Bad Boots from Mark’s Work Warehouse

By JP72

This is the letter I sent Marks about a very expensive work boot I purchase only 8months ago at their store.

I bought these boots only 8 months ago expecting to get a couple of years out of them. Already the sides are separating at the seams. These were the most expensive boots I ever bought, so I was expecting longevity out of them. The last boot I bought was a no name and I got 3 yrs out of them. I’m very disappointed and will never buy Dakota again.

They told me that they wouldn’t do anything for me, not even a damn sorry.

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    Cheryl says...

    Marks does not stand behind their work boots, bought a pair for boyfriend, he had them 1 month and 2 days, soles ripped off on puncture proof soles and they told me wear and tear. Horrible!!! The are false advertising thei 100 day guarantee….it only atands if the boots are on the shelf and fall apart there. Delta, bc

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    Brandon says...

    I was also very dissapointed with Marks and will never go back. Their 100 day warrenty is a scam. After less than 3 weeks the soles and heels of my Timberland mud pros started to rip out and has become very uncomforatble to wear. I started out very polite with the manager and once they told me it was normal wear and tare, I got angry. After that they told me it was my fault that I bought shoes that were not the correct size. I freaked after that and they asked me to leave. Customer service offered me 20% discount on my next purchase. As if I would ever buy from them again. Absolutly JUNK!!! and horible customer service. I emplore anyone considering buying boots from Marks (merrivale road location in Ottawa) go else where, you will be 10x happier!!!

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    cameron says...

    I also bought an expensive pair of work boots here ($189.00 before sale price) and after 7 months of inside work with no chemicals or water the soles came apart from the leather upper.I was told that “7 months was normal wear and tear”, and there was nothing they could do.I Feel that their products are inferior because all of there boots are MADE IN CHINA,and we all know what CHINA’S quality standards are.They even go so far as to put stitching around the welts (soles) to make it appear that the soles are sewn on but actually they are only glued on.I’m getting tired of all this imported Chinese crap.I’ve resoled (vibram) my Italian mountaineering boots twice because of the high quality of the upper construction and REAL stitching of the welt.

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    Luc says...

    Do not buy Dakota boots from Mark’s there are complete garbage, they return policy is even worst. Now what should I do with them ? they have huge craks on their sides and used them for less then a 100 days, maybe I can grow flowers in them !

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    Dav says...

    The sole of my Dakota boot ripped off after 4 months no warning I was walking up a hill and hooked my toe and took a fall. After I took them to a store with no luck I emailed Marks and this is what I got back

    Thank you for contacting Mark’s.

    Over the years Mark’s has had to formulate various company policies as retail has evolved. These policies have never been arbitrarily adopted. We have chosen certain policies in order to accommodate our customers by providing our product at the lowest conceivable price while remaining in steadfastly devoted to customer service and product quality.

    One of these policies is that our customers have 100 days in which to return any industrial boots for a full refund. We feel this allows sufficient time to inspect our product and be assured of its quality.

    We are grateful for the business you have seen fit to give our firm, and are proud to have you as one of our customers. We cannot, however, authorize the return of our merchandise as you have requested, since you purchased the item over 100 days ago.

    We are sorry that we cannot accommodate you in this matter. We hope you will understand why we must take this position.

    We sincerely thank you for taking the time to contact us.

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    Annie says...

    My husband bought some Dakota work boots on May 8th, 2012 and after a 50 day shut-down brought them back to the store on July 2nd as they were falling apart. He couldn’t even lace them properly anymore, the eyelets on top of the toes were damaged. The guy at the store asked him what he did to damage the boots and basically called him a liar saying these boots are more then 2 ms old. My husband told him he is a journeyman and works in refineries. He’s probably never been in a refinery. He said there was nothing that could be done. My husband asked about the 100 day boot guarantee and he said it didn’t apply cause it was normal wear and tear and kept mentioning the toe caps which were damaged. My husband reminded him that it wasn’t about the toe caps but the eyelets. A woman employee showed up and said that nothing could be done, it was normal wear and tear of the toe caps, again he told her that it was the eyelets not the toe caps that was the problem since he couldn’t properly lace the boots. She started talking to the guy and told him, in front of us, that it looked like “he put a screwdriver to the boot”. Excuse me but we are standing right here. How rude…….

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    F says...

    Had a pair of Dakotas now for three months and the back ripped….on top of the reflective strip. I bought the high end ones….marks did nothing!….dont shop at marks and wait until you can buy some redwings.they can be resoled and are very comfortable.marks doesnt stand behind their words. A terrible way to do business.tell your unions and coworkers of your experience. The only way to get them is by OUR words.

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    Matt says...

    I had the same problem tonight with a pair of Dakotas I bought from the Mark’s in Waterdown. Pay nearly $200 and when they fall apart you can’t even get an apology out of the store manager, just “yeah that happens, nothing we can do.” I’ll never go in another Mark’s

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    Dale Antonides says...

    Same problem - same amount of time to fall apart. Trying a pair of Justins.

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