Beyond the Rack Purchase Never Came

By Sharon

Your review…I too would never order from BTR again as the first and last time i ordered, my purchase never showed up and when i emailed the company all they kept telling me is that it is on backorder from the supplier and would ship it as soon as it comes in. Well….over a month has gone by at this point so i emailed them once again and told them that i’m not waiting any longer so i would like a refund. Of course the refund was credited to my card but this has made me think twice about ordering from BTR ever again.

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    Dee says...

    You do realize how far China and Europe are, right? If you are not comfortable waiting for around 3-5 weeks, then you should not order from BTR… they only tell you about 10 times that shipping takes a little longer. Ebay, amazon and any other sites of the genre take 4-6… same deal. Also, if you are not living in a big metropolitan area like Toronto, but rather somewhere far out like Sudbury or even further still in the USA, you have to realize the mail is slow, and gets transfered over several multiple agents to avoid making YOU pay 30$ for shipping instead of the 11$… so really… you complain but if you want it quicker it’s still you who will have to pay for that. And that is fair, because you were warned. I have order several things from BTR, over 30, and have had no problems so far. I waited 3 weeks and was delighted to see my things unharmed at my door. My friend ordered last week and received her 3/4 of her stuff in 1 week.

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