Walt Disney World Store Returns

by Laura

Many of us have fond memories of skipping through Magical Kingdom as a youngster.  Riding Dumbo, meeting Mickey Mouse and singing ‘ Its a Small World’.  Back in January, I was lucky enough to share the experience with my son for the first time.  Unfortunately just before we were about to leave the theme park he lost his beloved new Mickey Mouse car.  We fought through the crowd to get to one of the stores on Main St..  At the last moment I decided to buy a lovely pewter Mickey Mouse key chain.  It was very unique in that the head swivelled around and the legs and arms moved too.  Sadly, a couple months later I looked at my key chain and noticed that the head had separated from the body.  Lucky me, I now had Mickey Mouse’s pewter head hanging from my keys like a deranged cartoon bounty hunter.  A few weeks later the pewter coating started coming off revealing a copper metal underneath.

Disheartened, I spent hours on Disney’s website trying to find an email to contact customer service.  I found one for Disney Store and thought they could maybe help.  I explained the situation and was told ‘DisneyStore.com only accepts returns of merchandise purchased through DisneyStore.com.  Should you wish to return an item that was not purchased at DisneyStore.com, please contact the Disney store where the item was purchased for further assistance.’.  I was frustrated as Walt Disney World is not only a two hour plane ride but also $75 American to get into the theme park.  So I persisted and reexplained the situation and was given a long distance number to call.  My husband called and was flatly told ‘we have a 90 day return policy’.

The lesson I’ve learned: If you are set on going to Disney, don’t buy their souvenirs.  If you forget and buy one of their souvenirs, make sure the item goes through a rigorous test before or shortly after being purchased.  Don’t bother trying to email them, call them at 1-407-363-6200, option 4, for returns and be prepared for a snotty costumer service agent.  Do this all before 90 days or else you are SOL.

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    FunkyMunky says...

    Not to be rude or anything but - it’s just a souvenir? they’re not supposed to last long, and key chains usually don’t. No idea why you had to go through such hassle just to be told the obvious. The item was obviously in use before it started showing signs of wear’n'tear…

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    layniejoy says...

    Those types of keychains always break. I had one with a bands logo and within three months it was gone. Crappy luck, but probably too much effort to be worth the hassle of getting your money back.

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    abirdd says...

    First, as others have mentioned - it was a key chain souvenir. Second, was the key chain actually marketed as pewter? Disney is VERY careful with it’s wording; items that are sold with silver, gold, diamonds (yes, they sell $1K+ couture items). If it was not marked as pewter, then of course it was a “Made in China for Disney” item.
    Granted, everything at WDW is costly, so I can see why you are frustrated. If you really want to address the matter, I strongly suggest you write a well worded letter (read: polite but firm) to WDW Guest Relations. Be sure to include an address and your home phone number. Include a picture of the item in question. Here’s the address:
    Walt Disney World Guest Communications
    P.O. Box 10400
    Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

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    Laura says...

    First of all, my intention was to provide some info. for others who might find themselves in the same predicament instead of emailing and calling around and wasting time.
    Second, I want to do an update.

    A few weeks ago our family returned to Walt Disney World and they kindly returned the key chain, no problem.

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    Gajendra says...

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    rob says...


    Thanks for the update. I have visited WDW at least 15 times. I can tell you after purchasing hundreds of dollars of items such as this, or cups, watches etc none of this will last. I tend to purchase a new mug everytime I’m there. They are always washed by hand, never abused but eventually the handle will start to come loose.

    It sounds like I had the same keychain. Same problem. We actually purchased one of the big snow globes. That leaked. Kids lamps? Pieces randomly fall off. The problem is, these are high markup, cheaply Made-in-China trinkets. Its sad to say but this stuff is about as long lasting as a Dole Whip in Magic Kingdom in August. But hey, if I’m going to throw money away it might as well be at the mouse (00)

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