Sears Canada SUCKS!

By crystal king

Sears canada SUCKS…. President CEO of 2011 has made poor decisions. All of the employees are being penialized for there cutbacks. How does this executive team move from a food chain to retail. And then theres the other guy who had like 10 jobs in 5 years. I have reached out via email about a month ago but however neither have responded. Iam currently looking to leave Sears cause they treat there staff like a infested farm. And even worse they treat there customers even worse. They have lost the code of ethics as I ve been with them for 20 years. Its sad but true. Try to avoid Sears, there prices have plunged up and Iam telling you we are a bunch of disgruntled staff. This all happend in May of this year and still not able to resolve the matter. Stay away from Sears Canada, shop at Zellers or the Bay. Never taught i would say this…..but dont promote employee brutality


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    Cheryl says...

    I dont understand…

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    Joe says...

    She’s referring to the new President, Calvin McDonald, who came from Loblaws. He has already made cuts to staff and incentives, and many employees are unhappy.

    It sucks, but Sears is dying a slow death and desperately needs an aggressive turnaround strategy.

    @crystal king: I fail to see how Calvin could possibly be worse than Dene.

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    ex-Sears joe boy says...

    Sears Canada is now in the early stages of bankruptcy - and Sears Canada deserves to die ASAP.
    My crappy pension of $131.88 per month is an example of being screwed without the use of a lubricant!

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    IWantOut says...

    I’ve been with the company for 12 years now. I need to get out, but finding another fulltime job with the same pay over $13.00 hasn’t been easy. The company is slowing going down, and I’m debating on riding out the storm for my severance package or just to leave asap. The management and especially the supervisors in the belleville call centre are useless. You can’t ask a supervisor questions about your job as they do not require them to learn the job, they are just there to babysit you. When they do answer a work related question, it is usually the wrong answer. When we get new hires (which probably won’t be any soon) all of us employees have to train them as the superviors can’t do our job at all. All they seem to do is talk, im, and bother us workers, constanly asking what are you doing..well if they new the job,,they would realize that’s what we are doing,our job.They are also handing out incorrect attendance review letters and hr management has been informed of this. Everyone of us are treated like we are in juniour kindergarton class. We are all sick & tired of it. I want out.

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    IWantOut says...

    I feel bad for our customers as the customer service department has realy went down hill. Upper management only want the calls answered as quickly as they can, and alot without resolution. The employee turnover is large at the call centre & the retail stores, that most don’t stay long enough to learn their jobs. The training has also went down hill. Some new employees walk out the first day on the phone as they don’t have a clue as to what they are expected to do with the customers. You could ask 10 superviors/managers a question about the job and each one would give you a different answer, some may be correct but the odds are against you.

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    freshy says...

    I was an employee at sears, my department manager was a deceitful, manipulative B. She was good friends with the store manager so it was impossible to win any argument. My demise at sears started when she allowed clearance electronics to be sold at a certain price, later these sales were investigated and my manager denied ever telling me and another staff member that we could make these sales. Investigation took place over 2 months. I heard rumors of other sales such as these taking place but those were never investigated, I over heard the manager telling the store manager “I may have said that they could sell those items”, its a simple yes or no. The managers at sears treat their staff like dirt, they do not stand up for you when customers threaten your life, they shake that customers hand and offer them coffee (true story). Someone said sears is dying a slow death, GOOD, I hope target comes to Canada soon and finished them off, they deserve it.

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    very ticked says...

    well im working on an exit plan….the ship is sinking… i advise all to upgrade skills for new jobs /search…. but dont look to belleville area as no luck except “” would you like fries with that”"….its been fun but its time to move on….when they statrt harasing us for to long on after call and people walk 1/2 way through shifts well its time I wish all well but another life is calling

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    Mnobuzzz says...

    Sears has sucked long before this new ceo problem. They sell low quality crap and high prices. Look on the net, you will see many people talking about their washing machines or other expensive appliances and how they all break down. I bought a Oasis elite washer, it’s a piece of junk with control panel problems. Sears is aware of the problem but the fix is not to recall and make their customers happy. The fix, buy a new control panel that costs 250 bucks, a service person to install it, and pay 250 more bucks for an extended policy. This is a good company gone bad and I hope the market is watching. Perhaps this will be a wake up call to other big companies that think its easier to get the products out the door and worry about the fall out later.

    I pledge to never by a single thing from Sears ever again! Screw you Sears, you suck!

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    Barb says...

    Some store managers are really sucks. For example: Rob Evans from B.C. This guy actually knows nothing about business but only plays politics. I already long predicted that Sears would bankrupt. It’s a terrible experience working at Sears.

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    disillusioned says...

    I’m not an employee, but a customer. I recently ordered a lawn mower online, only to receive a message six days later from Customer Service saying there was a “problem” with my order. After waiting several minutes on hold, I finally get through to a CSR, who tells me there is no problem. Anyway, that evening, I receive an email saying my order was cancelled. So for starters, Sears seems to lack a reliable online ordering system, as apparently cancelled online orders is a common problem. Secondly, one hand doesn’t seem to know what the other is doing. I can mention a couple of experiences at the retail level, but I think you get the drift. Frankly, I see Sears going the Eatons route when more efficient US retailers like Target and Nordstrom come to Canada. Throw Macy’s into the mix and it’s sayonara, baby.

    Once upon a time, the nationalist in me would have been upset at this, however after seeing how many homegrown companies treat their customers, I couldn’t care less where I shop, as long as the service is good.

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