Hair Found in KFC Canada Chicken

I had a slight craving for fried chicken today–I really just wanted
that delicious, salty and crispy skin that should be sold by the
bucket if you ask me, but I digress–so against my better judgment I
decided to get KFC. The first time I ate there I found a twirly black
hair on my chicken. Of course that doesn’t automatically mean it was a
pube but needless to say I decided to play it safe and chucked the
rest of the meal.

I told my sister about this incident because she likes to eat there a
lot. She said she’s never noticed any hair in her food before. So I
figured it could have been an isolated incident but still avoided that
location. Yet today, I found myself parked in their drive-thru
ordering a 3 piece meal with potato salad and a pepsi. As I was
slamming the last thigh into my greedy pie-hole something caught my
eye. So I stopped mid-chomp and my eyes focused onto an eyelash sized
hair fried right onto the piece I was about to eat. It’s amazing I
even noticed it. Now I’m not very squeamish about hairs in my food but
I have suspicions about that place’s hygiene. Twice in a row is hard
to pass off as coincidence in my book.

I won’t be going there again and I’ll tell my sister to do boycott
that location as well.


9 Responses to “Hair Found in KFC Canada Chicken”

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    dave says...

    It would help to know which KFC this is, they should be shut down,

    Don’t bother eating at KFC, other than the fact they mis-treat their chickens, their food is nothing but high fat chemical garbage. You may as well just drink oil, it has the same effect on your body.

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    Lucy says...

    That’s disgusint. I agree with Dave.. that’s definately not hyegenic… good thing i haven’t eaten there since 2005 :D

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    N says...

    Been there once. Chicken was full of oil.

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    Gajendra says...

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    SATTAR says...

    actualy that hair fried in was not a hair it was part of the sieve brush that sifts the flour, itsometimes breaks and gets in the flour and gets fried on, however , most cooks who cook the chicken are males and have short hair or wear a hairnet, I try my best when cooking chicken to make sure the oil is fresh and the flour is least salty and fat trimmed of , I hate cooking cholestrol into peoples meals , though I agree handling employees and customers is very iffy and pathetic, handling chicken is not , and I try my best to produce golden crispy light very tasty chicken, in fact KFC standards are very strict in this respect and its the franchisee that does the violation , but having conscientous employees is what is lacking here, mostly are temporary, couldnt care less foreign workers eager to get their permanent residence status and are unqualified to run any establishment, while indigenous canadians are given the boot, and let starve in this busted economy, so my friend if you wanted good chicken ask to see the person who cooks it, I can assure you our location is always fresh and healthy, we use prime quality chicken an canola oil.

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    sunny says...

    there’s one thing that consumers should know about kfc, MSGs in all kinds of food which is not totally healthy, the gravy is made from grease from the oil they cooked to the chicken, expired stuffs that the workers just change the date to avoid food cost and behind the counter scenarios that customers shouldn’t know, employees attitude after the customer leave the location and imagine the cockroches, rats, employees not washing their hands if the managers not around, customer’s and employees washroom not sanitized and time cards being changed after it expires from the time limit to save the food.

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    sunny says...

    franchised kfcs are way better than those other kfcs. and foreign workers always having fun time sponsored by the restaurant of course while canadians are working hard when those foreign workers are not around. Can’t wait to hear that no more foreign workers in calgary, instead canadians will run in all kfcs locations.

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    sunny says...

    foreign workers paid more than canadians get more hours than canadians and treated way better than canadians, employers listen to the foreign workers more than canadians, foreign workers are racist but most of the canadians don’t understand their languages especially FILIPINOS.

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    JustinFX says...

    This is not big news, I’ve noticed a few cooked feathers on KFC before..
    (not all the time but once in a while). In fact when I’ve bought cooked or raw chicken at the grocery store I’ve notice the same thing. Its not an exact science of removing feathers taking into fact how many are processed in a day.

    As go for boycotting KFC you might as well boycott every resturant and store that sells chicken good luck lol go join peta.

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