Great Customer Service From Lowe’s

By John

We were unhappy with recent carpet that we had installed. Installation was fine but carpet wasn’t what we wanted.

Lowes quickly agreed to replace the carpet and did so at not additional cost. Great customer service from Chris Hawkins, Store Manager, London Ontario and Gail, Sales Representative.


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    mop1342 says...

    I am always amazed at the customer service level at Lowes. It is one of the few stores where I feel important to the company as an individual customer.

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    Andree says...

    If you had a great experience at Lowes please write in to them. I have a relative who works at Lowes. If you write in, the employees actually get recognized. It’s no pay raise or anything, but a big deal and a huge compliment to the employee. Employee who get this receive an Customer Service Excellence pin or something of the sorts; it’s something you can look out for.

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    Trinity says...

    Great blog, it kinda reminds me, I was just chatting with my sister about this just last week. Turns out she’d been planning on hiring a painter and was worried about the time it takes to look up, contact and screen painters, I can totally relate ,that is until she discovered this cool web site. Simply felt I’d share it here if it turns out anyone else has no time for that work either!

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    Claire says...

    Unfortunaltly the Lowe’s in Niagara Falls are not so customer friendly!
    Regarding recent carpet sale. Store clerk made a “guess timate” she called it, I did not agree and had 2 managers call me to tell me all the added costs were legit, so buyer beware! The sale says install carpet at $59 for 1 room but they dont tell you there is a cost for a 3rd installer that is $150, it was going on concrete another $50 to “cure”it, garbage removeal another $35 it turned out to be an extra $400 a week later I get calls from 2 managers, & store clerk and said thats the price lady take it or leave it I left and will not go back again!!!!

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