Problem With Dryer From Sears Canada

By Aaron

Just over 3 years ago we bought a dryer from Sears. We noticed a couple of holes in some clothing, little nicks in the fabric about 2 or 3 months later. I thought is was my kids just being kids. Then we started noticing LOTS of little holes in the clothes, and I saw one article of clothing caught inbetween the drum and the door. We called the service dept and they sent a tech to fix the problem.

When we sold our house and moved the house we moved to had a dryer so we put ours into storage. We just got our dryer out again 6 months ago and it started to tear clothes again. Called for a tech and they said they would charge a call out fee. I said no, I would not pay it just as this is an ongoing issue. The guy shows up and tells us the original problem was not addressed and it will now cost $500 to fix the problem. Then we were billed for the call out. Now I am arguing with head office about the issue and they refuse to do anything about it. I am going to take the dryer to the local Sears, set it up on the side walk along with a sign and smash the dryer to bits. I think I will call the news people too…I will never buy another item from Sears, EVER!!


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    M@ says...

    I totally understand your feelings towards Sears. In the store, they have great people and really make you feel like you’re going to get a good product at a good price from a reputable company. But their service and delivery people seem to manage to screw up every single time. I have never had a completely satisfactory delivery or service interaction with Sears!

    I swore two years ago — after yet another Sears screw-up — that I would never shop at Sears again. I have been able to keep that oath without difficulty.

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    dawn says...

    You need to call the TV also it is time that we start to fight back .

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    sally says...

    $500 would buy a new dryer! I dont know ive never had any trouble with their apppiances and had to call their techs (knock on wood) but we just take our stuff to a guy we know anyways. Less stress lol.

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    Roche Runo says...

    First off going to the newspaper wont do you any good. How often have you seen this type of thing in the newspaper. The reason, its a legal issual and they wont run the risk of slander should sears be in the right. Or the TV.

    When the first repair was made you were covered by the one year warrenty and paid nothing for the repair. Once that year passeds the warrenty expires. And when that happens any issue that devlepoles after is soley on the customers shoulder to pay for. The contract legally ends on that date and sears is no longer under any obligation to repair it at their expense. When customers purchase the item they agree to this. They may not realize they have if they havent read the warrentee before buying the item.

    The only thing i can suggest is that you read over your warrently cafefully, check dates on invoices and maybe find a loop hole if you can.

    I wish you luck

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