HVM Chaos

By Cheryl888

Recieved a “non brand name” xbox 360 controller as a gift a few weeks back. Tried it out, needless to say, its nowhere near the quality of a microsoft controller. We decided to take it back, and either exchange for a microsoft version, or just get in store credit (based on the fact that it was opened). This was 2 days after it was purchased. Took it in, and was told because there was an extended warrenty purchased, we would need to call them, and deal with the issues through them. …..Ok……so we called. After about an hour on the phone, we were told to take the remote back to HMV, as they should be accepting the return. By this point, my head was hurting. I called our local store (where we attempted to return the first one), and was told their policy was not to accept any returns. After a few more hours of run-around, I was told the best I could get would be an exchange on the controller, for one of the same brand!!!…..and that HMV would “eat” the cost of this issue

Where is room for an unsatisified customer? Sadly, HMV was not familiar with the brand they carried (I know…….), and could not give me any info to contact.

I wrote a email to customer service, and now I need to attempt to find a fax machine in order to fax a copy of the reciept (easier said than done). I will update as I go!!!!!

PS - All people I spoke with were VERY helpful as much as they could, and professional. Its sadly HMV that has the shoddy policies, and they endorce silly 3rd party extended warranty companies, and products they cannot stand behind. GRR!!!


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    RCSS Customer says...

    not really “chaos” but yeah. personally i would’ve called prior to going anywhere.

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    Sara says...

    what the hell it’s not rent-a-center. You don’t buy it then try it!

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    Cheryl888 says...

    Of course I should be able to exchange it/return it if I am not satisfied. Especially if it is a gift (with gift reciept). And ESPECIALLY if there is an extended warranty purchsed with the item. Someone should be responsible for the product sold. It is not up to par, and does not work as it should.

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    facepalm says...

    Yet again with the sense of entitlement. IF it was defective, they’d replace it with the same thing…as they offered to do and you apparently declined. The same with the warranty…thats if it breaks to get the item repaired (controller would be replaced), so you have the SAME THING.

    Its not for you to go buy stuff, open it, try it, and return at your leisure. The item works as intended its yours. If it doesn’t work exchange for same item.

    Next tiem don’t be so cheap and buy your kid a real one.

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    Cheryl888 says...

    Actually, it was a gift for us, from a friend.
    I didnt purchase this.

    Future shop, best buy, toys r us, walmart, zellers, sears….(Im sure I could go on), allow a customer to try out a product, and if unsatisfied, stand behind their product, and allow for a return. Actually, I went to the body shop the other day, experianced an issue where I was not happy with the expensive product I bought, so I returned it, with a full refund. If a company does not stand behind a product, why sell it? As a consumer I feel that if they cannot at least refund our money, why not give me the info for the company? They didnt even have that, so I wonder who does their purchasing for them?!

    I never declined. The store reluctently offered me this deal, but I have no doubt the second controller will be as shoddy. I rarely purchase anything “non-brand-name”, including food. I am far from cheap.

    PS - Future shop carries the same brand, and they told me they would give store credit back if it was opened, and you were unhappy with the product.

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    Sara says...

    I’m sure you have plenty of money, hell I’d have plenty of money too if I just used shit until I was done with it an returned it. Oh yes this computer I’ve had 8 years well I’m just not happy with it anymore can I have all my money back??


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    Ashley says...

    I think if she tried something and it doesn’t work up to the standard she is entitled to EXCHANGE it. All she wanted was to upgrade and I don’t think that’s too much to ask. She didn’t have it for years ….2 days. If you buy something and it doesn’t work of course you want to get it replaced!

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    Mrs.January says...

    I bet cheryl888 returns a LOT of stuff…

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    Cheryl888 says...

    Hahaha…all you haters surprise me.

    I wanted to UPGRADE to a better remote, thus giving the store more money. I can tell most people have no idea what they are talking about, and havent worked in retail!! lol

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    BigBill says...


    You took back the item claiming it was defective. The gave you a replacement. Where is the “chaos?

    Sounds like fine service to me

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    AJ says...

    wow lack of support here.

    the controller underperformed, and therefore is defective. the ‘blame’ should be on the gift giver.

    as for expecting a return or store credit, that is perfectly reasonable to ask for. 2 days is hardly taking advantage.

    wow, people here are usually nice!!

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    MJ says...

    First of all…..it seems there are some people just trolling and looking to be argumentative here. Everyone is entitled to air their complaint without getting jumped all over for it.
    While I understand that you were trying to exchange, it is up to you or the person who purchased the product to know the store’s return/exchange policies.
    I DO work in retail and our policy is warranty only on electrical parts, no returns. That means once you buy it, it IS yours. It is the only way we can guarantee when you purchase an electrical item that it has never been used/installed.
    It’s the old buyer beware saying……and I also do not think it was Chaos, just a bit of misunderstandings….
    Just my opinion….
    Also, I do believe they should know more about the brands they carry and should also have been able to give you contact infor for the manufacturer….

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    Ciel says...

    Any Shoppers Drug Mart with a postal outlet has a fax machine that will charge you based on the minutes of the transmission. Ask about the rates. Or you could go to a UPS store and pay for their fax use.

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