Sports Experts Quebec

By Channylaf

We live in Quebec and I was shopping for a gift for my husband.  Since he plays golf and loves (like, total mancrush love) Rick Fowler, the golfer, I decided to buy him some of the golf shirts Rick wears.  Well, I knew they were colorful and that they were made by Puma, but walking into Sports Experts with a cranky 13-month old, I didn’t know where to find them in the fastest way possible.  Enter my hero: the most polite, helpful teenage salesman I have ever met.  He knew right away what I was talking about, showed me some choices (I bought both of the loud, colorful golf shirts), walked me to the counter and removed the security tags for me before a girl put them through the register.  He even advised me on the washing instructions (which I thought was cute cuz I’ve been doing laundry since before he was born - I’m 35 by the way). He didn’t rush me, smiled, and seemed genuinely happy to help…a shocker for me since I haven’t had the best customer service since we moved here
.  I got out of there in record time saving both my sanity and my day.  I don’t know his name because he wasn’t wearing a name tag, but he works in the golf dept at the Place Promenades Sports Experts in Saint Bruno, QC.  I will drive the 30 mins just to buy from this store from now on.  Great job young sir!  You have not only reestablished my faith in the younger generation, but you made my day a little brighter and I will tell all my friends to go find you and buy from you!

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