Best Buy Furniture - The Worst Furniture Store in Calgary

By Joanna

I will never go to that store. bad customer service. once they take your money they will never look at you again.If you return the furniture to store they will not return your full money. they take the furniture plus keep 30% of your money after an hour of abuse and disrespect.I don’t want anyone to have the same bad experience as I did. I regretted going there and spent 4000$. they should name it WORST buy furniture.

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    Joe says...

    I assume Calgary Best Buy Furniture is not the same company as Best Buy (electronics).

    Their return policy, from their website:

    If you email us at or phone us at (403) 250-6661 before your order has been processed you may change or cancel an order. Once an order has been processed all sales are final.

    Which is typical of furniture stores.

    Joanna, why did you need to return the furniture?

  2. Furniture is necessary thing for your home without it your home does not see beautiful. And for the purpose of convenience furniture’s play very important role in everyone’s life.

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    Sam says...

    I agree with Joanna, WORST place to buy your funiture! Once they have your money customer service is last on their list. I don’t blame you for returning your stuff. I would do the same with what I got, not at all happy with the product, but I already had more issues with them with delivering my FULLY PAID for merchandise, that I don’t want to go through any more with them. 100% unproffessional.

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    elvira says...

    As far this experience was the worst one in my life buying furniture from this store,i paid 6000$ and waiting for my furniture to get here,they gave me a date on week later for delivery,they didnt show up i called them they told me I WILL GET IT next day,the guys came with half of the furiture,again never called me back,I called them and they gave me todays date,again didnt show up,I CALLED THEM AGAIN and guess what,they ordered my mattress and sold it to,today promising that my furniture will get here next week,but NO MORE,I told them I will file a complaint against them and they called me back to offer a mattress for use until I will get my mattress!!!!!!!!!! so unproffessional.I can not understand how can they not keep all things in order and organize,whatever DO NOT GO TO THAT STORE

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    Riz says...

    I have dealt with best buy furniture and ended up buying just under $10,000 worth of furniture (My place and my parents place) He promised us 2 bar stools in which he didn’t give. My parents dining table was too big for their condo and he wouldn’t exchange it. I know 80% of my community and referred them to best buy. Now i will tell them not to go to them. Thank GOD i didn’t buy a bed for my Son…I will be going somewhere else. A table is not a big deal but, to lose more than 3 or maybe more customers is a huge deal. I would rather lose couple hundred then loyal customers.

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    Omayma says...

    WORST BUY FURNITURE in the whole world,And on top of that,they sell used furniture,so be careful,and they lie about their warranty,worst customer service ever!!!

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