Bed Bath and Beyond Richmond: Horrible Return

By Sunny

On Jun 23 I went to the BB&B in Richmond Hill, ON to return an item.  I stood at the return counter waiting for my turn as the store employee was helping someone else.
Stood up at the return counter only to have another “customer” jump the line. The employee behind the desk made no attempt to explain or apologize. The customer was beyond rude, telling me “I didn’t know the situation”.  She was right I didn’t but instead of giving me stink attitude she could have explained but whatever.  The last straw came when she actually started cashing out her cart full of  purchases.

After 5+ minutes a cashier took me to a sales counter to do my return.

While passing by the returns desk on my way out it was made known to me that the “customer” that jumped the line is actually an employee of the store.

I am not impressed.

I emailed BB&B to let them know about this situation.  Heard back from the district sales manager who thanked me for informing them of this need to re-train their staff.  And that was it.  In the past other companies have offered me discounts or gift cards … so I am still not impressed.

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    Linda says...

    I agreed that it was extremely rude for that customer/employee to have jumped the line in front of you. However, I found this particular statement to be very self-entitled.

    “In the past other companies have offered me discounts or gift cards … so I am still not impressed.”

    They have already acknowledged that the staff need to be retrained and that it was wrong. It is not a spoken rule that companies need to give you something to reward each time that you write into complained about their service or products. It feels as though the reasons why you have complained to other companies is to get something (gift cards or discounts) out of it.

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    Rene says...

    This is terrible service on their part, especially as employees should know better. However to complain and automatically expect compensation isn’t right. Some companies are thankful that people tell them about things that their employees do, and reward them, but not every company does this.

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    Marie says...

    I had a bad staff experience at one of their stores. I won’t say which, because the customer service I received was fantastic and I have taken the chance to go back to the same store…closest to home…and was very happy to notice a big change. I don’t even use the products, but my sister would disown me if I didn’t go for her hahaha Thanks Bath & Body Works Canada

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    Marie says...

    And apparently I’m not awake enough to note the difference between Bath & Body Works and Bed, Bath and Beyond hahahahaha

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    Casey says...

    I work retail for a company where customer service is number 1…there are alot of customers who complain about the most ridiculous of things, or start a problem, just to get compensated…one of these customers even told me she does this…

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    AT says...

    You can’t expect something in return for a complaint - if companies did that then everyone would be complaining all the time about everything. Five mins to wait for a return is not that long - and since you admit you don’t know the situation about the woman going in front of you in line (she may have had to run back to get something) well, she didn’t really owe you an explanation. AND even if she was normally an employee, at that point she WAS a customer.

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    Michelle says...

    That seems very wrong on their part. I’ve had this happen to me before, at The Source. Because I was making a return the customer purchasing was served first, and they were joking about it too. Made me quite angry and I complained to the company as well. This should not be happening, customers returning are just as important as the ones purchasing but employees dont seem to realize that.

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    Cdn75 says...

    Sounds like you looked for a reason to complain, hoping for something in return.

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    Ves says...

    Sunny is what we call a professional complainer.

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    Nancy says...

    I had a very similar situation at the Newmarket Store in June. When I said I was going to complain to the H.O. I was told to leave the store or the police would be called and then I was told I was banned. What a joke. Called H.O. 3 times now, have a complaint # and have still not had a response from anyone. All because someone “jumped” the line. Wheh!

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    Carol says...

    As a retail employee, I have to be honest with everyone. We have a hard time with returns. The reason being it takes hours away from us. I mean really do you think i make the product in the back room. A missing screw, a scratch, a pulled thread? When customers pull attitude regarding a return, we have to smile and bite our lip. If someone was rude to you would you just stand by and take it? We have to. All i ask is that you think about that when you purchase something & have buyers remorse. It’s not my fault so please don’t react like it is. Also how you act in public is a reflection of you not me. My mum taught me that when i was 3.

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