Bad Customer Service at Popeye’s Chicken

By nick

1975 weston rd popeyes i went yesterday food vary bad store is not clean and i have to waite half our for my food and the food is not cook proprly i naver go any moore popeyes

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    Joe says...

    Some Popeye’s owners keep the restaurant and chicken perfect; I have never once had a single complaint about the location downtown at Yonge and Wellesley. The chicken is always fresh and hot, and never greasy.

    But some other locations - you can tell the owner isn’t so careful, so the chicken isn’t as good.

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    Anon says...

    Your poor grammar and spelling is making my eyes bleed. How are we to trust the opinion of someone so illiterate?

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    Carlotta says...

    Why are these types of reviews even posted???

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    Baby K says...

    I was not pleased with popeyes at 3493 Kingston in Scarborough the young lady was just finishing being rushed by friends getting mad at her an she charged me extra money on more food i didn’t order an did not get also no receipt an i wondered why the food was so pricey so i asked the supervisor for the receipt an the girl that finished work charged me about $9.00 in there pocket i had to argue with the people to give me my money or take back the food an my food was cold an i had to wait 25minutes and the food was cold an i wouldn’t tell anyone about goin there i was pissed off this place there not training there employers properly very poor not pleases or satisfied at all

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    Baby K says...

    popeyes suck im disgusted with there poor employers rushing and tryna rip you off by 5 to 10 buck for them i believe there tryna scam their customers

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    Baby K says...

    @ 3493 Kingston Road Scarborough Ontario report the worst place to get food did not even get something else for that mistake of the waiting time very scamesh and cheapish lol

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    yesbeware says...

    O.K bad grammar is not good but the bottom line is…could you understand the gyst of what is trying to be said? Calling out grammar is sometimes just as ignorant as bad grammar itself.

    Use commonsense and piece things together.

    Also English is perhaps not the posters first language.

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    jy says...

    Popeye guelph

    Ordered a 3 piece meal. Heres what I got:

    50 minutes (20 minutes over the 30 minutes they said it would take)
    5 bucks delivery (more expensive than PizzaPizza)
    5 onion rings for my side
    NO buscuits, not a big deal, but I like to get what I paid for
    Didn’t take my visa payment as agreed, so had to use the last of my cash.
    Phoned to complain, but the manager just rushed me saying: ok ok thank you bye.
    Ouch, the restaurant cannot afford poor management attitude on top of poor customer service and quality.
    All I can say is, they are lucky Guelph is a university town, because even though students may be able to take your unprofessional business conducts, you won’t survive in anywhere else.

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    Brownie says...

    Had a horrible experience on December 1, 2012 at Popeye’s in Brampton (Bramalea City Center Location). Filled out the online complaint form at the Popeye’s Corporate website when I got home that evening. No response (not even an automated email). Called to follow up on the status of my complaint on December 20, 2012. I was verbally told that they they received my complaint and they would follow up with me “sometime soon”. Today is February 1, 2013. Two full months from my initial complaint to Popeye’s Corporate, and no response at all. Not even an email. I’m considering calling the complaint hotline again, but I’m not sure if they care. I’m truly horrified at the lack of a response…

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