Your Dollar Store With More - 5095 Yonge St.

by Mommy

I think this is a great site and fabulous idea.  I visited the above noted dollar store in August 2008 and was treated very badly by the clerk, store manager and the owner.  If you want to visit a store where customer service is not a priority then visit this place. The “head” clerk got lippy and loud in front of the whole store.  The manager followed suit.  In all my life I never really had a bad experience with a store until I visited this store.  I got the run around, never received an apology and when I contacted the head office they mentioned I would receive a call from the owner.  Never happened.  This store’s policies change on the whim of the manager and or owner.  Signs are posted but not followed by anyone and if you challenge their authority, you get treated badly in return.

3 Responses to “Your Dollar Store With More - 5095 Yonge St.”

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    CD says...

    So very very true. Thank you for an insightful review.

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    Gajendra says...

    Nice review. Well written article and good to communicate that one to others. I am a professional blogger and working in the brand analytics area. I hope more good reviews from your side.


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    Janice says...

    I visited this same Your Dollar Store With More recently and received superb service. The clerk actually helped me pick out items and color matched party supplies as well as made many suggestions that I followed. I must say it has been a long time since I have had service like this and it was in a dollar store. You would never see that in a Dollarama.

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