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I just recently started shopping at M&M for some of my groceries. I find that the customer service is by far the best compaired to most grocery stores. They are helpful and they look like they actually want to work there. It is really refreshing to know that there are some stores that know what customer service means.

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    Kristina says...

    I totally agree! I shop at the Glastonbury store in Edmonton and have made great friends with all of the staff - they know I’m coming for the sale boxes of chicken breasts so they make sure to have some ready for me when I get there. We even stop in when we are walking by and they give the kids a small ice cream and a juice when we say hi!

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    Catherine says...

    Be VERY mindful of the sodium and preservatives, prepackaged food like that of M&M’s tends to be over loaded with sodium and preservatives in order to have a long shelf life. Watch out!

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    mmmeats rocks says...

    Oh who cares Catherine? M and M Meats kicks butt! It’s not like I’m eating it daily. It’s a good comment about the customer service, not the food.

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    haunish says...

    Love, love m&m’s, I live in sask. and the one in my city the staff are awesome and extremely helpful. My husband was diagnosed witha food allergy and they were very helpful in providing me with a list of what he could still eat from there. they are definately my fav place to go

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    Joe Blow says...

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