Sears Canada: Once again thank you

By Lili

Well thank you again Sears for your lousy service. No wonder we keep hearing horror after horror stories about your company. Last week I placed a $700.00 clothes order and when I went to pick it up, there was no trace of me ever placing it! What sickens me the most, is how after making several calls, I kept hearing “I’m sorry MAM” would you like to replace your order? NEVER AGAIN. Thank you. I have 3 gift certificates from you fine people from a last fiasco with my parents ordering couches that were cancelled and no one bothered to tell them. The certificates are now being SHREDDED.

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    chimichanga says...

    Did you order them online? If there was no trace of it that means the order never went through or the phone number was wrong. I’ve heard people before having this problem, and it turns out they didn’t complete the online order fully or something. They really should have called your parents to tell them they cancelled their order, that really sucks :( You should email them. Maybe they’ll get the hint.

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    Sherrybobins says...

    I’d be very angry too - but don’t shred gift certificates!!! After a few days, you’ll be mad at yourself for doing that. p.s. I had the same thing happen with softmoc a few weeks ago. Sooooo frustrating :(

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    farhana says...

    I have sears online customer for 5 years.I never had any problem with them…I really love to shop at …their return policy is also very simple…

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    kerry says...

    They have one of the worst point programs going,you have to spend $1000,to get a lousy $10 back.I can spend $50 at Shoppers,for the same deal.Plus I don’t connect to the stores,they are so dated….

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    CINDERELLA69 says...

    PS.and the next day I went in to talk to the Manager…And I found out it was the lady standing behind him the day before! So,I said may I speak with the Mngr..and she said she was the Mngr,I said,”Well,I don’t need to tell you what happened in here yesterday,because you were standing right there!” And as I walked out,my 3 yr old son said,”Mommy,why are you crying?” How sad.

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    Lisa says...

    Sears has greatly improved and find your story difficult to believe as you would have received a confirmation email with a detailed list of the items you’d ordered. I can understand if an item was back ordered or out of stock, but to clearly indicate they had no record of your order despite you having received email confirmation?

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    Andrea says...

    We’ve been ordering from for over ten years and have never had any problems with the service. Confirmation emails are always sent a short time after an order is placed, explaining the pricing and delivery dates. After an order is placed online the website spits out a confirmation code. Write it down folks and keep it in a safe place. You may need it. Make sure you type your correct email address when you place an order, otherwise your correspondence will be lost. Sometimes it isn’t an online retailer’s fault if an order goes astray. It may be your isp’s fault. Sears’ service has dramatically improved in the past year. We are very pleased with their customer service, return policy, sale pricing, coupon codes, and selection of goods. Their My Advantage program has saved us tons of money. Last week, people who received their newsletter were given a code for 25% off selected goods. That totally rocked!

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    Sam says...

    SEARS hired an Internet PR company and those guys are typing “SEARS is totally good”, “I am happy with SEARS” “It is your fault”, “I am a customer with SEARS for 10 years”. Real people do not do it.
    Real people who are happy with purchase do not go, they just talk with friends and do not waste their time.
    Lili and CINDERELLA69 are very upset and I understand them, as I had a very bad experience with Sears also.

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    aisha says...

    I am not defending sears but I made online purchases twice but they both went fine. We received email confirmation and picked up our stuff from the store…..but I admit their on site customer service is terrible…….

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    SF says...

    Of course the people who order online and dont have to deal with anyone dont have a problem. But i have experienced their screw ups and Sears is more than hard to deal with when you do have a problem. No one knows anything, no one cares, their customer service isnt even in canada. Their promotions are tricks. If I were to ever buy from sears again i would go the actual store!

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    Joan says...

    I stopped shopping Sears when they outsourced their phone service. Since we now call India, with no loyalty to Canadian employees, that let me out as a shopper. Living in a rural community I’d shopped Sears for years.

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    Jennifer says...

    It is very interesting to hear feedback about Sears because generally I have always liked Sears but found out when I went to order my Son a little tricycle called the Smoby how badely they need to improve their on line ordering. On line it said the item was available and when I checked stock, it said in stock. Since I do not own a credit card, I went to my local Sears and purchased a gift card. When I went to order the smoby I learned that the item was actually not in stock. It still said in stock but at the end of my order, it was not. This confused me so I contacted the order department and learned that the website shows stock available out east but not west. Well this seemed easy enough to handle,, I asked then to ship it to me from out east…. in which their response was, they do not ship from east to west. Now I am confused and fustrated… because they advertise Canada Wide shipping???? I mention this to ccustomer service and am out right lied to. They tell me that the manufaturer has not been able to ship them any stock. How do I know they lied. I tricked their online order by using my old address in Winnipeg to place the order and used my west address to have it shipped to as a gift. 10 days later, I had my item only because I had to think outside the box. Why could the order department not done this and why when I talked to the Customer Service department did they continue to deny responsibility even after I received my order. It left a bad taste in my mouth. I would not have even had a second thought had my gift card having a six month expiry and my sole purpose of getting it was to get this item…

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    stephanie says...

    totally mixed up delivery!
    I ordered 4 items online for delivery to my house in Kitchener.. UPS called to ask my address and unit number of my condo(both of which I supplied upon ordering). I received a call from Sears in Cambridge to tell me half of my order was there.???? I then received I piece of my order and 4 items that belong to someone else. Now I am told to bring these items to the Kitchener sears so that they can give them to the person who purchased them!!!
    I shopped on-line to save me from going to the mall!
    Can only imagine what is going to go wrong with the rest of my order that is in transit.?????
    NEVER again!

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    Shannon says...

    Sears is horrible! Ism surprised they are still in business!! So many bad experiences…..I refused to shop there in over 10 years! Can’t wait to see them go!

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    Lise says...

    omg I am so angry. I went to Sears Store after Christmas to buy a few things for my Mom. I have not purchased a thing there in ages because I have grown to dislike the store very much. They had a very good sale on bath accessories and the lady at the counter told me if I used my Sears card I would get an extra 25% off so I said sure. My card was denied and I had no idea why so I called. I then found out that I had an outstanding bill from Feb.2013 in the amount of $21.39. It was $14 in Feb 2013 I guess but had grown to $21.39. The thing is I had never received a bill or a phone call or anything. I had no idea that balance was there. I had their long distance service and it was paid auto on my MC and I cancelled the service last Feb. They said they had mailed me the bill but it kept being returned to them because the address they were using was wrong. I said what the hell has this done to my credit and why was I not called. I have been a sears card holder for 30 years and lived in the same home for 20. I spent a good 2 hrs on the phone altogether to get this whole mess cleared up (or so I thought). I had to order my credit report to make sure it got cleared up (which I have yet to see). I get my Sears statement and wholly hell instead of taking the interest off like they said they would they reapplied the original charge like I never paid it. So I have to call again (nightmare on Sears street) finally get a human after punching in all the no’s and going through the interrogation and tell him my long tale and he tells me I have to call the client complaint dept. and talk to them. I lost it. WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY THE PRICE OF MY TIME FOR THEIR MISTAKE. I SAID WHY DO I HAVE TO CALL THEM? I JUST TOLD U EVERYTHING SO U CALL THEM AND GET THIS FIXED!!!!! He says just one moment Maam I will transfer you directly and then left me on hold for 10 min. the prick so I hung up and called again. Then I am told they have now reversed the $21.39 error but I will have to pay the interest because it is so old they cannot reverse it? So I pay $7 in interest on a an amount I was not aware of. My credit was marred as a result of having an overdue payment for almost a year that I was unaware of and I lost half a day on the phone and am frustrated as hell. The last guy says “I am gald we could be of service to you Maam. “Is there anything else we can help you with today”? I want to jump through the phone and choke him. Is there any recourse other than cutting off all ties and refusing to ever deal with them again? They are a really screwed up company. Do not invest in their stock they are going down fast and hard. Well maybe a winner will buy them out and then it might be a good idea to buy their stock while its plummeting to the depths.

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