Shaw Canada: Very Unhappy

By Unhappy

I thought I’d done a lot of research before choosing Shaw to bundle my phone, internet & tv, but one can never predict the after-installation customer service experience.  I sure can’t believe that in the one month I’ve been with them, I had one question on how my remote worked (it’s not on the website, too new or something like that) and a request to add more channels (you’d think they want to get more of my business). Anyhow, the first matter took me 2 hours of being hung up on by their system, until I was finally berated, lied to, insulted and patronized by a rude supervisor named Mark, then he hung up on me.  I gave up on the question, and figured I’d figure out how to use the functions somehow, someday. Because I’m locked into a 3 yr purchase plan for equipment I can’t nuke them, or I would have.  Instead, all I can do is tell anyone and everyone I speak to about my horrible experiences and hopefully warn trusting customers away (who don’t like to be argued with, yelled
at or abused).  Second time, I tried to add 2 channels and I was told it would cost me $20 a month.  The attitude of the service agent was so unhelpful and so rude.  Again, I’m kicking myself for  signing on with Shaw.  Maybe at some point I’ll get a good enough deal from a competitor that I won’t care about paying for equipment I’ll never use and just ditch them.  It’s probably going to happen that way, eventually.

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    Dale says...

    Doesn’t surprise me, but thanks for the “heads up”. I was thinking of going with Shaw after a Telus representative quoted me a package price from their call centre in Nevada then the local rep reneged on the price and quoted me higher prices. In other words, “just because we give you a price, doesn’t mean we have to honestly stick with it”; we’d rather stick it to YOU! I was leaving a RCSS in Surrey BC and there was a table set up by a representative for SHAW. He had a few signs hanging on the front of the table with various offers shown. One prominently said ‘home phone, internet, & cable (50+ channels as I recall) for only $59.40 per month with a 3 year price guaranty. I said to the agent “that sounds pretty good, what do I have to do to sign up”. He shows me the form and explains that it will be $59.40 the 1st year, $79.40 the 2nd and $89.40 the 3rd. I said what kind of price guaranty is that? He actually tried to convince me that this was some kind of price guaranty! I said “the only guaranty here is that the price will go up every year” No Thanks. What a scam.

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    Shocked says...

    I think it’s just the sound of your voice because I’ve had *nothing* but great customer service from Shaw. Anytime I call them with a technical question they are more than pleasant, polite, and patient with their answers. We’ve been with them for years (when they were StarChoice) and wouldn’t dream of going with anyone else. Also love that the call centres are in Canada.

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    Adman says...

    Sorry to hear you had a tough time, I’ve been with Shaw for 10 years now.
    They have had the best C S , always polite, down to earth and you never have to sit on hold as they call you back,
    Ps I’m to lazy to go on line about technical things and they’ve always been brilliant about everything

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    Johannes says...

    Shaw is one the worst companies ever to deal with. Their systems are outdated and makes for a terrible time trying to resolve anything.
    If it were any other industry the company would surly go under

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