Scanning Code Of Practice Honoured Well and Efficiently at Sobeys

By Maureen

I was in Sobey’s and I bought wraps.  The sale price was $2.49.  It scanned in at $3.19 when I went thru the cash.  I told the cashier and with the SPC I got the item free.  She just checked that the price was what I said and happily gave me back my money and I got free wraps.  This happens quite a bit so I always try to check the register to make sure the advertised or correct prices ring up.  I have gotten quite a few products because of this.

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    Jenn says...

    No surprise there. Sobeys is always good with that. Most of the time you don’t even need to say anything or ask, they automatically do it for you.

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    CJRN says...

    Wow, your Sobeys must not be the only grocery store in town. In our small town in Ontario, they are (however No Frills is to open very soon - at last, some competition!). There is currently no reason for them to give good service, because we have to drive so far to go somewhere different.

    I have a thing for numbers so I always notice when things don’t ring through properly. It’s unbelievable how often the prices scan differently than they are supposed to be. And it’s also unbelievable how many of their cashiers I have had to tell about the scanning code of practice, then convince them it’s true and suggest they call over a manager to confirm. I even suspect they deliberately don’t train their cashiers on this, in order to avoid having to honour it.

    Further to this, they also try to tell me I have to pay them, then go around to Customer Service and stand in another line to get my money refunded.

    I could say far more about this particular Sobey’s but I’ll stay on topic and stop now. It sounds like the previous commenters are lucky their store is so well-run.

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