Cheated by Modern Living Furniture in Scarborough, ON

By Chun

A “never fulfil promise” Chinese furniture store

We have ordered a so called custom made from this store. The owner’s name is called Raymond. When we entered the store, we saw signs in Chinese saying that they will copy other store’s sofa, even high end ones, and do it for you by tailoring your needs, such as the grade of leather and the stiffness of height, etc.

We are stupid enough to believe in his words, though we have heard so many horror stories about Chinese furniture. WE HAVE MADE THE BIGGEST MISTAKES IN OUR LIVES BY TRUSTING THIS COMPANY!!!! We order the sofa from the store in Feb 2010, asking them to copy the sofa from EQ3 (The only thing I have to complain about EQ3’s sofa is it is too soft for my back!) Raymond said they will do a great job, and even have their staff go to EQ3 to look at the actual sofa. He promised that the sofa will be done in about 6 weeks. We have emphasis again and again to him that they have to copy the style completely, such as the way of stitching. We did made some adjustment for the height though for comfort level. His sofa is not cheap. He charged us over $1700 for the 3 seater (leather)

After six weeks had been past and we have heard nothing from the store. We called Raymond for follow-up. He told us that they would need to delay the sofa because they have to re-do the sofa frame. Apparently, they are trying to use an existing wood frame and “modify” it into the sofa that we want! Come on…each sofa has its own style and shape. How could you try to fit in your existing frame to make our very own “custom” made sofa…

Okay… we waited for another 6 weeks and no response. Again we called. This time they said that they are almost ready for the frame. It was Jun 2010. We went on our holiday in July 2010 and came back in August. We called and he said that it was almost done. So instead of having the store to ship it to us, we take an extra step to view the sofa. MY GOODNESS…they made the sofa in a WRONG COLOUR!!! Also, they made the stitching wrong too. We complained to Raymond about the wrong colour. I cannot believe that he denied about the wrong colour and said that we picked the colour as shown. Finally, he gave up and let us choose the colour again. When we see the samples, we compare the sample code # with our invoice. It was him and his workers who made the mistake by reading the code # wrong. Also, I complained to him that it is inappropriate to use an existing frame for our custom made sofa. He then made an excuse that our sofa was never indicated as custom, so it is expected to use the existing frame and modify it.

Now it is Nov 2010, and we still have not received the sofa. It is such a sad store that they are just like other Chinese furniture store that they will promise you with everything, but they can not fulfil their promises.

Name: Modern Living Furniture Ltd at 21 Trojan Gate Scarborough , ON

6 Responses to “Cheated by Modern Living Furniture in Scarborough, ON”

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    RCSS Customer says...

    why are you pointing out that it is a “chinese” furniture store? why couldn’t it just be a furniture store? just saying.. oh and too bad about your couch shouldn’t buy knock-offs.

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    Ashley says...

    I have to agree with RCSS Customer, it could be any furniture store that could rip you off…not necessary to point out that it’s a “chinese” furniture store.

    That sucks that they ripped you off. Maybe you can report them to BBB?
    Next time I definitely recommend doing your research first to ensure you’re dealing with a reputable company.

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    Cheryl888 says...

    Sounds like a small claims case to me.
    The period of being patient is over in my opinion, and I would seek out some legal options by this point

    Good luck

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    RCSS Customer says...

    wow! that’s kind of harsh lisa, no?

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    Chun says...

    An update on my sofa…At the end of Nov, I am so sick of the company. I told the owner that I will cancel the sofa and just ask them to send in the dining set. Then quickly the owner became so nice (but fake) and said the sofa would be ready in 1 week! How could that be? Finally I got my sofa on Wed. It is nothing compared to EQ3’s. The sofa is poorly made and they have changed some design. I learn my lesson, and just to share it with anyone who may want to try the company. There is no art in this type of the furniture store.

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    Diane says...

    EQ3 pays designers to create unique furniture. Knock-offs are theft of the original designer’s idea. And, you get what you pay for. If you expect the sofa to be exactly like the original, then buy the original.

    While I think the service offered by this company was abysmal, I really don’t see the relevance of the store being ‘Chinese’.

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