Loblaws - Bad Advertisement in Richmond Hill, ON at Yonge & Elgin Mills

By KanukZhoper

On boxing day, Loblaws advertise a 32″ RCA TV for $195 and each store had a min. 4. Got there at opening and was told that they don’t have them, ask for a manager but was told not in yet. Call customer service, they call back a week later and said that the store had 3. So the store assistant manager call me and told me that the manager in charge came in at 9am and sold them. Didn’t like the answer so I ask customer service to have the General manager of the store to call me. STILL WAITING! false advertisement/bad business what ever. Been a customer since this store open over 10 years ago…must look elsewhere!!!

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    Eric says...

    That does suck indeed, but you could consider yourself lucky that you didn’t get it. RCA tvs have been known to have plenty of issues and, since they don’t use common parts, repairs are next to impossible for many electronic shops to perform on them.

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    DA says...

    That is how they work . Extra Foods does the same thing the staff take all the good deals before the store opens .

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    Karabana says...

    A complaint I have with Loblaws Yonge near Lawrence is they wouldn’t take a rain check from another location! Huh? The items were advertised in their flyer, so I don’t get why they wouldn’t take it. Absolutely ridiculous.

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    DA says...

    All Loblaws stores in SK Extra Foods and Supper Store no longer give out rain checks .No reason was given .

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