Disneyworld Great Time

By Dave

We recently went to DisneyWorld (Wife and 2 kids(3 and 5). We had a great time, great weather, great condo we rented. One thing that I loved about Disney is that when something goes wrong they fix it right away to minimize customer frustration. I think most people realize that companies, etc will make mistakes and accidents happen, but it is how they handle them is where a lot of companies screw up. I have 2 examples at Disney where they fixed the problems. The Tram we were waiting for broke down, they quickly called for another one, took the broke one away, and it minimized the delay. Still we had a few people grumble that it took too long, but I was impressed that it only took 5 mins or so. The next example was with their Beauty and the Beast show at Hollywood Studios. We got to the show about 11:15 for and 11:30 show to get a good seat. We got a pretty good seat and waited, my daughter who is 3 was very excited to see the show. At 11:35 they announced that the show was can
celled due to “technical difficulties”. We heard a few tears from some kids, including ours as we started to leave the seats. Then the curtain pulled back and the whole cast was there and waved to the crowd for the length of playing the song “Beauty and the Beast” 2 times. My daughter beamed seeing the characters and most of the kids seemed ok with the cancellation. Again a few of the parents complained, but I thought Disney made the best out of a bad situation. Some companies can learn from Disney that some of the little things do make a difference. I know Disney gets a lot of slack with the release of their DVD’s, etc but with running a big company you still need to pay attention to the little details to make the customers happy.

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    Lisa says...

    We went to Disney World a year ago when our kids were the same age & we loved it & can’t wait to return. We spent 7 days & visited all the parks over 6 days & there was still SO much we didn’t get to do. Many thought our kids were too young but my 3 year old enjoyed it the most, especially the character meets & the parades. I was most impressed how organized they are & how they think of everything! It really is the happiest place on earth!

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    Kary says...

    That’s really nice. Thank you for sharing! :)

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    Shop &nusp; Rvurica aprile 8th, 2013 15:08 3 comments &raqvo; Salottino azzvrro – Lvci al San Paolo: le notti delle meraviglie Ci ritroviamo, comodi, al nostro appvntamento col salottino d’azzvrro tinto.
    Le partite serali hanno vn non so che di “lvminoso”, forse i proiettori della notte ci “illvminano d’immenso”, ed il Napoli nottvrno continva a trovare la givsta via. I miei osp

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