Return of Moldy Chess to Delta Superstore

by Lydia

I went to your Delta Superstore with a good intention.  I went to customer service with a bar of mozarella cheese that is moldy that I have purchased Jun 29/09 with a expiry date of nov 17/09.
I did not have my receipt with me.  I was hoping just to get the cheese replaced and tought not having  a receipt will matter and make you aware of the bad product I have bought for $3.00.

the response I got from cust. service is-  I have to take it back to the store where I  bought the cheese which is about 10-15 mins. drive. because they may have a problem with refrigeration and that they have no poroblem at their store, or that I may have left it in the car and cause the cheese to go bad.this is a $3.00 value of purchase.(I bought the cheese at your king george store), since we were at the delta store to look at the bbq we tought returning it will not make a diff. where you buy or purchase the item. then I asked for the manager cause the cust. serv. clerk did not look at my problem nor did not try to understand what I was trying to explain.  I asked for the manager and the manager’s response was - they don’t take back dairy products and more so not having a receipt that I have to take it back to the store where I have bought from.

My frustration is - I was not trying to return and get money back, I wanted the store to be aware that this is a 3 week old product that I have purchase, expiring in nov/09 and has turned really moldy with a cost of $3.00. and all I wanted was a replacement.  Driving to the originating store will cost more than replacing.

I felt no emphaty and no understanding from the clerk and the manager with what I was trying to convey.  Could have been just a simple make the customer happy for a $3.00 value of cheese.  !!!

In my frustration and rather than going into an argument and creating a scene.  I resulted in throwing away my cheese in the garbage.

I have been a long time customer of superstore. I have returned items with and with no receipts with values of more than $3.00.

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    layniejoy says...

    This is a tough one for me. Being part of a franchise (granted I have NO idea what Superstore is like) generally means that there are independant owners who ultimately are responsible for the profitability of their own store. Unforunately, you were never a customer of Delta Superstore and therefore for them to give you the cheese would literally be them giving the other store $3.00. While the right thing to do, would be to replace the cheese, you can see how allowing this to happen could really hinder an owner’s bottom line. Remember, while there are people like yourself who are honestly returning a bad product to the chain they purchased it from, there are also bound to be people who take advantage of someones trust and owners have to be cautious because of that.

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    Angela says...

    Superstore is bad for this sort of thing. A few months ago I was looking at cheese and there were moldy ones ON THE SHELF!!!! I went to customer service and they did not seem very bothered by it at all. Pathetic. Routinely there are dead fish floating upside down in their seafood section. This store is disgusting. And I’m not talking about one location - these incidents happened at the North Van store, the Coquitlam store (by IKEA) and one in Richmond.

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    Heather says...

    I returned a package of Armstrong cheee I discovered was mouldy. I had just bought it at another Save on Foods than the one I normally shop at. I took it back to my regular store , along wioth the receipt from the Langley store and she grimaced at the sight of the mould and asked if I would like to get another package. No problem.

    Shoppers Drug in our area claims they will not give a return on a food item. I feel if this is their policy they should put it on their receipt.

    Walmart in our area also claims they will not permit the return of food items stating they cannot resell them.

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    Mommy says...

    Superstore in Toronto is the same. I have gone to the one located at Weston and the 401 and have found yogurt and milk passed the expiry date still stocked on the shelf. That has put me off from the Superstores. Some of the prices are more expensive than other stores but yet they have expired goods on their shelves. That makes me wonder how long some of the canned goods or even the packages pastas have been sitting there.

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    Amanda says...

    I can totally sympathize with your story about CHEESE!!! I had bought a bag of the pre-grated cheese at Thrifty foods a couple months ago now and my gosh it was completely and absolutely disgusting, the back par of the bag was wet and the cheese was so moldy that it died my figures that yucky blue :( I was so upset took it back to the store, she’s like oh it happenends all the time, where not to shop!!! And I emailed the company and I’ve never heard boo back and that makes me more mad then anything. I don’t need new cheese but just they were are ware of what’s going on…

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    Shawn says...

    In response to your post, did you know that cheese is a mold? A coagulation of bacterial fungi, so your cheese was perfectly fine with that mold on it, just cut off the parts that had said mold on it and it would have been fine.

    Secondly, how can they know whether you bought the cheese that day or 3 weeks ago and forgot to put it in the fridge? It would be bad business for anyone to just accept something on a word, cause then people would be taking broken Xbox’s etc to the store, saying they bought it there and it doesn’t work, and expecting a new one, I know the price difference between an Xbox and cheese is a long stretch but just imagine if they let everyone who didn’t have a receipt return something, they wouldn’t be the multi-billion dollar conglomerate that they are today.

    So what you can take away from this experience-
    1) Check your food product(s) before you purchase them
    2) Always retain your copy of the receipt
    3) Cheese is already mold, so a little more wont hurt you, just cut off the “bad” pieces.

    Sincerely, Shawn

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    Diddy says...

    “I went to customer service with a bar of mozarella cheese that is moldy that I have purchased Jun 29/09 with a expiry date of nov 17/09″.

    I agree they should have returned your money but did you not check the expiry upon purchase? cheese usually doesn’t last for 4 months it is obviously mislabeled.

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