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Walmart Canada: Customer Service

By Thrifygirl

Recently I went to walmart to shop for diapers and wipes for my newborn baby. As I was shopping I found a bag of opened diapers. So I placed them in my cart and figured I could possibly get a good discount on them at the cash. When I got to the cashI asked the red headed cashier¬† to ask the supervisor to came to see if I could get a discount on the opened package of diapers.She¬† started to gab about the coupon restrictions and how there told to never give away anything.After all I was paying for it . She continued to say how stupid people were because even if something was broken people would pay for it.She explained how at Halloween Walmart sold a skid of broken black cats at no discount at all. I was trying so hard to pay attention to the prices on the display to make sure everything was¬† at correct price. I love the Scanning code of practice! So I finally get a word in to ask for a supervisor to give me a discount. She arrives almost right away and looks at¬† the diapers and says well we usually don’t give a discount but you can have 10% off. So Iam happy with that because I have a coupon to use with my purchase so I am going to save $3.50 now. So the supervisor leaves and the cashier continues to scan all my items.I wait patiently for my savings and dont see her make the change so I ask” did you take 10% off? No , She says Its up to me she says and we arent giving you the 10% off. Iam like what did she just say? I am being told be a Walmart cashier that shes not going to give me my discount. So I tell her that ” Yes”¬† the supervisor¬† just said 3 seconds ago to give me the discount. So she plays stuipid for a minute and calls over another walmart employee. She asks her if its okay to give me savings of 10%. The Walmart employee agrees to give me the discount.


Smart Set St. Catharines

By Couponcountrychic

I’m a fourth year Business student, so I’m always in need of affordable, yet classy business casual clothes. About a year ago, the Smart Set in the Pen Center closed, which left Dynamite as the only viable age appropriate option for students. Just recently I discovered the Smart Set on Fourth Avenue. This store is very spacious, and airy. It’s not crammed full of clothes like most stores, and has a long change room hallway, which is excellent for checking out your outfit from different distances. In addition, there are always lots of salespeople to help you, which is important for when you’re shopping on your own. Kudos to Smart Set!!


Crest White Strips: Super Sensitive Teeth Afterwards

By Ave

I read many other reviews about the Crest White strips and really wanted to try myself. I got the Professional Effects kit because I really wanted to know if they really worked. It was quite pricey for a drugstore product since it was around $50-60 with tax. I am almost done the box (2 strips left). It’s like putting tape on your teeth and then pulling it out afterwards. It is easy to use but the sensation afterwards doesn’t feel good. After 3 days straight of use, I felt sensitivity from my teeth and gums. There was minor swelling from the gums and my teeth would suddenly hurt for 3 seconds then stop. It is a strange feeling. So I stopped using it for a few days before restarting. I’ve been afraid to use the strips continuously so I would use them for 2 days and rest for a few days to avoid sensitivity. I think it did light my teeth a little bit but the results are pretty negligible. For all the uncomfortableness I will not repurchase this again.


Smart Canucks Canada: Review For A Chance to Win!


From now until August 30th 2012 submit a review and be entered into a gift card draw for $50.¬† The gift card can be of your choice such as Tim Hortons, Shoppers, and Walmart.¬† Reviews can be about any experience at a merchant/service/product in the virtual or real world.¬† The reviews can be positive or negative.¬† Have a great makeup counter girl? Give her a shout out with your review. Reviews must be legible and at least a paragraph long to be entered. Reviews that are just a sentence or two will NOT be published. Remember it’s all in the details.¬† Fake reviews will not be accepted.¬† Enter as many times as you wish as long as your review is accurate and true. Please do not forget a title and what store/location you are writing about.

Simply visit our review blog and scroll to the middle to submit your review.

We like to keep the Review blog fairly anonymous so please just use a valid email when you submit your review to be entered.

Rules and Regulations

  • Age of majority only
  • Canada only no purchase is necessary to enter, odds of winning are dependent on number of entries received.
  • You may only win a max of 2 contests throughout the whole giveaways event to give others a chance to win
  • Contest ends August 30th 2012 at 11:59 pm(est) and the winner will be announced shortly after potential winner answers a skill testing question.
  • You must use a valid email so I can contact you with details on how to claim your prize. Persons who enter with an alias(fake) email will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be drawn.

Are you a business who wants to featured in one of our giveaways? Email me at Sally@ (omit spaces)


Sports Experts Quebec

By Channylaf

We live in Quebec and I was shopping for a gift for my husband.¬† Since he plays golf and loves (like, total mancrush love) Rick Fowler, the golfer, I decided to buy him some of the golf shirts Rick wears.¬† Well, I knew they were colorful and that they were made by Puma, but walking into Sports Experts with a cranky 13-month old, I didn’t know where to find them in the fastest way possible.¬† Enter my hero: the most polite, helpful teenage salesman I have ever met.¬† He knew right away what I was talking about, showed me some choices (I bought both of the loud, colorful golf shirts), walked me to the counter and removed the security tags for me before a girl put them through the register.¬† He even advised me on the washing instructions (which I thought was cute cuz I’ve been doing laundry since before he was born - I’m 35 by the way). He didn’t rush me, smiled, and seemed genuinely happy to help…a shocker for me since I haven’t had the best customer service since we moved here
.¬† I got out of there in record time saving both my sanity and my day.¬† I don’t know his name because he wasn’t wearing a name tag, but he works in the golf dept at the Place Promenades Sports Experts in Saint Bruno, QC.¬† I will drive the 30 mins just to buy from this store from now on.¬† Great job young sir!¬† You have not only reestablished my faith in the younger generation, but you made my day a little brighter and I will tell all my friends to go find you and buy from you!


Safeway Canada: Receipt Was an Unreadable Mess

By Customer with a 2 year old

Winnipeg Safeway on Vermillion. You coupon right? Well so do I.  ;)Safeway had some great deals so I went with my little guy who is 2 and we got 4 bottles of sunlight detergent as it was on sale b1g1, 2 bottles of ketchup on sale, 4 boxes of tea with 50% stickers, 3 glade smellies, one tub baby wipes, and two tubs of yogurt. Fairly small order but a lot of coupons.
I had 2 fpcs for yogurt, 2 fpcs for sunlight, 3 fpcs for glade smellies, 1 fpc for baby wipes and 4x $1 offs the tea. The cashier rang it through I paid what I thought was too much and stopped to check the receipt. Well I stared at it and stared at it and I couldn’t figure the thing out. I took it to customer service and she couldn’t figure it out. She went and got all of the coupons from the cashier and re rang it in and somehow came up with that she owed me $90!!! I said NO you owe me around $10-$12. She did it again $80ish owing to me - NO! (I mean seriously I would love $80 or $90¬† but its not right) it took 45mins when I finally said look give me a pen and paper. I showed her all the products with fpcs/bogo sales = free and showed her that I really should only pay full price for the ketchup and 1/2 tea price minus the $1 each coupons AND any applicable taxes.¬† She then gave me $10.12 back. Safeways receipts with their in house sale price then card savings then additional
discounts listed at the bottom separate from the product bought are so confusing that even their own staff don’t know whats going on. Luckily my little guy had just finished a free cookie from their bakery so he was happy as a clam to be given a flyer to “read” while this 45min fiasco played itself out.


Pottery Barn Canada: Sherway Gardens

By Stephanie

I went to Pottery Barn Sherway gardens with my baby stroller and toddler in hand - during the day when it is not so busy.¬† I tried to ask a salesperson¬† - politely - for help to find a lamp.¬† She looked at me and looked over at another older lady, much fancier dressed than I (of course I have 2 kids in tow) - she didn’t even say anything to me - she held her hand up to me and then walked over to the other lady to ask her if she needed help. WELL EXCUSE ME!¬† Just because I am with two (very quiet I may add) children and I am not dressed to the nines, does not mean you give me the “hand,” and go to another customer that LOOKS like they may spend more money.¬† She didn’t even SAY ANYTHING to me just the hand.¬† I almost started to cry!¬† I just walked right out of the store and went home.¬† WORST. EXPERIENCE. EVER. I am never going there again.¬† EVER.


No Frills - Cobourg - True Example of Customer Service!

By Shwa girl

Recently, I have not been too thrilled with shopping at No Frills. The Oshawa stores were restricting the number of coupons that can be used and each store manager was making up their own policy on coupons.

The Dole bagged salad was on sale (Thurs. June 7) for $1.  As usual, there were none on the shelf. I talked to the produce guy telling him that I had been in on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. He apologized for the lack of stock.  He then searched me out as I continued shopping and apologized again, telling he that he checked stock in the warehouse and that there was none for him to order.  He told me that I should see him next week and he will mark down some bags for me, for my inconvenience. What a refreshing change from my recent No Frills experience.

I would recommend the Cobourg store — this is not the first time they have provided good customer service.¬† Also, when there is a a big line up, they will call for another cashier and someone will open until the long line has decreased. I wish that Metro would learn this lesson in customer service from this No Frills location.


The Body Shop Canada Markv‚Äčille Mall

By Rene

This location has some of the most helpful sales people ever! I have really sensitive skin, and have had allergic reactions in the past that took months to heal. I didn’t realize they gave samples of products, but when I told them my story, they were so helpful in explaining about all the products and even giving me multiple samples of the line I was interested in so I could test out for myself if they would give me a reaction or not. When certain products were out, they also called other stores to hold products for me for upto 2 days because of my work schedule. My story has been told to future would-be customers, so that other people know it’s ok to be forthcoming about skin woes! A+ for customer service.


Canadian Tire: Wrong Prices

I called several Canadian tires in my area for an electric grease gun, the one on the website shows a black one with the name UST the product number is 28-2700-8, the one at trinity in Brampton I called the employee went to check for me, and he said he had them he went to check and everything, he said yes it’s the same one, then I drove for an hour to that particular store, and they show me a totally different product, it was red, and had a different name brand, but it had the exact product # that was on the Canadian Tire web site, but a diff grease gun. They were very rude to me, I was not happy about this at all, they did not know what they were doing, and could not help me, this was a very upsetting day.


La D√©tente Meubles & Accessoire‚Äčs in Gatineau

By Dan

I went to their store to have an estimate made on a coach and loveseat that where damaged in a flooding because my insurance adjuster needed the approximate replacement price.
Once I got there the sales rep. was polite and made me an estimate according to the specifications of the damaged furniture as asked and I told her that I would come back to purchase the items once I get the approval from my insurance company.
Both loveseat and sofa where very high grade leather, which was mentioned to the saleswoman, but once I got back to buy the items, she told me the price was much higher and the model chosen was not made in this grade of leather!!!
She would NOT ADMIT that she made a mistake, did not offer to call my insurance to clarify the ‘huge difference in price” and did not even offer some type of compensation … no need to mention that I was furious and told her I would need time now to clarify the mistake to my insurance company.
By the way she did make sure to tell me that when I come back to be sure the sale is in her name or to check to see if she works the day I would come back!!!
Once I got home I wanted to check out the written estimate before sending it out to my insurer. Again, the price written down and price mentioned in store where different, a new mistake (she wrote down the total difference between a grade 3000 leather versus a grade 6000 was 50$ total…. which is in fact over 2500$ as mentioned in store… now again I couldn’t give this new estimate to my insurance…
I got fed up of going there so finally bought the set and extra furniture elsewhere and now the downside is I have to assume the price difference which is over 3000$ total having nothing to present to my insurer whom originally wanted me to go shop at Brault & Martineau, store that I do not shop in (Cheap, Cheap, no quality and horrible service type of store!!!) and if you ever have to deal with an insurer it is a real hassle to try to tell them that the price you had given them as an estimate suddenly doubled!!!


TeamBuy Canada: Wont refund a purchase where the merchant closed down!

By MarieFrance

I bought 4 vouchers for Oggi restaurant here in Montreal - 1 for myself and 3 as gifts, late last year.

I myself managed to redeem mine, but when the others tried calling to make reservations, there was never any answer and the voicemail was full. I went there in person and they are shut down.

I emailed TeamBuy to get a refund, but all they could do, they said, was credit me in my TeamBuy account (which does not help me since I do not buy from them regularly and I now have to give 75$ back to the 3 people I bought for).

I called customer service thinking it would be best to talk live - but was told they could not do anything else except put a credit in my account!!!

How disappointing. I cannot believe they won’t refund the customers who bought a voucher for a merchant who shut down - that is ludicrous. I will use up my vouchers (because I have to) - but I will NEVER buy from them again.


Sell Off Vacations

By Jslo

I booked 1 room for 1 night in Orlando through the website, and when I arrived at this hotel, i was informed that I had booked 2 rooms…. so they cancelled the extra room and gave me a confirmation cancellation number so that I could inform sell of vacations that this has happened.¬† When I returned home to my credit card statement I noticed that indeed I was charged for 2 rooms, and I called sell of vacations.¬† This was in February, it is now April and I still have not had the situation resolved- which I believe is very easy to solve credit my card!¬† I will never book sell of vacations again and I will not recommend them!¬† The salesperson I dealt with is Mike Nguyen and he is not very helpful….


Excel Toners- Poor Customer Service

By Eric

I ordered four toners and when I received them, 2 were no good because of the poor packing. Requested replacements and was told they would be sent. Got one out of the two and have been waiting two days for an answer to where the second one is and when I will get it. Last place I would recommend.


Image Solutions Torrance, Doesn’t Update Stock

By Evan

I ordered a uniform from Image solutions Torrance and I was told that I will be getting my order delivered within 7-10 days. I didn’t got my order and I just called their customer care to know the status of my order. And the reply I got from them was that the product could not be delivered because it was out of stock, and they told me that I’ll have to order something else from them.

Poor customer service. Poor inventory.