truth of what you are hurts.

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    Mit says...

    They are both in the wrong here. The son for being very abbrupt about a situation which could have been resolved easily, instead he took another approach. This does not matter about his upbringing, a person chooses to act as they do. The store manager was also very rude by saying “You don’t like it, don’t come back.” Alot of people who are in the service industry use this as a “get away” because in the long run, they have what.. thousands more who will still come to the store if you don’t. I do believe that the service industry is getting ridiculous, not even a thank-you or nothing. In Vancouver or Calgary I was amazed at how the people there always were so polite, you get a thank-you every where you went. It was actually amazing, but here in Edmonton, I guess no one has any courtesy any more. I just think people should be more curtious to customers, even if the job you are doing isn’t so good. People are people, and it all comes down to this statement, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

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    Meow says...

    I used to shop at that very RCSS when I lived in Edmonton and it is a horrible place to shop. Although the place is always dirty and disorganized, they make you wait in line at least 20minutes to pay and I avoid buying fruits, veggies and especially meat there, I have never received poor customer service.

    From my point of view, it’s not about how shitty the store is. It’s about the conversation with the manager. In my experience of working retail, a good manager is one who steps up and doesn’t let someone cuss him|her out and who will back up his employees and ask people to leave the store for cussing at them too. I was trained to deal with the worst customers, and I have, but the minute anybody swears at me I could ask them to leave the store, get a manager to ask them to leave or get security to escort them out. R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Regardless if it’s in a store or on the street, learn it!

    That was so white trash of you. Seriously, if you really worked in a department store, you would know better.

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    Joyce says...

    Biddie: You’re obviously white trash who’s son needs a good smack across the head. Cry me a river biatch.

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    blown away by comments! says...

    oh my goodness… Talk about being personally attacked for simply writing a comment about her own views on something. I may not agree with the way her son handled the situation, I dont think that constitutes name calling. This site is about saving money, and reviews of a whole bunch of different products/stores. I dont think that the original poster of this blog was meaning to be put down when she wrote this, however I dont agree with the way the son handled the situation.
    On the other hand, the manager was wrong to “dismiss” her the next day with the wave off, and quite frankly i think anyone would be pissed off being dismissed by anyone… Im sure we have all had bad days, but really no one who lives in a glass house should throw stones here people. Common is name calling really needed? Like really… some people should… buck up or grow up. oh and btw, for all those people who have stated the kid needs a good smack… im pretty sure that might consitute child abuse…

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    Brenda says...

    “On the other hand, the manager was wrong to “dismiss” her the next day with the wave off”


    He wasn’t wrong, he should have issued a trespass order to make sure she never comes back! No store wants trash like that as customers

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    Rollie says...

    Your son and you in particular need an attitude change. Being asked for a receipt is not a problem with me nor is the ‘limited’ service. If I feel like splurging, then I shop at Safeway or Sobeys and pay the extra price.
    Take you and your trash-talk son elsewhere.

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    James says...

    Any store is entitled to ask to see your receipt when you are leaving; but unless you have signed a membership agreement(COSTCO) that demands you show your receipt upon leaving you are under no obligation to show your receipt. There is no law against shoplifting in canada The Criminal Code of Canada only covers theft. To be charged with theft by a citizen(ie store manager/receipt checker) you MUST be found committing the offence(ie. person sees you take item and put it in your shirt and attempt to leave the store). Those of us in Law enforcement can charge for theft upon formation of reasonable grounds by the officer, but in practice this is RARELY done. Theft is only charged when the offence is found committing, and even then if no alternative can be found as the courts don’t have time to deal with minor offences like the theft of a chocolate bar.
    Once you have paid for your items, they are yours. The receipt check is a very subtle search of your property and violates section 8 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which applies no matter where in Canada you reside. I have been confronted by receipt checkers on many occasion and I always politely ask them if I am being accused of theft. The answer obviously is no, as they wouldn’t want to offend anyone but the truth is that is exactly what they are doing; accusing all of their patrons of theft. Once they tell me I am not accused of theft I advise them that they are not searching my property and to have a nice day and I leave. I have never had any problems. Once the checker said that he REALLY needed to see my receipt to make sure I had all of my items. I advised him I was quite capable of determining that all of the items I paid for made it into my cart and he backed off. I have read horror stories of people being harrassed and even illegally detained over receipt checks because they, like me, find them to be a violation of your rights. but these stories usually involve the person simply brushing of the checker and attempting to leave which gives the checker a greater suspicion and reason to pursue and prevent the person from leaving by blocking them or their vehicle(a detention under section 9 of the charter). my questions and statements tell them that I know my rights and lead them to believe I’m not stealing, only exercising my right not to be bothered into giving up my rights. I realize its easier to just show the receipt and get on with the day but I’m sure you’ve all heard of the slippery slope, and I for one prefer to stay at or near the top of that slope.
    Of course I see the store’s perspective on this in trying to cut down on theft but accusing everyone coming to your store of being a thief is not the answer. Training your employees to be vigilant and having enough sense to pay them well enough to care is the correct answer.

  55. 0

    1566 employee says...

    I’m an employee at #1566 and I totally agree with the Biddie. The store manager, Rod (Rodrick) Hill, is absolutely terrible. If you think the wa he treats customers is bad, try working for the company. Loyal employees are treated with even more disrespect that customers are treated. Filing a complaint with head office will do very little to rectify the situation. My advice would be to contact Loblaws, Director of Human Resources (403) 735-6449. If he cant resovle the issue, ask him for the contact information of the Executive Vice President, Human Resources of Loblaws. She will have Rod Hill in tears.

  56. 0

    not surprised says...

    Thanks for the information - i just had a horrible experience at the Clareview store myself ! I was directed to call Rod tomorrow…yeah right. I will go to the Executive Vice President !

  57. 0

    Had enough says...

    Rod needs to be put in his place and fired, he shouldn’t be allowed to get away with anything. He has this zero tolerancy policy with no profanity, well he’s one to talk, it’s f*** this and that and he says it on the sales floor with customers and small children around. Plus you shouldn’t be yelling at your staff on the floor and embarrassing the crap out of them, common sense would be to take them aside and talk PRIVATELY.

  58. 0

    RCSS Customer says...

    From what I hear, he is a 1,000,000% ass. I saw him in our store one day and it looked as though he thought he was high and mighty!!! I got news for him!!!!! I don’t know him at all and I do not want to! Nothing but horror stories about him and his ways! Way to go Rodrick on representing your staff and company the way you do! You should be fired and kicked out on your pathetic, no good a$$!!!!!!

  59. 0

    Stephanie says...

    You have got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As you may have managerial skills, It may have been in your best interest to have taken a parenting course. If one of my children spoke to anyone like that I would not be impressed to say the least, no matter what age your children are you have forgot a very important lesson….RESPECT!!! How can you expect someone to have any respect for you or your children when your family has no clue in regards to respect.

    Am I disgusted YES I am with YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. 0

    1566 employee says...

    I’ve worked at this store for a number of years and this is the first time that i have ever been ashamed to say that i do work there.Rod Hill is the rudest person I’ve ever met.And yes if you so much as question his authority as acustomer you will be banned.If he takes an instant dislike to you as a staff member you will be harrassed.He really is intent upon surrounding himself by females.we only have one male assistant manager left he saw fit to get rid of all others,HMMMMM wonder when we lose our last male assistant!!!! mr weston thanks for that wonderful course on excellent customer service too bad rod hill never took it!

  61. 0

    Gabriella says...

    you know what i work at a superstore too as a cashier and one guy got mad at me for closing my till and he told me to f off, and to me it reflected on what kind of person that guy was, but i didnt say anything. i swear we are just people trying to make a living. im not saying that the manager guy was right because he seems like a total ass, but it doesnt help that your son swore at him first.

  62. 0

    Radeyah says...

    umm how old is your son? I dont care who it is but no one has the right to tell you to f*** off. That calls for a B**** slap. lol

  63. 0

    Andrea says...

    My brother calls it the “Stupidstore”

  64. 0

    Denden says...

    Whether her & her son were rude, they still should have been shown respect. The manager is a complete %%%%%%%%% who does not give two hoots to what anyone thinks. He has told customers to leave the store because they would not tolerate his rude, abrasive behaviour. I have heard him on numberous occasions interrupting customers, employees, as well as contractors. He is not a welled like man and has very little respect from his staff. He has yelled at many in front of customers and has made female staff cry and some have even gone so far as to quit. I hear that he is not suppose to stay at the store, but go back to his home. He does not even live in Edmonton, only here temporarily. Well for superstores sake, they should ship him back fast, before they lose all their customers.

  65. 0

    Denden says...

    Try contacting or com, not certain on that. When I phoned customer service, that is suppose to be the store manager at clareview superstore, his bosses boss. Maybe then something will be done.

  66. 0

    Peggy says...

    You seem to think the manager should have stood there and just taken your son’s belligerance with a smile. We are only hearing your side of the story, and even then you come out looking wrong. There may be fault on both sides, for sure, but if you (or your son) start talking to someone so rudely, then you should expect the same in return.

  67. 0

    Alex says...

    People in retail should not expect to be sworn at or treated with contempt. Your doctor, librarian, school teacher, police officer etc wouldn’t take it. Why should people who work in stores?

  68. 0

    Security says...

    There was a time, when the company I was working for was contracted by Lob-laws to patrol the parking lot, and assist in stopping shoplifters. As for the law as I know it. It is not considered theft until that person steps out the outter door. Yes, sometimes shop lifters drop their stuff if they think they being watched…and if they are, they know they going to get stopped at the door…so they ditch the stuff and become indignant when stopped going out the door.

    This is how it would happen. A store Manager or LPO would radio me, that they were following a possible shoplifter,give me their description, and have me wait outside the doors. When the person exited the store, I would block their egress, and the LPO or store managers would come up behind them and ask to see a receipt.

    In the 5 or so bitter winter months standing outside, stopping bums from harrassing customers for their carts to get money to buy booze, preventing known shoplifters from entering premises, Chasing any fleeing shoplifters, and having police come to remove intoxicated people I never saw employee’s or manager’s standing inside the store checking receipts. I have however, have seen a female and father partner try to walk out the door with over $600 in groceries, half of which was just meat.

    Now as for the son, as a security officer if I stopped him to ask him to see a receipt(which I wouldn’t do unless I had a viable reason) and he replied how he did….he would have learned that doing that was a seriously wrong thing to say to a guy like me. He would have been detained until his guardian arrived minimum.

    As for the store Managers actions. He probably could have handled it differently. The store I was at had 3 Good ones, and a bunch of staff that all worked together preventing shoplifting. You didn’t need to be checking receipts at door of random people, because we knew who to ask for a receipt. It is sad however, that Lob-laws doesn’t stick surveilance camera’s in every aisle with a guard in a booth just watching and tracking shoplifters. when they do; they only have them on the doors, and customer service where the smokes are.

    This being said, when I was a kid of ten, I was caught shoplifting a ailse away from my mother, and she didn’t know until the LPO brought me back into the store. I got a spanking so bad, I Never shoplifted again.(I’m probably still on their Banned for Life list at that Zellers store) Too bad the world has become so Politically correct that you can’t give a child more than 3 swats open hand to the backside otherwise it is Child abuse.

  69. 0

    Lisa says...

    I just had an incident at the Clareview Superstore has convinced me never to give them another penny of my hard earned money. My friend and I asked for a simple price check on produce that scanned higher than the posted price. The CS girl all but sneered at us, and walked away. So I went and checked the price sign again, and sure enough, a kid was pulling down the posted price as I walked up. We told the Desk Manager and CS girl that we were right about the posted price, and she very rudely said, my friend and I were wrong, because that was the price for something else. Why did they have to pull it down so fast? hmmm… I asked the CS why she felt the need to be so rude about it, and said there’s a way to treat people, and that she could have said “I’m sorry, we had the wrong price up but there’s nothing I can do about it”. Instead of trying to blame us, and then saying “it’s not my department”. I’ve seen this CS person before, and she’s NEVER nice, never smiles, yells from a distance to customers rather than going over and helping them. I said to my friend about the staff (not in any way directly to the staff) “what a bag!”. The girl must have overheard me, because she started cursing up a storm - saying “I’m going to f*&%ing lose it, and I want to f*$%ing punch her in the head. I want to kick their ass”. I went over to the manager and said are you going to let your staff talk to customers that way?, and she did not respond. I heard the girl yelling saying that we were swearing at her, and making a scene. My friend tried to get the employees names so we could file a complaint but suddenly young security guards wearing plain t-shirts (they didn’t even look like they were staff)yelled “get out of our store, this is private property”. We said we just wanted to get the name of the employee to which they yelled “GET OUT”. We were SO appalled. We are both professional business women who earn 6 figure incomes and don’t expect to get into altercations ANYWHERE let alone at Superstore. My friend went to see the manager Rod Hill a few days later and told him how we were treated (threatened)and even told him to look at all the security tapes. He got back to her and said that 4 witnesses heard me saying profanities to the girl. He told my friend that I am BANNED from the store for life. I have never in my life had this sort of situation. My entire family shops at superstore, including parents and siblings - - since they first opened up. It was humiliating and awful. I’ve worked in retail, and always with the public, and never once in my life have I treated any one the way my friend and I were treated that day. My friend is taking this to the VP of RCSS, and will not rest until we feel that they have taken action to correct this. For all you that judged the lady that posted this, I say, you have no idea with this Rod Hill, or this store is like. Terrible, terrible, terrible.

  70. 0

    Lisa says...

    Alex says…
    April 29, 2010 at 9:52 pm

    People in retail should not expect to be sworn at or treated with contempt. Your doctor, librarian, school teacher, police officer etc wouldn’t take it. Why should people who work in stores?

    Right Alex, just as customers shopping in retail should not expect to be sworn at or treated with contempt. I am nice to every single person I meet, not matter who they are or what they do. But I draw the line when I am treated with open hostility. Don’t you think customers deserve respect too?

  71. 0

    Dee says...

    Life is too short to tolerate this type of customer service. I’ve had the privilege to work for incredible companies that embody customer service and valuing the long term relationship of a customer and the fact that consumers vote with their $$$.

    Rod Hill is no different than the teenage kid that he cornered, which is sad because an adult is suppose to behave in a manner that is conducive to a business environment. Furthermore, the lack of respect that he treats employees further emphasizes that the RCSS feels they have no other options where all their competitors seem to be able to find talent ranging from customer service people to Store Manager. Of which, Store Managers should have a higher degree of patience with the general public.

    I, for one, have had to deal with irate and irrational customers on numerous occasions. How you handle yourself is how you expect to be treated. Thus this so called “Gentleman” unfortunately will bring a corrosive organizational culture and thus bring about the closing of a RCSS location due to sales. Because most people won’t waste the energy to complain (less than 30%) they just tell 30 people.

    You allow customers to voice their issues, uninterrupted, to get their side of the issue, and you do whatever it takes to resolve the issue regardless. That is effective management, and positive work environment people can be proud of and be a member of that organization. Most issues can be resolved by simply listening to the issue compassionately and then you can disarm the anger if you show you value them, like you should because they are paying your salary and the rent.

    The fact that RCSS have current and former employees who have worked for this “pin head”, complaining openly and providing the contact information and the email addresses to escalate concerns only further emphasizes that the issue is not just Customer Service. But it is Organizational Culture and that will ultimately lead to poor Branding and the bottom line. So vote with your dollars and see how the “Rod” will get the “Shaft…”

    As a parent she had come back to the location to rectify or further clarify the issue without the son. That’s what responsible people do! The first reaction by the teenage son was just what teenagers do… It isn’t about his reaction because you can expect that from a child but to receive the same type of response from adult, that’s appalling, let alone a Store Manager. Now you have a corporate culture issue. A company is as good as the people behind the organization and that is reflective on how management conducts themselves under the eye of the General Public. Turnover in an organization is due primarily to how employees are treated and one only has to review his revolving door of employees.

    The cost of training new personnel is more than it does to retain talent… Same goes for maintaining a customer base vs. attracting a new customers. Those costs don’t affect the variable cost but the fixed costs because it does cost an organization more to train and develop thus the organization has to have higher sales to just meet break-even costs.

    So Good LUCK in keeping your doors open as this destructive culture will inevitably lead to happy go lucky Costco, Walmart, Safeway or Save-On customers.

  72. 0

    Real 1566 Employee says...

    I often hear Rod being smeared, but I have never seen Rod actually do anything wrong. To put it politely, I think some of my fellow employees are paranoid, but whatever.

  73. I work as a cashier—the son is at fault—- and the Mother is an en-abler. It blows me away the rudeness of people to service workers. When a customer is questioned about anything, and they know they are in the wrong, they become aggressive and abusive to a service worker. I can’t believe that this Mother even wanted this published. No one deserves to treated poorly—you get respect, when you are treated with respect, its as simple as that!!!!

  74. 0

    Brooke says...

    As if people are blaming your son. Seriously people, think before you type. Your son should have been respectful but as a representation of the store the manager is not allowed to speak that way. I agree that the son shouldn’t be rude or use offensive language but in this situation the son doesn’t own anybody anything whereas the manager does.

  75. 0

    Debby says...

    Hey, Biddie, I am so glad I found this posting of yours. It was actually quite easy to find. I simply typed in Clareview Superstore and walla up came your post. I do agree with some of the other postings regarding your sons’ foul mouth comment, BUT, we can’t always control what comes out of their mouths. I’m sure his comment did somewhat embarrass you and that you probably wish he wouldn’t have had the F word fall off his tongue. BUT,it did and thus the problem escalated. How the manager treated you obviously is a common practice for him, even staff at 1566 know and admit that he is rude and needs to be fired. Well the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because of how Rod (the manager)his night manager Mary is just like him. Rude, belligerent and won’t listen to anyone when they have something to say. She uses the get out of the store tactic and threatens to call the police and does this in a voice that can be heard down the entire cashiers line.
    I had a situation on June 11,2010 where 3 items were wrung in at a different price than posted. I brought the items to the cs desk and since it is Superstores policy to have accurate price scanning, if something comes up wrong the customer will get the item/s for free. Well since the items were all President Choice brands and all were veggies this particular day the night manager was not going to honor three free items only 1. I questioned her on this and she said that’s my final offer take it or leave it and walked away from me. I waited to chat with her again and try to get her to understand that I have 3 very different products and the policy should apply to all of them. She wouldn’t listen and threw the day managers number at me and said call him tomorrow and leave the store now or I will call the police. I cannot believe this and was quite taken back by what had just happened. So to not make my story any longer I am glad that I found your posting, it and the comments that followed it,tell me what I should do next to try and get the management at the CLAREVIEW SUPERSTORE SERIOUSLY LOOKED AT AND FIRED. Posting from staff will confirm this as well. I am with you and will be boycotting friends and family from shopping at Clareview Superstore until the existing management is replaced.

  76. 0

    Adam says...

    As far as ‘loss prevention’ goes, there are evidently different rules for different people at the Stupidstore. What’s especially appalling, in 21st Century Canada, are the existence of ‘ethnic protection’ and third world hygiene.

    At the (Calgary) Huntington store, the three Chinese produce employees slap ‘half-price’ stickers on fresh produce for people of their ethnicity. When Chinese greeters are on duty, they allow their co-ethnic ‘customers’ to literally walk out the door (adjacent to the produce department) with produce they never bought. When North African employees (or South Asian ones, at the Northeast store) are on duty, the same thing happens. I’m truly amazed that Loblaws management won’t deal with this.

    The floors are filthy, the relatively-new store reeks (especially the seafood and meat section–bleh!), put-backs NEVER happen, nor are their any signs of housekeeping (I actually saw the same, half-consumed Starbucks cup in the housewares section for WEEKS). The dairy refrigerator is barely cool. And the carts are a fright.

    I continue to shop at the Stupidstore, mostly because its prices are marginally cheaper on some items than Shaveway and Co-opted. However, the gap is closing. Like the other stores, RCSS’ union pension liability is probably being passed on to its customers…along with globally-inflated food prices. And your son was right to say that: stores shouldn’t treat paying customers like thieving scum–they should look at their employees.

  77. 0

    Cheryls says...

    AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA make a big rant about how bad it is and finish with “I continue to shop at the Stupidstore,” AHAHHAHAHA Guess it aint so bad afterall, whining customers would rather have a filthy reeking store as long as “prices are MARGINALLY cheaper” lololol too funny lmao

  78. 0

    Karen says...

    The son uttering the F bomb may very well not have been appropriate but I’m willing to believe the manager greatly evoked it out of him by his initial approach . And why is he asking the son for a receipt anyway and not the mother ? Further more ….. who says the mother hasn’t disciplined her son for his behavior anyway ? I had a horrible experience at a west Edmonton RCSS a couple years ago and have never returned since . My older sister & I waited at the bakery counter for 20 minutes for service . We would have just left but each time it looked like the woman was actually coming to serve us but instead she just flittered on by doing her own thing . At first my sister was waiting at the counter by herself while I continued shopping around the bread section . Finally when I joined her I was amazed she hadn’t been served yet . We watched as she walked back and fourth several times completely ignoring us . Then she stood back with her arms crossed away from the counter and was even looking at us . Still not coming forward we started tilting our heads at her and popping our eyes out at her . Furrowing our brows and shrugging our shoulders and shaking our head at her the whole time she just stood there looking at us . Finally she came forward and asked if we needed help and I responded ‘what do you think ? We’ve been standing at your counter for forever !’ She said it wasn’t her job to know if we needed help or not and it was our responsibility to holler out to her for assistance . LOL !! I promptly told her that we do not holler out for service but rather it WAS her job to monitor this counter and tend to it appropriately . I asked for her name since I intended to complain . As we were leaving and heading for check out other customers who observed what happened approached us advising us to complain as they were unaware that that was our intentions . BUT then we hit another snag at the checkout counter . We bought halloween items that said everything was 50 % off . The clerk charged us ticketed price even though we pre told her they were 50% off . She claimed that the ticketed price was the 50% price . I had a costume dress for a 4 year old (ticket price $40) telling me it was now $20 . She insisted the $40 was the 50% off . I told her there was no way on earth the dress was ever originally $80 . Two near by clerks got it on the conversation backing up our clerk . One even phoned somewhere and when she hung up she said yes in fact the ticketed price was the 50% mark down already . Off to customer service we go we go . The lady manager that tended to us was wonderful . She was appalled at the bakery lady and upset with the clerk and said she would definitely deal with it . Gave us our 50% off too . By this time we spent 20 minutes at the bakery , 20 minutes at the checkout and 20 minutes with the manager ! There was no way on gods green earth I was now going to wait in line to leave the store just so someone could check my receipt . That’s not just for this occasion but for all occasions . If a store wants to know what’s in my cart compared to what’s on my receipt then they should have someone standing at the end of each till checking these things out without further bothering the customer . These receipt checkers are full of baloney anyway , time after time I’ve seen them check off a receipt without even looking at the cart . With the exception of Costco I refuse to shop anywhere that checks receipts at the door . The sick line ups just to get through check out only to discover another sick line up just to get out the door is more than I can tolerate .

  79. 0

    Mark says...

    Actually, I’ve had shitty service at this store as well. Here’s a letter i’ve sent to their customer service URL:

    Recently my roommate and i purchased a patio set from the Clareview Superstore at 50 st and 137 ave. It looked nice in the store and so i bought one. However after taking it home and building it, i discovered MANY flaws, cheap quality of construction etc. Some examples of which were parts that didn’t line up the holes in order to put the screws in, legs shorter than others, parts missing, cheap metal screws, that the allen key would “strip” or gouge when screwing together. Well after cursing and swearing at these poor qualities, i finally had it built, and sat at the table and put a few items on it. The table sways. The legs are made of thin aluminum or metal, with no support and the design is not engineered for stability. After seeing this flimsy result after all that trouble of building it, i took it back to the store with my roommate who paid for it. We were told that it had to be in a box so they could “re sell it”. I told them it’s defective, you can’t re sell it, i don’t have the boxes any more and we please want our money back. But after getting turned down by the service counter clerk and the assistant manager ( i think his name was Scott). We left after telling them we won’t be back ever, not for an egg, milk, anything. They didn’t seem to care, and were happy to get rid of their problem customers. Needless to say, i meant what i said, and i tell everyone i meet what horrible customer service your stores have. I’m active on many forums, and i will share my story far and wide.



  80. 0

    george says...

    Um, why woudlnt you have the box anymore if you noticed the problem why you were putting it together? Of course you need the box for a return, wtf is wrong with you people? I bet it was fine, you used it for a long time, were rough with it or did something to it, then tried to get your money back. Good for the store for not giving in to your scam

  81. 0

    george says...

    “And why is he asking the son for a receipt anyway and not the mother ?’

    Did you even read the op? the son was taking the merchandise out of the store by himself. It probably was stolen.

  82. 0

    whatever says...

    I say KUDOS to the son!!!!! Nothin worse then to made to feel like a thief!!
    I got asked today to see my receipt, I was like wtf…I have sleves and I said “oh you only check the tattoo’d ppl?” Friggin racist ppl.

  83. 0

    rcss manager says...

    About returning products. If it is not a ss product. Don’t return it to the store if it can’t be re sold it is no use to the store that’s is the policy. What do you want them to do with it?? Take reposibility for you what you buy. What do you want them to do with week old fish or produce or open cosmetics and electronics. There is a reason why rcss have lower prices and they want to keep it that way. $50 of sh#t returned each day in 100 stores really adds up. Superstores are doing the canadain economy a favor by selling a lot of products at minimal profit so the costumers can buy more “want” items at other stores. Think of that next time your try to return half used eye liner when you over spent your pay cheque on useless sh*t. Thx

  84. 0

    the time has come says...

    This store manager is leaving this store at the end of this week.

  85. 0

    Cher says...

    Well, I also am appalled at the horrible customer service by this grocery chain. I was called a thief by the cashier and the store Manager. The week previous I spent $250 to get my”free” 25.00 gift card and when I tried to use it I was accused of being a thief. I was confused and produced a receipt to which I was told “this card came straight off the shelf!” No it did not I said! again I was called a thief and was humiliated and embarrassed. I went home and filed a complaint with the superstore customer service line. I was told the Manager would call me to apologize. He never called. When I checked my bill over again, I noticed that the cashier had CHARGED me for my free gift card 25.00 and then took it off right away and gave me the card which was no longer validated because she used it. So where was my free 25.00 gift card? Did she put it in her pocket? Who is the thief?! I sent a registered letter with copies of both my bills to prove what happened to Gaylen Weston CEO of Superstore and he did not reply. I have taken my 15,000 a year in money spent at this store to the competitor Safeway.I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and will continue non stop to tell my story until the cahier, the store Manager of St.Anne’s Superstore and Gaylen weston himself apologize for wrongly accusing me!!!

  86. 0

    nscouponchick says...

    Let’s get this straight- your son throws a temper tantrum, you come to his rescue, and get upset when your son is not allowed back in? This makes perfect sense, of course.

  87. 0

    The Hobbit says...

    I have no problem with staff checking my receipts. Theft is costing you and I more for our products.
    It would have been so easy to ask mom for the receipt, show the gentleman and then carry on. No embarrassment! And you would have received a ‘thank you’. So easy and it takes no time at all.

  88. 0

    Jackie says...

    I agree highly with the fact the Superstore has a bad reputation and there is no customer service. I know because I worked there for three years and even the staff are treated like crap if not like slaves!!

  89. 0

    Katherine says...

    If this guy is leaving at the end of the week, where’s he going, so I can be sure not to shop there.

  90. 0

    Edmonton Resident says...

    FYI for people not from Edmonton, the Clareview area is a very “interesting” neigborhood. They likely see a higher degree of theft and thus they are under much higher vigilance. However, that being said, my family lives in a higher end neighborhood (Hamptons) in Calgary, and I have never had a problem with people asking me for my receipt, especially because I have nothing to hide. It didn’t hurt that the people who asked at that particular superstore were usually quite polite and very nice.

    I think what the manager did was wrong but that being said, I do agree that the OP’s son needs a lesson on manners and respect, especially with regards to the usage of profanity in public.

    Lastly, for people who have never worked retail, please accord the amount of respect and cordiality to these people in the service industry, who are likely overworked, underpaid, and deal with an extraordinary amount crap everyday at work.

  91. 0

    JT Baker says...

    This evening the Assistant Manager at the Southport Real Canadian Superstore in Calgary was snide when I pointed out that there was a mistake in scanning of Jumbo Muffins 2 for $7.98. I’ve been a loyal customer for years … purcasing gasoline, pharmacy, etc. We collect points on the PC Debit Card. I decided I will not shop there again. There is a Wal-Mart Superstore in driving distance.

  92. 0

    paytheunion says...

    I work for Loblaw, and it’s common practice to ask suspicious customers for their receipt. Obviously, the store manager had a good reason to believe that your son took something. Be thankful, he wasn’t stopped by a LPO instead.

  93. 0

    nigga says...

    idda been all like wat da fuck nigga? gt up out ma face and bust a cap yall feel me?

  94. 0

    Kuulei says...

    I cant believe how ignorant some people can be. I dont understand for 1 second how you feel that you and your son is in the right!! First of all if your son is old enough to be using language like that, than he should be the one to go in and defend himself with managers…not MOMMY!! I think its better that you guys dont go back too, that way, the rest of us (pleased customers) wont have to run into such rude ass customers like your son. I would’ve told you guys not to come back either. Seriously, what kind of upbringing did you have as a child and take a step out of the box and see how your son is speaking and reacting to other people, do you really think you did such a great job of raising him??!!! I think NOT!!!

  95. 0

    Alvaro says...

    Costco requires everyone to show their bills before leaving the store, and I have never heard any complains about it and anyone yelling at them. I believe the same happens in Ontario.

  96. 0

    Mishka says...

    The managers are trained to deal with all kinds of customers. This manager should be fired. There is a proper way to deal with the public. They are trained to deal with all situations.

  97. 0

    J. Coates says...

    You were wrong to defend your son’s behavior. It reinforces his attitude that he can be rude to people and get away with it. There is nothing wrong with retail staff asking to see a receipt. If you are honest and have one it shouldn’t be a problem to produce it. I worked a lot of retail and I’ve run into a number of mothers who actively involve their children in shoplifting. I managed a liquor store in Alberta and caught a woman with a baby carriage shoplifting. The police found 21 bottles of hard liquor stashed all over this large carriage. The retail value was well over $1000. The police called in Social Services and they took the child into protective custody.

  98. 0

    trixy says...

    If a mother thinks that her son is “only” used the ‘F’ word, than their demeanor probably shows already. No wonder the manager spot checked. As far as the manager telling them not to return or words to that effect,the manager has an attitude and I would call him Miss-manager. I shop at Chilliwack,BC. and as far as I am concerned, it is the worsted store in the lower Mainland, for SERVICE, STOCK AND ATTITUDE. The store had gone under renovation in the last 2 months and no one, including the staff, knows where to find things. The prices have gone up and service has gone down. Prices are not visible on some items, staff is not found and waiting time at the cashier has prolonged the agony in shopping at the Real Canadian Super Store.

  99. Seems the Real Canadian Superstore employs people who cannot stand what this country stands for. Freedom, Freedom to make profit, Freedom not to be subjected to degrading treatment, Freedom not to be unlawfully detained, Freedom not to be singled out and discriminated against just because the person is from a small class of people who are unemployed, poor due to age, illness etc.

    Most importantly freedom not to be intimidated, harrassed, unlawfully detained and subjected to unlawful searches and seizures. Ever wonder why the store has a door man or women. Not one who is at the exit door but at the entrance door? From reading the posts many are too narrow minded to get over the big bad F word to be able to look beyond that and realize that the reason the child said that was because he suffered educational barriers like many from the poor and unemployed class often do.

    The child had he graduated law school and had a few years experience in the practice would have articulated himself differently. He likily would have asked what the reason that the people in front and behind him where not being harrassed, attacked, intimidated and humiliated not to menation made to feel like he was going to be arrested.

    They are employed to attack anybody fitting the appearance of failing to purchase something. They do not check identification, reciepts or bags of each and every person who exits the store just the ones that appear to not have an independent income.

    The Real Canadian Superstore ought to respect what this country stands for which is freedom - civil rights - the persumption of innocence and human rights.

    Those who value freedom understand that it is not free - it comes with a price. The price of freedom is everybody is free to do a crime because a crime must be done before a persons freedoms can be taken away. We all accept the inherent risk to be murdered, raped, robbed, harrased, unlawfully searched, discrimated against, tortured, but this is the cost of freedom - but without freedom there would be no stores for profit like superstore.

    What is happening at the real atlantic superstore is an outrage. It is an attack against all of our freedom. As President Ronald Reagon stated best, “Freedom is just one generation away from extinction.” Shame on some of you for condoning such violations against children an already impoverished, vulnerable and disinfrancised members of Canadian society.

  100. 0

    Marian2 says...

    I think that the mother, the son and the manager all need to go to anger management classes. It`s kind of scary that the son had that kind of attitude just because he was asked for a receipt. Our superstore used to ask EVERY customer exiting for a receipt. I don`t recall anyone throwing a hissy fit. This is why the world is full of whackos.

  101. 0

    karen says...

    I agree that Superstore has the worst customer service ever! I also would be very annoyed if someone asked to see my receipt, Walmart used to do that also. Very irritating, if someone asked to see my receipt I just say no! Alot of grocery store managers are very rude and not only to customers and to empoyees as well. I just gotta say I AM NOT A FAN OF SUPERSORE!! VERY RUDE WORKERS, TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE< POORLY TRAINED MANAGERS AND EMPLOYEES< they are not their to serve their customers tahts for sure!! They should not be proud to say they are a CANADIAN STORE!! Safeway bit higher priced, not too bad customer service and you dont have to bag your own items!!

  102. 0

    Manoj says...

    I have two more bad experience with canadian superstore customer service.

    I bought two electronics cables and at the time of purchasing i confirmed that If it is not suitable for my end product then i can return to any superstore in the same city and she told me you can return any store in the same city when i checked at my home and it was not suitable for my end product so i went to the nearest real canadian super store but they are not ready to accept this items and argued that the box was open and it is final sell product but no body informed me it was final sell & no stamp on the bill for final sell I told that person How I can check the product without the open the box. After half an hour discussion with store manger & employee then they are ready for exchange items with any thing can buy from the store but they don’t give me the money back.

    the second experience after the two weeks I bought the winter jacket with yellow sticker with half the price but not written as final sell or stamp on the bill it was final sell at the time of return customer service told me said it was final sell because it was yellow sticker i told them How the customer know yellow sticker is final sell , red sticker is what ? employee know yellow sticker is final sell but every store have a different sticker & different meaning of that colour after the long discussion they are agree with the exchange items with any purchase but not return the money.

    so I think walmart is far better than canadian super store customer service. also Employee on the canadian super store have no respect & they have know idea about how to talk with the customer ? I shared my experience with others they also have a same experience with them. Even Manager is also not reply properly and satisfactory.

  103. 0

    Ron Simmons says...

    That’s what you get when you shop at Superstore!

  104. 0

    Lois Gordon says...

    Treat their workers unfairly and seem to have some sort of agreement with the union to overlook these things….mind you any person of any mild intellect is aware that unions are there for money only… It is always too busy, there is not enough staff and they have NO training in customer service. The only reason they stay open is because it is convenient for a lot of poorer struggling families and they are used to being treated like dirt.

  105. 0

    rae says...

    I work at a superstore, in customer service, I can say a lot of other stores are pretty horrible, but not every store is bad. My store is more out of the way than a lot of others I suppose…But I enjoy working there and I try my hardest to treat customers with respect. I can understand that the manager at that store was probably upset about being sworn at but he could have handled it better. The whole thing could have been done better, but yeah. Considering the turn over rate, the guy probably doesn’t even work there anymore…and most of the management at my store are wonderful…please don’t class all people that work for loblaws as ‘bad customer service’ and whatnot because not every store is the same. The woman who wrote the origional post was probably quite upset at the time, and the entire situation sounds terrible. People shouldn’t be so judgemental as they were not involved, some of the things that have been said here are rather cruel and hurtful to all parties mentioned.

  106. 0

    Grace says...

    There is a difference between stores asking for a receipt from every customers before exiting the door than asking for a receipt from just a certain customer with the assumption that the items being carried out of the store is stolen. Of course, you don’t mind being approach by Costco, Walmart and any other stores who asks for receipts from customers because you know, they do it to each and everyone… Not just YOU… And it’s the way they approach the customers. Superstore’s demand for a receipt is not like the way other stores do, When Superstore talk to the suspected person, they already assume he/she stole from the store like He or She is already guilty of the crime. Who wouldn’t be pissed! Being chased outside the store for a receipt…with everyone looking at you as if you really did steal.

  107. 0

    ted says...

    I had a few times bad shopping experiences at RCSS scarborough. The prices of their merchandises on promotion are always scanned wrong. And I ended up waiting at the their customer service counter to ask for corrections. One time when my boyfriend and I questioned about their store policy for one free item for mistaken price. First, the CS lady at counter said that she was doing us a favor for correcting price for us and refused to give the item free b/c it’s just the one day promotion and excused the cashier b/c the cashier just started her shift. We then asked her how long the cashier started. she answered that it was 30 mins ago. so within the 30mins, if 50 customers shopped and all of them would be overcharged. on top of that, she started to swear at me and my boyfriend in front of all other customers and her coworkers. before she went into the office, she came back and yelled at us:” tell the manager that i swear at you.” my boyfriend and i was shocked and asked for the store manager. unfortunately, the first thing the store manager said to us is the CS lady must have a reason to behave like this. I questioned him back what did he think i did that she can swear at me like this. It really frustrated. We didn’t take the free item and returned the rest of the items to the store. I will definately tell everybody that i know not to shop at RCSS anymore.

  108. 0

    Chinzee says...

    You sound like a harcore bitch

  109. 0

    daisy says...

    you say that you have experience in retail. you should understand that when someone asks you for a receipt, and you attempt to keep walking and say WTF for, you’re asking for it. I would have told your son not to come back as well. you should teach your son that you need to give respect in order to get respect. end of.

  110. 0

    Kim says...

    I have worked for store number 1544 in Grande Prairie not once but twice now for many years and its the same garbage everywhere. I am currently looking for a new job again due to the fact that they do not know how to treat their customers or employees. When you are employed by them you are a number and god forbid you get sick like I currently am and have to fight with the company for an ROE. The manager of our store treats his staff like he is a drill sergent and he harasses his staff he has even gone to the point of swearing at people. Even with that said they still keep him while a lot of the staff quits. Forget the union because they don’t help either they are still bent on keeping the same garbage management. I am cashier there and we are trained to ignore all of our customers bad behaviours and put up with people swearing or cussing at you and just agree with them and not cause any more of a conflict. But that is what customer service is about and the superstores have none especially when they see the management not following suit.

  111. 0

    Tom says...

    I used to be a LPO for this company, not this particular store, but i’ll put it frankly. If your son wants to act like an asshole he deserves to be treated like one. You should teach your dear little punk son to treat people the way he wants to be treated.

    Unfortunately this is the society we live in today, and this generation of kids, you seem to know all too well that your son is not very ’subtle’ and develops a very ‘rude attitude’ all to quickly I bet you get alot of that at home dont you. Dont you think as a parent you should have taught him to treat others with respect regardless of the situation?

    I’ve dealt with lots of kids just like your son and you’d be suprised how many of them are stealing shit right under your nose. good job! to the Manager for not taking any shit from the kid, or you.

  112. 0

    magnetite says...

    I think it really depends which Superstore you go to. Where I shop, they are usually very nice. Some customers actually believe they can go around and talk shit and the employees are just supposed to take it. Well, those people who are mean obviously never worked in retail before, so they don’t know how to treat employees. Some people think employees are just robots and they are just there to take your abuse.

    Well I’ve got news for you. The customer isn’t always right. Your son should have been nicer to the guy working there. Some places even have a zero tolerance policy for abuse. So if some guy is screaming and yelling at me, then I would certainly stand up for myself. I’m not going to take his abuse lying down.

    I would have nicely handed the guy the receipt as proof. It’s not a big deal. Damn…

  113. 0

    Joe Blow says...

    Asking for a receipt is not a big deal. Happens all the time in retail. Ever been to a Best Buy? Show the receipt…No big deal.

    As a Store Manager though, the individual in question should have had enough experience to be able to come to a resolution with you on the “second” day. However…On the “first” day your son was 100% in the wrong. Teach him some manners…Teach him how to speak to others. Teach him to treat others as he would like to be treated.

    No one…And I’ll say it again…No one has the right to talk to someone the way you say your son talked to the manager. Just because you and your son were customers doesn’t give either of you the right to speak to an individual earning a living the way your son decided was okay.

    Your son was wrong!!!!! No if’s, and’s or but’s. If you allow him to act that way, you are wrong. Teach him manners. When you talk about individuals having the right to demean and degrade other human beings??? What was your son doing? Wow. Think about it. You said it. But it was acceptable for your son??

    All this being said…The Store Manager leaves a lot to be desired. Any manager in that position should be able to difuse a heated situation. Especially on a second trip. In my opinion your son was at fault (as I have said over and over to make my point). However from what you have described, you sounded like you were at least willing to have an intelligent discussion about the situation. Any manager worth his paycheck would be able to deal with a situation like this.

    Three things I have learned from this. The manager in question is not very good. Your son is an idiot. You are willing to allow your son (even encourage your son) to act like an idiot.

    Thanks for sharing.

  114. 0

    wow - just wow says...

    The first thing is record the talk on your phone and have a second person, the second is talk to your son about the way that he acts to people, the manager of the store is supposit to be trained to work with the public - they thing they can treat you like garbage and there will be 1000 other customer to replace you, there are lots of stores that go out of business over repeated issues like this, the manager could have listened to you and showed repect and had you return as a valued customer, the people that say kick you son in the butt - are wrong treat your son with respect and show him the right way to make him a person you will be prowd of.

  115. 0

    Earl says...

    Yep, jury is in idiotic punk kid, idiotic punk mom (wish some people should go through a test to see if they are capable of being a parent - god old Biddie would have failed, but now society is goimg to have pay for this punks stupity for a very long time.

  116. 0

    Yung Rebholz says...

    Good day! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this write-up to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

  117. 0

    cc says...

    i was just wonderin how old your son is? I always figured that sure if he is a child still then the responsibility is with the parent but after a certain age the child is accountable for his or her own actions. I’m turning 30 this month and ok, out of instinct i wouldn’t ever be unmannerly to an elder but if i ever were, it wouldn’t be my moms fault.

  118. 0

    Brit says...

    Every few months, some loss prevention person will follow me around as I shop gleefully. It does anger me a bit and I do take it as an insult to my appearance. Because I am 25, though I still always get I.D’d, so I guess I look about 18 or 19. I have never been asked for a receipt, but if I did, I would probably challenge them a bit, unless I am heading to work or something important. It is a little hard to take the fact that my age is often looked upon as a judgment and even an insult at times.

    It’s not bad parenting that your son feels the need to speak freely when he is being judged. That’s his own choice and I’m sure next the people in this feed will blame some other party, like the school system or his friends. I wouldn’t listen to it. Its his own fault. I’m sure their kids are or will be defiant at times and I hope someone says it’s “bad parenting”.

    Maybe it’s happened to him before. The RCCS store manager in this story seems to have quite a little man syndrome. He could have easily apologized for his reaction to the F bomb as well couldn’t he? And is it so bad that the son felt the need to stand up for himself? Indeed, speaking to elders like this is pretty crappy too. But the store manager pulled a power play. You know when a security guard thinks of himself as a cop or a cop thinks he can charge a passenger of a vehicle with a 100km speeding ticket because the driver pulled over to the side of the road too far and the gravel crumbled causing the car to be dangerously balanced and half off the road? Yeah, those are power trips.

    I ABSOLUTELY hate it when people are rude to waitresses, cashiers, Tim Hortons employees, call center agents, etc. I have left a couple dates because a guy was rude to people serving us. I reemed out a friend of mine who seemed to think owning his own company and enjoying all the toys life can offer was reason enough to be belligerently rude to a sweet Tim Hortons employee. The point is not in “parenting” and this story didn’t hold back from the truth of all events, so hand it to Biddie for being honest. His son was probably insulted and I’d probably ask the man if he had a reason for stopping me at the door at all, but more politely. They have cameras EVERYWHERE. I’ve seen the inside of the Loss Prevention office. If they don’t have any justifiable reason, why stop people? If a police officer doesn’t have any reason to pull you over, would you appreciate an hour of being frisked, searched and questioned? Probably not.

    It never happens when I am with my goddaughter, nieces or my nephew. It never happens when I’m alone, or with my mother, or father. But it always seems to happen when I am shopping with a girlfriend, a guy friend or my fiance. It’s weird, but I think loss prevention seems to think there’s something suspicious about people who shop in pairs who are between the ages of 18 to 38 (my oldest friend) and are in a good mood while shopping.

    A lot of posts commend the rudeness of the manager because they believe that if the son was rude, he should be too. But are any of you trying to put yourself in both of these people’s shoes? Give respect to get respect is said a lot. But was the manager being respectful in the 1st place by defamating the son’s character? Catherine was the 1st to point out the legality issues. Next time your browsing the internet, check this out: “defamation of character law”. Both need practice in manners. Next time, tell your son to say this.

    “Are you 100% that there is reason to question me or accuse me, especially since I haven’t even left the store? Because if you aren’t, I will call the police myself, stay here, let them search me and check my receipt and then sue you for defamation of character.”

    It’s more polite and maybe the manager should call his Loss Prevention team to see if there was absolutely any reason to check his receipt.

  119. 0

    Eric says...

    I don’t like being asked for the receipt neither, but I always just give it to them to avoid conflict. One thing I don’t understand though is what purpose does it served? I do grocery shopping once a week, and every time I came out with 3 baskets full of stuff, cost usually over 200. So my question is how by looking at the receipt for 5 seconds (usually less) and then a glance at the 3 full baskets can prevent theft? Am I missing something? or maybe they are looking for something else?

  120. 0

    Loss Prevention says...

    I used to work loss prevention for this said company Eric.
    When they stop you for a receipt check, its not that they think you did not pay. Although that possibility is always there as you would be shocked the amount of people who come in with their own bags.. fill them up cut through an empty till lane and try and walk out looking like they paid.. is for people who may have paid for few items, then walked back into the store and grabbed some more.

    This used to be a giant problem in this store with people heading back into the meat dept or something like that and grabbing themselves a nice steak and lobster dinner along with the 10 dollars of stuff they maybe did buy.

    Loss prevention officers arent out to accuse everyone of theft. People should take a little more patience with these people as they are there, and maybe you do get reciept checked when you werent shoplifting something, however 100 of people get arrested for shoplifting.. its one way at trying to keep product in the stores and prices lower for the customers. Just remember that when your at the till with your next purchase.

  121. 0

    Laura says...

    Try the Red Deer superstore but watch out i was there on friday May25th only to witness the managers tackling and breaking a customers arm police were called and as i witnessed all this no charged were laid but i am keeping in touch with the lad as a witness for his lawsuit againt superstore and a friend of the management there that identified himself as a police officer and flashed A badge turns out the police said he was not a police officer just a corrections officer and the lad did nothing wrong but i heard the lad tell the phoney cop that he was breaking his arm and the phoney cop replied I WANT TO BREAK IT which he did whereas the management were like a wolf pack all kicking and punching the lad and when the police arrived no-one knew WHY!!! Someone thought the lad had assaulted someone else the management couldn’t say who they were all just gunghoe to beat someone up. As i was leaving to go home 4 managers were standing by the door and yelling at me to go home, i guess because they got caught doing wrong one kept saying the Lad headbutted him and punched him but he had not a mark on him and no one could back his story up because he was lying he was a young manager that to me just wanted attention and maybe be a victim dont know but there were lots of conflicting stories by all employees and all wrong Tammy who actually started all this she is a superstore employee and when the lad tried to complain to a manager because she was very rude to him and even used the F-bomb to him i heard that too.

  122. 0

    Ryan Thomas says...

    This Rod Hill guy is in Winnipeg managing the Superstore on Bison drive now. People are working like robots. Does this guy even have any management experience??? Just because he played football does not mean he can manage a grocery store. This guy has the dumbest rules.

  123. 0

    GreenEyedHawk says...

    Just because you’re a customer does not give you (or your foul-mouthed son) carte blanche to be a jerk. if I were the manager, I’d have told you not to come back, too.

    Your son provoked rudeness from the manager. If he’d responded politely, he would’ve gotten the same back. I’d love to know what planet people come from where it’s okay to act like a rude, uncouth jerk, then expect respect and/or special treatment in return, and it actually WORKS.

    I’m amazed that you think that under NO circumstances should anyone DARE to speak to YOU or YOUR SON that way, but it’s perfectly all right for you or your son to be rude to the Superstore manager. If I dared speak to anyone the way your son did in your complaint, my mother would have made me apologise for MY rudeness, then dragged me home and washed my mouth out with soap for being so disrespectful and potty-mouthed. Heck, I’m 30 years old now and if I pulled a stunt like your son did, mouthing off to someone like that, she’d STILL probably drag me home and wash my mouth out with soap.

  124. 0

    Liz says...

    Think about it like this; working with customers, you frequently have to deal with unreasonable people. Most of them are adults, and as much as you dislike it you have to try to put on your “polite face”. Now, as a manager, many of these situations get fielded to YOU. It wears on you. You become more and more bitter, you get sick of being a doormat. Always have to keep the customer happy and coming back, right? So you just take it. You smile. You try to be accommodating. Then you have a rude child come along and say “What the F— for?” or something of that nature. Kid’s mother comes to Kid’s rescue, and is unwilling to hear you out, unwilling to accept that Kid was in the wrong…or accepting it, but not actually caring! Breaking point is reached, and no more Mr. Nice Guy.

    Did it ever occur to you that this might have been what happened? Either way, the manager was well within his rights to say “If you don’t like it, don’t come back”. You should have apologized on your son’s behalf, and disciplined him for his potty mouth!

  125. 0

    Ha ha, you lose says...

    Stupid people (you) shouldn’t breed.

  126. 0

    Leo says...

    I work in retail and I am sick and tired of people who have “worked” in our industry and write crap like this lady. Her son was asked for a receipt he got aggressive and did not get a lot of respect back…duh! Lady take your head out of whatever its stuck in and get a life. The store has a right to request customers to show proof of purchase.
    If you were looking for some $$$ out of this, you must be kidding…I hope I don’t get you as a customer.

  127. 0

    Rick says...

    So I’m picturing the mother and son were walking out the store and the son was just lagging behind her pushing the grocery cart and the manager thought he was stealing what he was pushing or carrying? And most superstores I’ve been in if your standing watch at the exit door you would clearly see the person going through the checkout and paying for their items, otherwise the kid would have had to come from where the checkouts aren’t to be suspected of stealing. To me the manager should have been able to identify that the lady was shopping with her son and should have asked her for the receipt. Not wait until she left the door and then corner the kid. I think they should bring back the smiley face stickers so they know you’ve paid for large items.hehe I don’t mind showing my receipt, but if the item i bought is too big for a bag I usually don’t have a free hand to wave the receipt Someday I’ll make it out with that jumbo pack of toilet paper without being noticed!1 hehe

  128. 0

    Valerie Keefe says...

    The law’s pretty clear on this. You can tell the manager to pound salt when they ask for your receipt and if they touch you, and you haven’t been witnessed taking anything, and haven’t actually taken something, then it’s false arrest. All the people saying this young man should learn some respect should learn some respect for the law. This manager has no probable cause, and I itch for the day I run into this yo-yo and he puts a hand on my arm. Easiest five figures I will ever make.

  129. 0

    Ashley says...

    Wow are you kidding me? No matter how you try to sugar coat that, your son was totally in the wrong. I mean how would you act if someone said what the f*** do you want when you are only trying to be polite? Do you think just cause he’s in retail he has to take everyone’s crap and just accept it? Heck no. Treat people with the same respect you would like. Your son should have got that big long talk and that manager deserved an apology from your son. End of story. The fact that you would actually try to complain about that and write a huge long comment about who said what like your in high school, proves that’s your manners aren’t much better.

  130. 0

    Paulette says...

    Biddie - you have every right not to shop where you feel you have been disrespected. Your son was wrong. Regardless of the request the manager made, abusive and profane language is inappropriate. I, too, have worked in retail and have no problem showing a receipt when asked as I am fully aware of the cost(s) of shop-lifting.

    To all the complainers : all your shopping problems would be solved if you could just see your way to producing all your daily needs yourself. That way, you could be certain that your hard-earned (or otherwise procured) dollars don’t go to money-hungry entities who only care about profit.

    Service people provide a service. In all likelihood, on an individual basis, they provide that service in the same vein as you request it. Rude begets rude and respect begets respect. I must say that in all my years of dealing with people, both as a customer and as a retail employee, I can count on the fingers of one hand (with fingers left over) the number of times I have been the target of rude behaviour.

    If you have an issue with the way you perceive you have been treated … look in the mirror first.

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