Molly Maid Canada

By Peter

We received a gift certificate for $125 for this service, and all we wanted, for that money, was to have our carpets cleaned.

On speaking with Molly Maid, we found out that the franchise does NOT do carpets, and hence the service was useless to us, because that was all we needed done.

Upon asking for a redemption of the certificate, I was told that it was not their policy to provide refunds. So now we have a wedding gift that we can’t really use. Thank you Molly Maid.

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    Cheryl says...

    How is this Molly Maids fault? I dont go into Sears and ask to buy a car, then get angry when they dont have it!
    This sounds like a you problem, not a Molly Maid problem. No companies provide refunds on gift cards, because why would they? There is nothing wrong with the product, its just that you dont want it!

    Try, get some money back, and try to be a smart consumer in the future

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    Joe says...

    I heard some maid services won’t do carpets because the industrial vacuums they use are very expensive to buy, and very heavy for the staff to carry around.

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    Iwannadeal says...

    First of all I would be thrilled that I was given a gift card for housecleaning! But I’m shocked that a company that claims to do housecleaning doesn’t do vacuuming?!?! I never would’ve imagined that!

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    Marie says...

    Molly Maid DOES do vacuuming. It sounds like Peter wanted his carpets cleaned with a machine, which many cleaning companies don’t do - as Joe mentioned above, those machines are very heavy and may not be easy for the employees to cart around with them. It sounds like you are being ungrateful for a wonderful wedding gift - why not have Molly Maid come in and clean your house one time so you and your wife can relax and come home to a clean house one day after work? You’d be surprised how happy it makes you feel when you walk through the door and see everything clean and perfectly in place. I have been a Molly Maid customer for many years and I would recommend them in a second! Stop being difficult about carpet cleaning and open your mind to having MOolly Maid come in a clean your home - only if it’s just one time - to give you and your wife a break!

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    bob says...

    Likes like asking an electrican to do plumming.

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    I will help you says...

    Hi Peter

    I will very happily help you. You can give me your certificate. As a working mother I would love to have someone clean my place.

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    Penny says...

    You are upset because they didn’t give you money for the value of the gift card. Businesses are in business to make money, you can’t fault them for that. To EXPECT them to refund your gift card because you don’t want it or because they can’t provide the service is ridiculous. YOU are ridiculous!

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    Muttgirl's Mum says...

    Gawd, I’d love a cleaning crew for one shift.

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    Ron Simmons says...

    Wow Peter you are ridiculous!

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    Nancy says...

    Sounds like a perfect regift!

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    nutzovrkleening says...

    Sounds like you should have been more explicit about what you needed. as a wedding gift from your guest / family / friend? If you had said exactly what you needed the money for it wouldnt be caught up in a company who didnt provide the service you need. Your guest, etc would have been able to figure out exactly what company did and didn’t do carpet cleaning prior to dishing out the funds. Next time don’t fluff it up…just say what you need!

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