Canadian Tire - Bad Experience & Complaint

Canadian Tire

by Surfkate

Hello.  today,  i went into my neighbourhood canadian tire store - they would not honour their price as in the flyer and as posted on their shelves. The manager directed me to the “fine print” on the flyer and I have sincerely feel ripped off - So, be aware, check the fine print at Canadian Tire - i chose the only item on the shelf that was Dr. Sholls, there were about 6 of those shelf price tags, “sale tags”, saying Dr. Sholls foot spa 19.99  - when i objected to the 69.99 price i was charged at the check out and subsequently asked to see the manager, he approached me and said nothing, only looking at me, then saying “okay, okay, i’ll go look” - he then sent someone else out with a Sunbeam replacement, and the employee told me that there was a mistake: the price tags and flyer should have read : Lancaster and Sunbeam foot spa - not dr. Sholls foot spa - when I asked to speak to the manager (again) i was told I would have to wait, waited 10 more minutes and the manager approached and said “what now”, literally.  He was defensive and advised me to contact customer service, which I did, see below and I will keep you updated as/if this develops.  Won’t be going there again.

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    Sharon says...

    Our family never shopped at Canadian Tire growing up for that exact reason. They are often out of the item in their flyer too. Frustrating!

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    layniejoy says...

    That’s horrible! The manager handled that so horribly!

    I wonder, because the price on the sign says orginally $49.99 and the item you were going to purchase was $69.99, but they were the Dr. Scholl’s, would you still be able to SCOP?

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    Joanne says...

    I would check with the Better Business Bureau on that one. The “fine print” does absolutely protect Canadian Tire from printing errors. That is a fact. However, last time I checked, Canadian Tire would have been legally bound to honour the above coupon if it was affixed to the shelf in front of the item. When they remove it and print a retraction affixing it on the front door, they are no longer required to honour the lower price, but in your case, SIX of those coupons were affixed to the shelf. Mind you, the law may have changed since then. Check with your local BBB.

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    Lee says...

    It appears she picked up an incorrect item. The sale sign said originally 49.99 and she had a 69.99 item. There must have been another product (maybe out of stock) on sale. That does not excuse the manager’s attitude towards his customer.

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    layniejoy says...

    If you believe they were never in possession of a $49.99 foot spa, you can also contact and report them for bait and switch. They will be investigated and could face a fine for the “misprint”

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    JSAM_S MOM says...

    Customers are also culprits of putting stuff back on shelves any old place at all, and if staff don’t notice, often the wrong product can end up in front of a sale sticker. Always be sure that the code on the sale sticker matches the UPC code on the box to avoid frustration.

    That being said, the manager needs some lesons in customer service. Each Canadian Tire store is individually owned, and I have noticed price differences on non-sale and manager’s special products in different stores within the same city. (Our BBQ was $42 cheaper at one CT store than another one 20 minutes away.) If you have written to CT head office, I would also be sure to write to the store owner as well. Good luck!

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    Melissa says...

    That’s crazy… I’d write to the head office about it. No one should be treated like that.

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    Mommy says...

    I always wonder how some people get these “management” type jobs. Are they trained? Do they know they have to work with the public? Do any of these managers ever receive training in conflict resolution. Canadian Tire really does not have a policy in place when they hire a “Manager”. As long as there is a body there to take the “heat” then the corporate bosses are satisfied.

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    Zay says...

    I bought the same foot spa one for me and one for my mother-in law. I saw the Sunbeam ones and the Dr. Scholl’s as well, though they were hidden. I priced checked at the scanners and it came up as $19.99. I bought two and had no issues so I am surprised that you had a problem. I went to the Newmarket, ON store.

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    Thom says...

    CANADIAN TIRE the products and items are too overpriced. Our family never shops there, cheaper else where.

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    Kim says...

    You obviously picked up the wrong item as the price was $69.99 and not $ 49.99. The sale tag shows the product number, you always have to check that. Your mistake, but the Manager should not of treated you like that.

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    pam says...

    I very rarely shop at Canadian Tire…for this exact reason. Many errors in pricing, do call customer service, I have in the past. They refer it back to the store though which gets you nowhere. You will have to call CS again before you get results.

    Very poor customer service.

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    jlee says...

    I’ve had so many problems with Canadian Tire, I am embarrassed that they are allowed to even associate with Canada. Their return policy is draconian (since when do you have to show a drivers license to return something you paid cash for, and for which you have a receipt). Their feel good television ads have nothing in common with the actual horrific customer service that most people endure at Canadian tire.
    We never never never shop there anymore!

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    Amy says...

    Totally true! we bought a strawberry plant there, they didn’t give us the sale price even though it was clearly posted! I had to first go back the checkout, go back out to the garden centre checkout, then go to the return desk, show my ID, sign a form giving my name and phone number, JUST TO GET THE PROPER PRICE.. At no point was there any apologies, they treated me as though I was the problem because I refused to pay an extra TEN BUCKS!! on a clearly posted sale item. Unacceptable!!!

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    Jay says...

    Wow, thats disgusting. Their management is terrible there as I too recently had a run in with them. I don’t shop there anymore. The BIGGER box stores like Home Depot at least in my case welome customers and business, not push them away.

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    Gurpreet says...

    canadian tire had sale start sat. couple weeks ago for napolien bbq called red napolien. I left store Albian/Finch when it close on thursday, they have in stock. Next morning i went before when store just open they have nothing in stock.I asked them about display they have in store one day before, they don’t want to sell that because it is display but on the sale day before even store open it was sold . They check their computer and told me they have other stores they have in stock so I went to albian and finch, they said our inventory is wrong go to allen expressway/400 I went their they said sorry our inven is also wrong. is wrong also. So i went home.I was thinking i should buy another one when it’s on sale but before the sale come most of display they are missing one part and they can’t sell like that. But If you go on the sale day and ask them where is that they say ” Sorry Sir is already sold”.I went to hwy 7 and weston they have one TR485 RB on display, I asked when Chi, Kid if they are going to sell it and he said sorry we don’t sell display models. Even to ask the items on sale they answer and treat you like you want it free and how they can advertise if there is only five units in all GTA. Any body have answer ?

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    Peter says...

    I Canadian Tire made a new supercycle bike look cheap on the flyer, and then i went really early in the morning those cheep stupid idots said that its all sold out! What pricks

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    Marianne says...

    I lived near a Canadian Tire and I used to go there on the sale days. Usually, they were out, and then I started comparing prices. Their prices are much higher than other stores, so when there is a sale, it is never the percentage you think it really is. You need to be a very savvy shopper to figure all that stuff out.
    By the way, bring a camera and take pictures of the shelf prices to have proof when you argue. That usually works.
    As you can tell, I am no fan of Canadian Tire and I usually stay out of it for all the reasons people invoked in the previous e-mails!

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    Amanda says...

    It’s crazy but they throw out every store model. I’m a short woman so I don’t partake but this old man I know gets crazy stuff from their dumpster. They keep threatening to sue him though so if you dumpster dive wear a hoodie and cover your license plate. I know I am a total criminal. Ha

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    steph says...

    wow you are all tking the side of the customer when you wern’t there! how can you take a side without being there and knowing all the facts? How do we know thats this person who is to dumb to notice that the tag obviously was meant for a different product acoording to the regular price that is clearly stated isn’t lieing and is just mad because of their stupidity? Also not all Canadian Tires are bad i have been to many different stores and the service is great and helpful, then again i’m a nice person with a great attitude which might be why i get the great help. (unlike most of you mean people that give off a bad vibe) you all need to get a grip and remember that it is not your right to shop at a store it is your privledge and you can be kicked out or banned if need be. Calm down.

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    Dave says...

    Canadian Tire??



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    Doug says...

    There is something very wrong when the prices at Canadian Tire continue to rise and across the boarder they fall.

    Here Canadian tire charges 14.99 and rising for the same 1 gallon can of Coleman fuel you ca nbuy in the USA for 7 to 9 dollars. Same for Kerosene.

    Takes the fun out of camping

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    Hazel says...

    I agree with Steph

    Policy states that corrections must be posted. Wal-Mart and other retailers makes mistakes all the time. Whether it is with a product number, description or picture. The policy says that a correction notice must be published, I have noticed them at many Canadian Tire locations right on their flyer stands.

    Canadian Tire offers a shopping experience that I never take for granted. The staff does their best, they may not be plumbers or electricians, but they still try. Service at Canadian Tire stores I have not experienced elsewhere.

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    Andy L. says...

    Bought a refrigrator late December 2009 and have been having Humdity problems ever since. Call for service and get a waiting times of 8 in the morning to 8 at night. They say no way to narrow it down. This has happened a couple of times. At what age is Sears working ? With todays techno, that is the best they can do ? Just amazing. My frig is still not working and we are getting the run-a-round. I guess we will need to take this public. Never again will we buy similar type products from SEARS. Maybe elsewhere is worst, don’t know but SEARS has lost our trust. We bought from SEARS thinking to get some kind of service but we were miss-inform. I guess we thought SEARS was what it use to be. Bye Bye SEARS. SEARS IS NOT THE SEARS !!!!!!!!!! WILL THINK VERY HARD BEFORE BUYING FROM SEARS. I WILL GO OUT OF MY WAY NOT TO BUY FROM THEM.

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    Derya says...

    had terrible experience with Canadian Tire client service associate and consequently with so called Store Manager.

    I bought a bathroom cabinet from Canadian Tire store. Once we opened the box we noticed that some bolts were missing for the door of the cabinet. So my husband fixed the cabinet and left the doors opened as he thought that we can get the bolts from any Canadian Tire stores without any problem. However my goodness once I explained to problem I have been accused that I actually lost the bolts. Bolts were in the box. I asked to talk to manager he said bring the product back and we will give you refund… I told him that I need the product I just need the bold he said: Mam I am giving you a favor as Canadian Store, you did not even bought this product from our store!!! I had my receipt. I thought it was not the problem to buy from this store or another store of Canadian Tire.. I told store manager I will complain about you guys.. He simply said go ahead,, and client associate sarcastically said ..Ahhh I am so scared of you now.. Can you believe that???
    Canadian Tire I will share my bad experience with anyone everyone I know.. Eventually there are other competitors that I can go.. But you need me for your business.. Go ahead do not scare of me…

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    Diddy says...

    people don’t call them “Crappy Tire” for nothin. I have been noticing a trend lately in retail the “store managers” are dicks for some reason companies seem to hire a lot of assholes to manage they’re stores these days

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    Andie says...

    I work in retail so I’m aware of how things work.I’m not impressed with C.T. As a matter of fact yesturday I had to return a breadmaker that was malfunctoning. And I did have my receipt.The young lady at the customer service said that a new policy had just been put in place that for any returns no money refunds would be given that you had to either exchange it for another breadmaker which I had already decided not to buy another or spend the equivalent of the purchase price. I was not impressed.I said “then why can”t you put it on my gift card”. Can’t do that! She said we might spend it at another C.T.! Not likly since we’re 2 hrs away from the next C.T. which isn’t the point anyway. She also said that if I could not find something today that I would have to take the breadmaker back home till I decided what my purchase would be the next time I came in! What a crock! I spent alot of time trying to find something to replace this purchase.What a waste of time.I’m so ticked about this.This isn’t what I would call good customer relations.

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    kerry says...

    I like some of they’re specials,and I’ve come away with many good deals,but you have to there the first day or you’ll miss out.Zellers is the same with the shortages..They do have a strict return policy,and I didn’t like having to show my ID,when I returned a few items.

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    jayshanny says...

    Wow! I must be lucky. We have the most awesome Canadian Tire here in Weyburn, SK. No fuss returns and they honour all sale stickers prices up on the shelves even if they were left up from the week before. But like you said, they are indepentantly managed so I think we have had the best managers here! I have even missed the sale and they have given me the item when I asked for the previous sale price. How great is that!

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    Ann says...

    I’ve always enjoyed Canadian Tire but today I learned that it’s not always a great place to shop. I was given a gift of a drill, that should have come with bits and when I opened it up, it had no bits, none of my bits would fit. I took it back to my Canadian Tire store and the store manager was VERY unfriendly and could care less. Go get the gift giver to go back to their store and see if they can trace down the purchase and see if they can do anything for you. Not a smile, not a care. I WILL NOT be shopping at Canadian Tire again in a hurry!

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    Mary Walsh says...

    We have never had a problem with our Canadian tire in St. Catharines. We had bought an electric fireplace and they replaced it after it had a problem, after the year warranty was out without a problem. I also have used rainchecks months after getting them- the last one was for a seasonal outdoor firepit. I find their prices comparable to other stores.

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    LK says...

    At any CTC store, if the product numbers don’t match, then you do NOT get it for the sale price that is listed. (Eg. If the product you have is product number 89-2873 and the product on the sale tag is 89-3847, you will not get it for sale price for inventory reasons, and because CTC likes ripping off customers)

    Retarded policy I know, and as a Customer Service employee at a CTC, I get a lot of angry customers, which I don’t blame for being angry, because of this policy.

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    Lisa says...

    The manager did not handle it properly, he was rude and did not try to explain himself at all. Now I work at a Canadian Tire and know that if the filling crew filled the home with the wrong item you shouldve gotten the sale price but if it was the only item on the shelf its possible it was moved by another customer. Now in the case of a misprint they try to put up notfications when caught before hand but if you were the one noticing it and there were no notifications you shouldve gotten the price. Plus there is also the scanning code of practice were you shouldve gotten another 10.00 off. So I am not sure what to say. They obviously did not handle the situation properly b/c the way you explain it you should have gotten the sale.

  34. Most of my Comments -You Are not a people company anymore .Service Your Customers Well :they will Buy Things They Never Need > Service Them Wrong Say Hello K-Mart - Walmart- Home Depot
    Honesty And Quality Will Win ,But UU gotta Get It To The Quality Level Or YOU’LL Be levelled .So SAd Money Rules Quality Survives In a Money World

  35. I’ve Bought A Toy Tractor At Ctc -Piece Of China Garbage $75.00
    A Bike Supposedly The Supreme Answer To Poplution -So Far still Apiece Of $1000 Garbage . Defend Or Surrender.

  36. I Can REply HERE allnight Numerous infractions of recognition of so called assc Stores Privately Managed . Sign Out Front Still READS “CANADIAN TIRE ”
    You Better Get That Antigonish “CANADIAN TIRE ” TO make That Bike Run Nobody Gives A fcuk About Schrmm But “CANADIAN TIRE” Sold That bike

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    francine says...

    Lay off the smoking, Joe. Pot impairs brain function. Clearly.

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    ang says...

    My dad was shopping at Canadian Tire. He was looking for a anti rust product. He picked one up and spritzed it on the shelf it was on just to see the product. It sprayed a white color and he wiped it off with his had. Two Canadain tire security (manager) came and told him he vandalized property and escorted him like a criminal in their office. They said they caught him on tape. He said show me what I did, show me the tape. They said they are not obligated to show them anything and to call his lawyer.
    They took his drivers license and sendt him a letter from a lawyer with $165 dollar fine and 5 days to pay it.

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    Anna Sallese says...

    I purchased a bike for my son for $209.00 - I should have taken a better look at it but my son wanted that bike. When I got to the cashier the first
    thing she said was there was no refund on pre-assembled bikes warranty only
    covers seats and tires. I did not make a fuss then because I have shopped at
    Canadian Tire for a long time and never had a problem. When we got the bike
    home - my son rode the bike home - the tires needed air - the seat would not
    stop fallin backwards -the fender is so close to the back tire it makes the
    tire rub against it and it makes alot of noise. I went back to the store
    they said I may have punctured the tires just riding it one time. The warranty only covers the seat. Now I have a piece of junk that my son can’t ride and my husband can’t fix it. When I went back I had ordered paint for my house but needless to say I left that there also. I will not
    make anymore purchases at Canadian Tire.

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    Anna Sallese says...

    I have no changes to make/.

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    120mm fan : says...

    i would still prefer to use the traditional log based fireplaces compared to electric firepalces,;*

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    Robert says...

    They tried to rip me off for a new water pump 800 dollars went somewhere else, belt needed cleaned, cost me 20 dollars. Canadian Tire is a big rip off.

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    Hand Winch · says...

    we have electrical fireplaces at home and we prefer it over conventional fireplaces .*-

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    Nancy says...

    Twice in the past month I have taken a product up to cash that had a tag on the shelf stating one price and rang up at 10 and 13 dollars more then the tag was reading. In both cases, there were several as in 10 or more of the product on the shelf neatly placed with the tag. They would not honour the tag. I did not purchace either item as a result. In the case of the first incident, the cashier snaped her back and forth while saying “aint going to happen” I asked to speak to a manager and she pointed to her tag and said I am the manager. I asked to speak to a higher up manager. She brought out a man and we went down to the isle and I showed him and he basically told me that I may have changed the tags. I assured him that I did not do this and that I should be able to get the product for the shelf label price. Needless to say, after a few minutes of discussion I handed him the product back and the other items that I was going to purchase that day and said sorry but I was not going to buy any of the items then and walked out. In todays case there was a large clip strip of felt protection pads for under chair legs etc. The tag at the top of the strip read 6.49 and it said the item name and brand. They all matched. Got up to the checkout and they rang up $19.99, I took the cashier back and showed her the clip strip and she asked me if I could reach the tag. I reached up and tried and couldnt so she jumped up and got ahold of it and took it up front with her and asked at customer service and the said no it was for the smaller package. Well after a little discussion, we didn’t get that product either. Today we did buy the rest of the items in our cart but only because they were sales. This is twice burnt now and not very happy. Oh by the way this is the New Minas NS location.

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    Josh says...

    I brought both sunbeam and dr. scholl to the cashier. the cashier actually insisted the dr. scholl is the one for $20 and the sunbeam is $50

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    bob says...

    I wish people would understand that if you treat the employee with respect, they are going to be a lot more helpful and willing to do whatever they can. Instead, people freak out on employees, which in return just makes them angry and not want to help you. Most of the time, it’s not even the employees fault for whats happening. I work at Canadian Tire and get yelled at daily about things I can’t control. What do people expect? I’ll just go get fired so you can have your way..yeah..

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    Max says...

    I work at Canadian tire, Recently I’ve become very sick,called in sick yesterday and went to the doctors, I have asthma and I’ve come down with a very bad flu which has caused me to immobilized. I got the required doctors note and have been home resting, today my fiancé went into my store to give my manager the note do to the fact I’m sick and at home resting. In front of customers, employees and other managers, he yelled at her, questioned the note. said even though I’m ill I should have come in to give it to him, he was so rude a cashier actually spoke up and told him how he was treating her was unbelievable. He was angry because apparently I’m not the only one who was sick that day and they were busy. After he realized every one was looking at him he apologized and asked if I could call him. I have no problem doing so, right after I call corporate and make it well known how he treated my fiancé, embarrassed her, and disrespected her. Looking for a new job this week, apparently Mazda is hiring.

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    Dana says...

    I am currently at Canadian tire ready to rip someones head off! I booked a service apt two weeks ago for 1 pm. I was told it would take an hr. I have a broken leg so I arranged for someone to pick me up and drop me off. I brought the car in early at 12:20 and came back at 3pm. A full hr and a half after it was suppose to be ready. But it turns out they didn’t start my car until 10 mins before I came back at 3. So I am now stuck in the waiting room with a broken leg extremely pissed off for the next two hrs! Canadian tire on country hills blvd in Calgary ab sucks! Do not take your vehicle here unless you have alot of time to waste!

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    M Moronio says...

    IHave received very good service at our Yorkton store for many years.I have seen unpleasantries take place,but each time the customer was being very unreasonable and caused his own grief in my opinion.

  50. Hear me out, i’m here to help you get the traffic you deserve. Cheers, Clark Ryan

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    BLANCHE WARD says...

    On May 2 2011 I purchased a bike for my grandson. My daughter bought him a bike also, not knowing that I did and vise versa myself not knowing that she bought a bike also. I took the bike back to the Canadian Tire Store in Fergus Ontario where I purchased it. They told me I could not return the bike, brand new, never rode, stickers still all intake, receipt in hand. They told me that signs are posted all over the store, and it is on your receipt, after you pay for it, did not see it on my receipt until I went to return the bike, I also did not see the signs in the store. Nobody told me or warned me that I could not return the bike, What is a 60 year old gramma going to do with a boys mountain bike. Also to let you know the service was terrible, I had to go find someone to help me. Young kids on the floor , interested in socializing with each other back in a corner then being on the floor helping customers, then when they finally helped I was sure the bike was going to fall on someones head off the tall bike rack. I am totally not satisfied with the Fergus store. There is no reason why I cant get my money back. I will contact head office myself personally until I get this matter staightened out. They would not even offer my a store credit. I work in retail and our store would never consider doing such a thing ,you will be hearing from me. I will get satisfaction when I know that they cannot get away with this situation . I will not step foot back into the store. I will be in touch Blanche Ward Fergus Ontario. May 5 2011

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    Raymond says...

    My wife purchase a Warkshop table for me at a cost of $104 from canadian tire store. As it was gift she throw the recpt. But she bought it by Canadian tire master card. She thought as Home Depo refund the purchase fund without a receit if it was purchsed through any creadit card so the Canadian Tire will do if I do not want it. She was wrong . She forgot that the Canadian Tire is a Canadian company. They will do anything to rob you. So When I went to return I was given only $47 dollar. I ask why so answer was this is the store policy. Now you know why Canadian tire’s profit went up. But they forgot this will not last very long. Now We completely sttop buying anything from CTC. So you all should do.

  53. 0

    Gs says...

    i bought a bike,there was a free tuneup two weaks later i droped my bike for tune up,picked it up went home checked tire was touching with the frame,took the bike back,managear said i have to spend $100 more to fix it,every thin happned in three weeks from the date of purchase,i was so fed up i throw away the recipt there and decieded i will never go to canadian tire and never let my frnds and familey go there.

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    George says...

    I brought my car in to have the brakes fixed - one side on the back failed badly and the rotors were chewed but good. I paid them $50 to diagnose the problem and $630 to fix it. They replaced the rotors and flex hoses, rsurfaced the pads. a month and a half month later the brakes are shot. One side siezed up and the rotor is warped and chewed (just like the first time). They don’t want tohonor their 100 day warranty and a mechanic, the manager and the girl behind the counter are in my face saying the caliper is seizing and that is not what they repaired so they are not at fault - the caliper must have failed in the last month.

    What a load, I paid them to figure out the root cause and fix it…they didn’t, they just replaced the parts that ere worn outand now I get to do it again a month and a half later.

    Worst experience I have ever had.

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    tryonce says...

    Went for Normal RIV inspection for US imported car and got DRL lights enabled.

    Third class idiot manager…

    Told me to get form signed have to get Safety and Inspection done. I said if required do it.

    Called back, your car fails test and need to replace brakes and tires - 1000$ bill..

    Got stunned…no problem in my car as such.

    Called RIV and other authorized dealers. My car does not even need these test.

    Hot argument will the manager why did you did these tests and how could it fail. Answer — WE NEVER SAID IT IS MANDATORY BUT IT WAS JUST AN SUGGESTION.

    Ass hole- why did u suggest something out of process. Billed heavily and didn’t got form also signed.

    Going to sue them soon…

  58. 0

    Linda says...

    We were just at ctc179 and they have the rudest store manager ever. My husband was trying to talk to him and he just turned and walked away just as if we were not there. I hear this person is leaving for another store and this will be the best thing that ever happened to ctc179. Hopefully he will be more polite in the new store but with his attitude it is very doubtful.

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    Vincenzo Fies says...

    I was browsing the web and noticed your site. I enjoyed reading your posts and looking forward to more great content.

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    ray says...

    i have cut back on shopping at canadian tire since early january 2011. my girlfriend bought me an air tool kit for 299 99 in november for christmas. i took it back in early january unopened and with the receipt and because it was over 30 days i was forced to take a store credit which would have been ok till i found out i had to spend it all on the same day.they had the control over me that day but never again. i shop there on an absolute must basis. if it is something i cant get elsewhere. KEEP IT UP CANADIAN TIRE AND YOU MAY SOMEDAY RUN FLAT

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    Vinny says...

    Canadian Tire are the kings of “Bait & Switch” - watch out for Sportchek too. They bait but don’t even bother with the switch. I guess they figure once your in the store you might by something.

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    Dima says...

    My mother dropped her car off for an oil change. A month later, doing a regular 12-month brakes check-up, she is told that brake fluid was contaminated with transmission fluid, and the whole systems need to be changed - a 5000$ repair!!! We went back to the store, and the auto manager took a look, and then said that a month passed since that time, and he won’t do anything for us, since we could have done it ourselves, and a service sheet for our car said they checked the break fluid and it was fine then. We don’t have 5000$ lying around for repairs, I won’t let this go. I will post here any updates.

  64. 0

    John says...

    I got a phone in rain check for 3 Heavy-Duty Workstations that were 60% off. When they came in they had no record that I had a raincheck. Guess the bimbo at the counter didn’t fill one out. They didn’t want to take my word and honor their verbal agreement. My next step is I’m contacting their Corporate Home Office Customer Relations department.

  65. 0

    CEO - Competitor says...

    Many complaints however there are many shoppers / consumers willing to patronize the locations. As an senior executive of a competing retail entity some observations I would like to share. I received the opportunity to complete some market research to locate a retail big box in south Ottawa. One obeservation is the CTC operators in certain locations are not good retailers period. Recent an CTC operator explained that the hiring of dependent low salary is a key to the success of their business.

    Did I mention it was also explained that those hires that complain must be exited/released from the store. Wake up.. for this particular operator it leads to high internal theft and employees that do not care hence a manager that really does not see the retail picture - a satisfied customer is a residual customer. This operator is also a bad example to the corporation on two fronts high turnover employees and bad retail management. This is a great model to compete against small things make a big difference it starts with happy employees and follow up training.

  66. 0

    Reloeffox says...

    у меня были огромные проблемы с деньгами. не просто проблемы как и у многих в этой стране , а действительно огромные проблемы: 5 кредитов, пожар машины и проблемы сос страховой компанией, долги, и в конце концов попал под сокращение в нашем офисе. полная безнадега. я нашел действительно хорошего мага Александра Цынь. по разрешению моей финансовой проблемы ушло около 3 месяцев. но маг мне действительно помог - без него я бы не знаю что я делал. спасибо что есть такие люди. Александр Цынь спасибо вам огромное. как и говорил оставлю отзыв развернутый. Спасибо!!!

  67. 0

    Elizabeth says...

    Yes ,Candian Tire is very bad service not only that . My family never go back to shop there anymore and anymore .Don’t go .they don’t care customer anything only bad service ,I order manythings 2 days a go then they asked all my infromation to delivery then call ask agian then driver msut call then ask again ,So manys peoples call me and ask my infromation for delivery .OH MY GOD! and then driver coem to delivery with a very abd maners , talk very abd too. Only upset. Cannot ask them anything

  68. I went to a Canadian Tire store this morning to exchange a vise that snapped. To my amazement I found out that CT has a “store policy” that no tool (lifetime warranty) of not, you must present a receipt. No were on their website or any published info does it say that policy!! Canadian Tire is the only hand tool outlet that I know of that has this policy. So any mechanics, home or professional, needs to know this. A broken hand tool, that has a lifetime warranty, yrs. old or new, should be covered. Not @ C.T. I guess their sales aren’t such a good deal after all.

  69. 0

    Margie Malamud says...

    I bought a toy crane for my grandson. As it turned out he got a crane from his uncle. I could not find my receipt, so I expected to get a store credit. I was told there are no returns if you do not have a receipt. I went to the Canadian Tire where I bought the crane. I thought they could verify that it was bought at C”T” by scanning the bar code. They refused to do anything without a receipt. Now I am stuck with this huge toy crane. This is a ridiclous policy. You can return things at most stores without a receipt and have no problems. I will not shop at C.T. again and I will be sure to warn everyone I know about their return policy.

  70. 0

    CEO - Competitor says...

    Too bad a Canadian ICON is in trouble and don’t know it yet. Some operators really need to re invent themselves into new Careers outside of retail!!It certainly blemishes those that are truly good community operators. Martha Billings so sorry for the mess this is not the vision of Canadian Tire of past decades.
    Start by looking in your back yard and begin the Store Tours with those failing grades and on notice to step up or step out no renewal.

  71. 0

    Jerry says...

    I bought a food processor from Canadian Tire and it had a part missing. I went into the store to have it replaced, and had the same result. The food processor had the same part missing. I had customer service check again with a third box in store, and although advertised on the box, missing again. They brought the manager around, and she said “Well, we have no control over this. I don’t want to deal with this. Just return it to the customer and get it out of my face!” Really? I was polite about the whole exchange and it’s not MY fault either that the box advertised a part that was not there. Then the customer service person started getting angry at ME that I had opened up three of their product boxes. Way to abuse the customer Canadian Tire!!!

  72. 0

    nick says...

    The owner of the store is usually the blame as they set the tone and policies. We had a store in Halifax that was a “real” crappy tire but then they changed ownership and the place is not a bad place to shop as long as you like the products. I have stayed away from their garages for decades because they are always upselling you and always seemed to find extras wrong when you go for a vehicle inspection(always wanted to adjust my headlights when I had a new car.)

  73. 0

    Danny says...

    i went to canadian tire in abbotsford and was acused of stealing, i went into the parts section and asked for a price on brake pads then i was like thanks i was just checking the price, i walked back to the exit door in the parts section the same door i came in and it was locked then i walked to the main exit.. and the manager said “hey whats in your pockets” no one was in the store and every employee was doing nothing standing around, they even were looking at me walking to the main door which is right beside part parts, after they ran to the manager instantly when they heard us yelling, they all ran up to me outside and i was in a circle with 5 of them even the parts guy too who saw i did not touch anything in the store, i told the manager go to check the video because i did not touch anything and he said your not going anywhere until you remove you hands out of your pocket, he has no right to say that, i did not touch a single thing or stop to look at a thing, if all the employees saw me walk straight out the door and did not saying anything to him, it was a horrible experience and the store was just opening up, the parts is open at 7am and i was there at 9:00, if they saw me standing around and picking up stuff, or grab sompthing they have the right! get the facts straight or get in new employees, and for the cashiers and parts person who did that to me today.. thats like fake heros trying to make there job better, i did not get a apology and will never go back there, my sister worked at canadian tire and hated it… im proud she works at a better job now! and for everyone who runs into the same problem, stand up for yourself there like a pack of wolves lmao!!!

  74. 0

    Warren Bucket says...

    Well, finally the audits are in …. CTC186 is now reviewing with the Chairman of the audit committee and is delivering. Some operators are concerned and rightfully so>>>>>>Good ridance CTC210 R & J Enterprises. Please leave Ottawa and return to your roots maybe the seven eleven would consider your competencies take the boys with you 7 days a week 24 hours a day requires many shift operators. Just disgusted with the employment tactics and dishonesty…..well J, what do you have to say for yourself???

  75. 0

    Sharon says...

    I worked at CT#615 and the manager there is a real piece of work.He took over the store in June of 2011.He is so cheap he wouldn’t even turn the lights on in the store to full capacity,nor would he turn on the outside parking lights at night.He got rid of 75% of the long term staff, so he wouldn’t have to pay health benefits or profit sharing.He turned around and hired all 14-17 year old kids and then hired a bunch of Foreign workers.This man is so arrogant and thinks he is the best thing since peanut butter,that he wouldn,t take your phone call or come out and talk to you,whether you are a customer or a client.Most of the staff in the Auto Shop have quit,because he wanted them to charge for parts they didn,t need or want at the time.This man(and I use that term lightly) needs to go to some kind of school to learn how to become a human being.

  76. 0

    Kim says...

    I seriously do agree that certain canadian tire stores barely have any items in stock. And I am an employee at an Canadian Tire store (I won’t mention which one), but seriously… some people seem to find it quite amusing to blame the employees for the lack of stock in the stores. I got treated badly by a customer and they said I was incapable of working because I couldn’t give a rain check for a 199 number. I would strongly advise every customer out there, to please stop taking your anger out on the employees. (except for those who give you terribly bad service)… it’s not our fault that we don’t have the things you want in stock. Oh and one more thing, WE DON’T MAKE THE RULES, WE ONLY FOLLOW THEM. we dont working at canadian tire.. we only work there to make some money. K, thanks :)

  77. 0

    Kim says...

    Sorry… if you read the end of the paragraph.. i meant to say, that we dont work at canadian tire to make miracles.

    Sorry about that :)

  78. 0

    Ashley D says...

    i worked at CT# 615 also with sharon Who comented above ^^^ Every thing She said is 1000% true i use to love comeing to work at canadian tire Was The Best Job i had with the old owner and soon as these new oners came to that store every thing went down hill from long term people looseing there jobs to people being treated like grabage and being mentally and emotionally abused.. !!! nothing was ever good enough i was getting blamed for things i didnt do and haveing to clean up after a 18 year old ” supervisor ” that took over my job that i was doing for 4 years but since shes dateing the 30year old gm she can get away with anything ???? also getting told one day how great of a job im doing to the next day getting called in to the office on how shitty of a job i was doing and to the store owner shutting his door and doing a demonstration how slow i walked … by then u was to up set and embarrsed to work so them any more these people have ZERO manageral skills ….

  79. 0

    Ashley D says...

    i also worked monday to friday 8-5 and they threatened to to take my hour away if i didnt start working weekends

  80. 0

    Tasha Lavala says...

    magnificent points altogether, you simply won a new reader. What would you suggest in regards to your put up that you just made a few days in the past? Any positive?

  81. 0

    Frank says...

    Good day all,
    I just had my last visit to this Canadian Tire store.
    i went in there to buy a set of General Tire UHP advertised for 30% off with an expiration date of April 12, 2012. Note we are March,27,2012. Once I got done talking to the parts store guy who could not help me because the computer would not recognize the sale item, even after I took to the physical tire and sale sticker, I was confronted by the so call Manager. Beware of this little weasel, his name is Steve Roch.After he tells me that the sale is not really a sale but a liquidation or end of stock, he thought I would just take his lame excuses and pay full price. We looked at hos flyer which had no disclaimers concerning this sale he went on to tell me that if he took a decision, he would take a hit on the price. After explaining to him that Canadian Tire never takes a hit on anything he changed his story a few more times, without satisfaction to the customer.Let me tell you this guy has more stories than the bible. After listening to few more stories and after shooting down all his arguments, I had to leave the store out of desperation.
    I am a business man and also a customer services expert.It’s been my experience that companies that hire and promote people like this will lose more customers than they can replace, which in the end will force the company to take a hit.
    Thanks for listening and please do beware of that stores indifferent attitude towards customer service.

  82. 0

    Walter Wilkins says...

    I purchased a minor item - under $50 from C.T. in P.E.I. Got home, it was not working. Go back to store - opps, no receipt - windy day. Okay, I bought it on Visa, I’ll take a store credit. No sir, you must keep the item that we just sold you that does not work and go away. Okay, after 40 years and thousands of dollars spent at Canadian Tire - I now sign off - never again, last straw. Except, of course, this narrative which I will share with many more people and will live on long after the way I was treated today.

    By the way - same store a few weeks ago: Come to counter, cashier says,”Sir there’s no price on this item.” I say, “Oh, could you find the price?” The cashier says, “No sir, I cannot sell it to you. Maybe you can go and find something else?” What world is this; surely we’re on the Fringe?

  83. 0

    Warren Bucket says...

    Recently informed R&J Enterprises have an agreement to renew a store operation in London,Ontario. Ottawa business community are good riddance.
    Why did they not get the new location in south ottawa? Employees and buyer beware?
    Why are they bailing from CTC 210 Bank & Heron the store is terrible and is in disarray

  84. 0

    Kim says...

    I’ll explain here like I explain to every customer who comes to my cash



  85. 0

    Steve says...

    Re: China Tire, 6 coffee pots in 9 years, pool fittings extremely poor Quality constant leaks, partially emptied pool 3 times to repair leaks from faulty fittings, new generator 2008, no replacement warranty into warranty repair 3 times still not working. Store in Cambellford Ont. is great(999) but products are terrible, Sorry no shopping at China tire

  86. 0

    James Brown says...

    IN Jan2012 the great canadian tire flyer had kodiac work boots on for 69.99 . When i got to the brampton store all gone . Iwas told they had only two pairs in size 10 heres a rain check . Week after week i keep going back they look at me like i heve two heads. They now tell me to go to another store and good luck if they accept the rain check. My new policyis to avoid ctc stores and flyers as well . Im done with them

  87. 0

    James Brown says...

    Maybe they will have a large supply of what ever the sale item is. This happens all the time were they have something on sale but only two in stock

  88. 0

    Jenna1931 says...

    I read a lot of the comments, and I can’t (and CAN) believe what I’ve just read.
    I think it’s time for you to come to discover Quebec Canadian Tire Stores :)
    I work for CT for 12 (13 soon) years. I’ve started as a simple cashier, and I’m now Head-cashier. After I’ve read most of the comments (I’ve stoped at the 10th before the end), I realise that our store isn’t doing so bad after all !
    What I’ll tell you are decisions that I can take. If more complicated, it goes to the store manager.
    -You have to tell yourself that most of the warranty are made by the manufacturer, not by CT, so if you bring back a phone you bought more than 30 days ago, you’ll only have a repair or you’ll have to call the manufacturer. Return policy are different fron a CT to another, and can be temporary: for exemple, a guy stole a Dyson vac (price around 600$), but you bought one of the same model and want to bring it back for X reason. No wonder why they’ll ask for an ID ! Or if you bought a drill and it looks like it did your entire patio, even if it has been bought 2 days ago, you won’t have a refound, but we’ll be welling to give you an exchange or a credit for another drill.
    - About the above point, tell yourself that, if there’s return policies, it’s because there has been people before you that abused of the return system (they bought a tent, went in camping for 2 weeks, than returned it for refound. After 20 like this, CT has decided that tents are only returnable within 7 days, and repair warranty for 1 year)
    - Mastercraft hand tools are most of them lifetime warranty. No need for a receipe for exchange. Some exceptions really need the receipe. Mesuring tapes are only warranty on the mecanic that makes the tape rolling back. The tape itself isn’t warranty. About 2-3-5 year-warranty tools, they’re NOT lofetime warranty, so you need a receipe to prouve that you’re still under warranty. It’s a gift ?! Ask for a gift receipe ! Never EVER trow a receipe away until the warranty is expired !!!
    - Stock credit is given for stock returned without the receipe, BUT that can be sold again. Of course, because we don’t know how much you payed for it, you’ll receive the lowest price it went in the last year. Don’t expect to receive a full price credit for something you bought at 50% ! If you bought it with a Canadian Tire MasterCard, you can bring your account details in store. What you bought with the CT/MC in CT Store is detailed, so you canreceive a credit (NOT a refound) for the price you’ve paid.
    - Bikes can be refound only if the bike didn’t run.
    - Items can USUALLY be refound within 90 days after purchase
    - use your brain ! when i tell people that there’s no refound on books, they laught and tell me that they’d never do such a thing… remember that return policies exists because someone, somewhere, tryed to get a refound for it… When I don’t tell them, people try to return books…

    About management, you NEVER know what the manager you’re talking to went through before he met you. Maybe he just came back from crying his life because someone meaner than you just shout at him like a dog caught sh*tting at his front door…Yes, SOME managers look like they have a beam in their a** (and I work with one), but as a manager myself, I try to be as kind as possible with everyone, even the ones shouting at me as greetings.

    Staff in the store isn’t there for as long as me, and even for the time I work there, don’t ask me the difference between the coffeemaker at 30$ and the one at 200$, but ask me anything about the cashregistrer and the CT/MC, or about the warranty of 80% of all the store products, I’m your girl.

    A problem like the one that brings all this debate, I’d first check the product number. Yes, it can happen that the price has been changed, or there is a price change in the server and the staff didn’t change the price YET, in this case, I’d change the price for the lowest and give 10$ discount on it. If the product number isn’t the same, I’d go check for where the product have been placed. There was 6 price stickers in the emplacement, but was the shelf empty ? If so, maybe a customer changed his mind and took the one at 19.99$ and let the one at 69.99$ in the empty space. Shop assistants aren’t following people to make sure they place what they wont take after all, back in the right spot ! But if there’s a real mistake form the staff, I’d check if I can make the 69.99 product at the price of the 19.99 one. If the mistake is obvious, I’d do the price match without arguing, but if there’s a doupt, I’d look if I can make a rebate to accomodate. Sometimes, it isn’t the same price, but a 3-4 week-ago sale, but you have a better product.

    I can’t tell about garage, because even me, I sometimes have problems.

    I hope I made you see CT Stores differently.

    And remember: do NOT compare CTC with other stores (Canada or US): you’d compare apples with oranges ! CTC is CTC, Rona is Rona.
    Period !

  89. 0

    jangster65 says...

    Canadian Tire had several ceiling fans on sale, one was 39.99 for 23.99. I grabbed a 39.99 where a sale sign that said 23.99 was and bought it on my debit card. I was charged 39.99 for it and went into the “customer service” desk. After waiting in line then waiting for someone to check the situation out they decided to credit me the difference even though that particular fan wasn’t on sale. So they sent me off to another line where the cashier made an error and charged me the sale price plus tax for $27.11. So now I have been charged twice for this fan so the “customer service” girl had to come over and void this transaction and credit my debit for $27.11 but could not figure out how to redo the credit for the difference and told me to come back the next day with a note she wrote to explain the problem. The next day I came back and these girls could not figure it out either and told me to come back the next day when that same girl would be on again. I came back the next day, and when I asked for the girl she would not even come to the desk to take care of the situation and told the girl at the desk I would have to come back the next day when the day time girls were on. Well I’m not going to take time off work and lose more money that I would get a credit for so I just asked for my total refund and I would be happy with that. The original girl that new what happened told the girl at the desk that they could only give me back the sale price. Now if I return the fan I end up with no merchandise at a cost to me of over $18.00. What type of morons do they have working for them?
    I have long since stopped using their automotive service dept. to fix my car now when I get my Canadian tire flyer in the mail it will go straight into the garbage without a single glance.
    Any other store’s return area takes care of your return right there at the customer service desk. For some reason these idiots like to make people stand in several lines and send you to the cashier to finish off the transaction.
    I hope some big American company comes in a puts them out of business.

  90. 0

    PhosmottdoN says...

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    Very last, heat range along with humidity The temperatures and also humidity is just too great might be rather simple and easy to make a headset diaphragm connected with a lot in poor condition. By the end consequence, it can not recover. Consequently save some income headsets pun intended, the heat range and humid establishing.

    Bluetooth headset is often a more fragile cherished merchandise, if you’re not careful upkeep, actually excellent headset also can’t work with for a long period.

  91. 0

    Donna Larkin says...

    My daughter bought a kettle for me for Mother’s Day on May 11, 2012.
    She was in a hurry and thought she was buying an electric kettle. It was NOT.
    She gave me the receipt so I could return it for a refund.
    The woman at the return desk was absolutely rude. I started out being very nice to her explaining what the problem was.
    She said,”it has to be credited to her debit card, do you have it?” Now why in the world would I have my 44 year old daughter’s debit card? Who gives their debit card to someone else?
    I said, “no, debit is the same as cash, I want the money back so I can buy an electric one”. (They did not have what I wanted in there so would have to look elsewhere.)
    She said, “then it will have to go on a gift card”. She then asked me for picture ID. Are you kidding me? I have never been asked for ID when returning an item. My ID is none of their business. Who do they think they are? God?
    So now I have a gift card for $56.49 which I don’t want because I don’t buy anything at Canadian Tire and she very rudely added, “and it expires on this date”, which she viciously circled on the receipt.
    I will NEVER, and I mean NEVER buy anything at Canadian Tire again and neither will anyone I know after they hear this fiasco.
    I have NEVER had a problem returning merchandise to any other store in this city. The greatest customer service is at THE Bay and HOME OUTFITTERS.
    This Canadian Tire Store is in Windsor, Ontario on Walker Rd.
    Beware people…..once you leave the store you have probably lost your money if you have any problem at all.

  92. 0

    ming says...

    I been to Canadian tire(located at country hill Blvd nw.calgary) few times last 45 days,non one of them make my shopping life feel good or fair. the store staffs were unhappy face from every department I see,no one know what they can do for you, I will call / page some one for you is what I got each time while I asked for help.While I asked to get the branch / stor manager the peoples are turn arround their faces and turn up them voice like talking the the deaf person(I don’t like to say yelling). Take this to Home depot or Rona I’ve been experiences, those two stores have best customer service every than Canadian tire.
    I never want to be Canadian tire again my life.
    Cheer to let me give up and Thank you every one to make this happen from Canadian tire team members

  93. 0

    ming says...

    I been to Canadian tire(located at country hill Blvd nw.calgary) few times last 45 days,non one of them make my shopping life feel good or fair. the store staffs were unhappy face from every department I see,no one know what they can do for you, I will call / page some one for you is what I got each time while I asked for help.While I asked to get the branch / stor manager the peoples are turn arround their faces and turn up them voice like talking the the deaf person(I don’t like to say yelling). Take this to Home depot or Rona I’ve been experiences, those two stores have best customer service every than Canadian tire.
    I never want to be Canadian tire again my life.
    Cheer to let me give up and Thank you every one to make this happen from Canadian tire team members

  94. 0

    Cambodia Tire says...

    The worst service on the planet! Got to spend hundreds of $ on camping gear, to get kicked out of the store because I refused to put her in a buggy!!! WTF??? Boycott Langley Canadian tire!!! Rude and abrasive staff, should all be fired and etiquitte trained for customer service! I will never spend another hard earned $ with Cambodia Tire!

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  96. 0

    Warren Bucket says...

    Another episode in a different region R & J Enterprises are operating a CTC store in Ontario. Martha Billes , Maureen Sabia take note the operators are a shame to the Canadian Tire Corp. Another store with the same issues not meeting the benchmark of CTC standards and a disgrace to the CTC icon. Please j Blind River is far from home however you are a disgrace to the community get out retire and allow the CTC to regain the shine and return an equitable share to stakeholders the equity we expect!!

  97. 0

    tommy belesis says...

    Your way of explaining the whole thing in this article is
    truly nice, all be capable of without difficulty understand it, Thanks a lot.

  98. Fantastic goods from you, man. I have take into account your stuff prior to and you are just too fantastic. I actually like what you have acquired right here, really like what you are saying and the best way in which you say it. You’re making it entertaining and you still care for to keep it wise. I cant wait to learn far more from you. That is actually a terrific web site.

  99. 0

    Anne McCall says...

    I am posting this after another nightmare trip to Tillsonburg Canadian Tire. We went in to purchase a Hoover Elite Canister Bagless Vac we had seen yesterday. There it was in the exact same spot that it was yesterday right over the sale sign that said Hoover Elite Canister Bagless Vac $199. But it didn’t scan at sale price, so we took it back to the shelf rechecked the sign. Then we asked to speak to the manager, since it was the only Hoover Elite bagless canister in the whole section and over the sale sign, we expected him to honour it, WRONG!!!! First he told me that it was impossible that it was there for 2 days because they do product checks. Hmmmmm…. maybe the employee doing the product check thought the same thing we did?????? Then he told me that since I seemed to know more about this than he did I would how to resolve the situation. And he walked away. They have signs warning customers to behave themselves with employees, but maybe they should have signs warning customers about their ignorant insolent employees

  100. 0

    Helena Kong says...

    I would like to say that Canadian Tire #606 35010 #3 rd has one of the worst service and management ,time after time service there has never change and hard to find the products and further more the hole store is unsafe to shop ,i give an f- to the hole management and the service and i will never ever shop there again
    Helena kong

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