A Happy Story with Loblaws

by Screamy

I frequently buy those “make your own pizza” kits with the shells already made as a semi-frugal way of having a “date” night; the BF loves pizza and I just won’t pay $25 for one I can make at home for  less than $5!

I purchased a package of shells at the Queens Quay store and didn’t notice, until I had already cooked it and we were eating, that it had large spots of grey mold on the bottom of one of the shells (which are concealed by a cardboard insert until you open them).  :(

I keep my receipts for everything, and decided to call customer service to let them know, and to see what they would do.  They were just as nice as pie, and apologized profusely.  I told them I wouldn’t be able to get back to the store for almost a month (not having a car is a bit of a pain sometimes) and they told me not to worry about that, they’d refund my money whenever I came in.

I kept the little cardboard insert to show to them (it had little bits of grey fuzz that I hadn’t noticed when I took the shell out) to prove it, and when I showed it to them, the CSR said, you didn’t need to bring that to us, we would have believed you without it!

The whole process took less than two minutes and I was on my way with my $3.99, and I will definitely continue to shop there because they were so great.


5 Responses to “A Happy Story with Loblaws”

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    HEINZ says...

    yeah same happen to me but with superstore. I bought a fruit cake and it tasted so bad…I called them and talked to the manager and he told me to just bring it back and so I bring it back and the CSR was in awe of how some of the kiwis looked too! all in all I got the full refund 29.98 + tax and a 10 superstore GC!


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    Leslie says...

    That is great to hear good things! I had an experience with the PC mouthwash, it tastes awful!!! When I returned to the store, with my receipt, I was told ‘we can’t take it back just because you don’t like the taste’. I kicked up a bit of a fuss and got my money refunded. Wasn’t the most positive experience and it does make me think twice before buying their store brand products.

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    Jeff K says...

    Loblaws by Lakeshore Toronto also has excellent customer service.

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    Islandlakes says...

    I return things all the time to Atlantic Superstore if I am not happy with it. This is in Moncton and Halifax. No trouble either place.

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