Pottery Barn Canada: Sherway Gardens

By Stephanie

I went to Pottery Barn Sherway gardens with my baby stroller and toddler in hand - during the day when it is not so busy.  I tried to ask a salesperson  - politely - for help to find a lamp.  She looked at me and looked over at another older lady, much fancier dressed than I (of course I have 2 kids in tow) - she didn’t even say anything to me - she held her hand up to me and then walked over to the other lady to ask her if she needed help. WELL EXCUSE ME!  Just because I am with two (very quiet I may add) children and I am not dressed to the nines, does not mean you give me the “hand,” and go to another customer that LOOKS like they may spend more money.  She didn’t even SAY ANYTHING to me just the hand.  I almost started to cry!  I just walked right out of the store and went home.  WORST. EXPERIENCE. EVER. I am never going there again.  EVER.

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    DeeDee says...

    aw, that is truly appalling - if you find you have the time or energy to do so, contact their head office as I guarantee they will not be happy to hear this either. if they’re smart they will be sure to offer you some sort of recompense, as obviously you were in there to BUY something, which you did not…

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