Don’t Buy From Sears

By fedupwithsears

Sears’ delivery is the worst I have very experienced. they call to say that it will be a morning delivery on Saturday and that my area is done first so expect them anytime after 8:30. I set the alarm for 7:30 sat morning. meanwhile at 12:30 they are still not here and the delivery guy calls to say they are running behind and they expect to be here at 2 or 3.

Moral of the story is that you buy at sears and you get exceptionally poor service. The item-a mattress was 800 and they charged me 65 for delivery!


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    dawn says...

    wow is all I can say they sears have other companies do the delivery not them . And it does cost extra to have it delivered plus it does take time next time you buy some thing why not do it your self that way you wont have a problem . Just like others things that are delivered they never come when they say and it does cost for that service .

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    kimmy says...

    i had similar experience, but i have had them deliver my item to the store. my order was placed on august 1, and the expected delivery date to the store was august 5. nothing received, so i called their customer service line to get the status. they said it was delivered to the WRONG store, and it was shipped to the right store on august 4. i went to the store on august 8, and they said to wait. i’ve been waiting ever since… no phone call…. i emailed them few days ago, and no response. i would never order again from sears!!!

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    sharp1 says...

    We bought a fridge from Sears 2 months ago. Our stated delivery time was between 5:30 and 9:30 p.m. Guess what time they showed up? 9:25! My kids were in bed and these guys were making all kinds of noise - ugh.

    It was a floor model, so of course the next morning with the sun shining in the kitchen we noticed huge scrapes all along one door which were not there when we bought it. We’re still waiting for the replacement door.

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    Malixy says...

    I ordered some items from sears as well, and still haven’t even received a confiramtion email about what’s happening with my order. Does anyone know if they even bother to contact you?

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    dawn says...

    Did you order by phone if so they tell you when you will receive your order and they give you a ref number . they also send an e-mail confirmation of your order they also do the same thing on line if you did not get a number for your order then odds are you did not place it right .I always get a number and if there is a problem with the order they e-mail me .

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    Sean says...

    We bought a dishwasher from sears over a month ago they said that they could deliver and install it “No Problem” is what they said. They reschedueled the delivery date 3 times and when the guy showed up he said that there was a piece of pipe that I needed to put in under my sink. So I called a plummer to put this thing in and went back to the store. No problem was what I was told. The delivery date was set again and AGAIN and I’m not kidding they recheduled. Finally he shows up and says they are short staffed and that I am going to have to help him. So fine I say I will. Comes into my kitchen and what do you know he says I need new pipeing for my new dishwasher and he cannot install it untill its done. WOW. End of the story is I had to call a plummer again and pick up my dishwasher myself and am going to install it myself today. Trust me expecting these guys to give you good service is like trying to get dried cement out of a glass bottle without breaking it.

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    freshy says...

    sears does not do anything themselves anymore, delivery, installation, warranties especially electronics is all outsourced. I have seen many problems of installed products, never buy this service from sears, half the installers don’t even know what they are doing (can’t figure out how to set up an antenna, probably should not be an installer). The warranty for electronics is also outsourced, and they will tell you that when the warranty is expired and you have never used it, that’s a lie, you will get a credit back that you have to spend at sears, plus you have to spend double the amount of what that warranty was worth, plus you can not use this credit to buy electronics and a lot of other merchandise. Read the fine print carefully people, I would rather take the money I was going to use for the warranty and put it in a savings account, or somewhere you can gain interest on that money, buy the time your device breaks you have enough to buy another. OR just “Don’t buy from sears”

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    twice-bitten says...

    I didn’t learn from the late arrival of my order last year at Christmas - I decided to try again this year. This time, I ordered 6 items, 5 arrived on the date indicated on the order, except one was the completely wrong thing - I ordered a pair of men’s pants and I received a sweatshirt.

    The worst part was that the outstanding one that the order said would be delivered after Christmas (31st) - I told the recipient that the gift would be late - only to find out that as of today, the item will not be arriving at all due to the “lack of interest for that item in my area”. Oh… and the only information they could give me about refunding my credit card was to keep checking my statements… it should show up eventually…. Never EVER again.

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