Great Experience at Winners

By Winners Great Experience

I have probably bought 4 electronics in my life at winners and each time I ask myself why did I do that. They break really easily in my experience. I bought JVC gummy headphones there and found they broke within a month. I was pretty bummed. I never keep receipts so i figured it was a wash. I also changed up jobs and needed proper work attire and I find winners has nice work clothes and so I hit the clearance rack…scoring several nice pieces that added up to over 100 dollars. i had my broken head phones on me and complained when I paid that I never keep my receipts but bought these here less than a month ago. I went on to say I just paid over 100 dollars in product. Is there anyway you’d be nice and replace them. The woman looked at my headphones and apologized and gave me a nicer pair than I had purchased. I was very pleased.

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    Joe says...

    Wow! What Winners location?

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