Horrible Zellers Says “No Coupons, No Price Match”

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I am completely appalled and disgusted with the customer service department, sales representatives, and cashiers at the Zellers location at County Fair Plaza, 499 Mohawk Road East in Hamilton, Ontario.

Every time I try and shop at this location, I encounter problems:

Store shelves are never stocked, cans are always dented, the whole store is a mess - you can barely navigate the aisles with the cart without knocking things off the end of shelf displays they’re so narrow.

The store is dirty, it smells dirty, and items on the shelf are dusty.

Employees are playing on their cell phones; customer service is next to null.

In any event, my most recent visit to Zellers has me never wanting to return to any Zellers location, redeem my current HBC points balance for Air Miles, and cut up the card!

I was attempting to Price Match the current Rexall PharmaPlus flyer. In addition to the Price Matching on my shopping list, I was also purchasing several items in the Zellers store that were on sale. In the store, there was a promotion, that if you spent $15 on P&G products, you would receive 20,000 HBC points. After seeing this, I adjusted my purchases in order to spend $15  which simply stated before taxes and use your P&G coupons here!

I had coupons for almost every item I had planned on purchasing and denied the use of all of them. I will go through my intended order here:

-3 x Multibionta 30s Probiotic Multivitamins, Price Matched to Rexall for $9.99. I had 3 x 10.00 coupons for any Multibionta that I found in magazines, expiring at the end of September and December. I was told that I could not use any of these coupons, as they would be free, and that the coupon was more than the item, so I could not use it either the coupon would have had to have been 9.98for me to use it and for it not to be free. In addition, at this point, I was told I could not Price Match, and use a manufacturer coupon.

-2 x Old Spice Deodorant, Price Macthed to Rexall for $1.49. I had the new P&G coupon, Buy 2 Old Spice products, save $3 - again for the same reason as highlighted above, I was unable to use this coupon.

-3 x Gillette Foamy shave gel, on sale at Zellers, for $1.49

I had the new P&G coupon Buy 3 Gillette products, save $5 I was unable to use this coupon, because the value of the coupon was more than the cost of the products and I would be getting them for free

-2 x Coke (12×355mL cans) on sale at Zellers, for $3.69

I had earned a coupon for Buy one 12 pack case Get one Free from iCoke redemption. I was redirected to websaver.ca to order this coupon.  I was unable to use this coupon as I was told it was “too good to be true and it must be fake

-1 x Venus razor, on sale at Zellers, - razor promotion  it would have been $8.99 after the discount. I had the new P&G coupon, Save $2 when you buy any Venus or Daisy razor. I was unable to use this coupon because I was not allowed to use a coupon on a sale

-2 x Crest 3D Whitening tooth paste  on sale at Zellers for $1.99. I had 2 x $1.00 coupons from the P&G BrandSampler earlier this year. I was unable to use this coupon because, as stated above,not allowed to use a coupon on a sale

I had also picked up a bottle of B-12 and a pair of shorts for my husband. (No coupons for those)

The order had to be rung up twice .the whole time the cashier was giving me dirty looks, the cashier on the next register was even worse  rude looks and rude words, such as you should just pay full price and don’t be so cheap. I was also told that the coupons could not be marked-down.

1. Order went smoothly, apparently, until the cashier hit total  what she said and inquired about my coupon for the Multibionta. After not being allowed to use the coupon that I had intended to use, I told the cashier that I did not want the products. The whole order had to be voided.

At this point, because of the remarks about my coupons, and my order having to be voided. I requested the number for head office. I was given the phone number (905) 389-2281 on a piece of register tape. From looking at the number, I could see that this was a Hamilton number. This frustrated me even more.

2. Order was rung up again, less the Multibionta, the Old Spice coupon caused a problem, because I was not allowed to use the coupon and the order had to be voided. At this point, I was fuming. Knowing that this would be the case again once they got to the $5 Gillette coupon, I asked for the return of my coupons and left the store empty-handed.

When I returned home, I attempted to call the number I was given, where I learned that this was the phone number for the store and not head office.

After this shopping experience, I am more than upset, and frustrated. There are other stores that provide better service than Zellers, and I have no need to go Zellers again. I was going to Zellers because it is closest to my home and didn’t have too much time.

Because of all this, the store in general half the lights were off  other customers were joking about when the store would pay their electricity bill, the employees playing on their cell phones, and the service I received  or their lack of, due to my coupons, I have no reason to ever return to Zellers!

The employees dont seem to have customer retention on their mind, and seem to make up coupon policies on the spot. I have never felt so disgusted with a store in my life! They should be glad I was not a mystery shopper!!


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    juniperjune says...

    I can’t wait until Zellers changes into Target. Walmart has bought up a few of the leases that Target is not taking over. I refuse to shop at Zellers. They don’t care anymore, and they feel they don’t have to bother as they will soon no longer have a job anyways.
    Sorry for the bad experience

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    Faith says...

    I totally agree with you on this. Zellers has some of the worse coupon policies around. The employees never know what they are doing and I have been denied my coupons as well. I just price match at Walmart when I can because they are not worth the time or effort to argue with.
    And the stores are getting so ghetto - they are dirty, disorganized, and they never have enough cashiers on.

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    tyramanitoba says...

    I totally agree with you. We have a store in winnipeg that I tried to price match the Myobanta. First they cut out the ad, then I wasn’t able to use the 10 off coupon I got from this website.I couldn’t use the 10.00 coupon with the price match, just because it was a penny under. I also was not able to get my 10% from my SPC card. The McPhillips store was a hassle.

    I also bought the Foamy, but I used the 2/5 for the Gillette deodorant with 4 Foamy, so I used 2 for the 5 off WUB 3. I went to another cashier in the same store for my 2nd transaction. This one insisted due to the new wording, I had to do them in separate transactions. Not true. I just can’t combine the coupons for the same product. It really seems as though the wording on the coupons is interpreted different ways by different cashiers. Don’t give up and keep trying different cashiers and different stores.

    I had a great experience with Rexall and Zellers in downtown Winnipeg. I went to Rexall with the 10.00 coupon and the manager just told the cashier to enter in the coupon amount as 9.99. Perfect solution. Zellers downtown give me the price match and coupon for both the Old Spice and the Miobianta.

    Different day, different cashier. Shoppers is the worst. If the item is 1.99, and you have a 2.00 coupon, they won’t take it.

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    dawn says...

    Zellers will be gone soon and if this happens to you when you do go to this store why go back if they did this to me just once that would be it super store tried to rip me off over 10 yrs ago and I have never gone back . I have to say that the store I do shop in has never refused a coupon but the staff and store are much like what you have said when Target opens it will be better .

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    linda says...

    I have stopped shopping at Zellers long ago I just price match at Walmart and have no troubles price matching and using coupons there

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    Stephanie says...

    That is pretty bad, particularly the employees. I have to commend you on your couponing though, that would’ve been an awesome trip had it been anywhere else!

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    sookebunny says...

    They were right to refuse you the gillete coupon wub 3 save 5 its says not good on travel size. And in there coupon policy it does state you can not use a coupon to get it free. So the store was right,

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    sookebunny says...

    Thank you for your email inquiring about the Manufacturers COUPON

    policy and Zellers Price Match Policy.


    For your future reference Zellers Price Match Policy is as follows: f you find an identical item at a lower advertised price, bring in the ad and we will match it.

    Our price match policy states that if you find a lower, current local Canadian retail store advertised price on any item HBC has in stock, bring in the ad and we will gladly match their price. Price match is available with proof of current local advertised retail price or in stock identical items. Percentage off offers, clearance offers, coupons,

    rebates, Internet pricing or misprints do not apply. We reserve the right to limit quantities.


    Manufacturer’sCoupon policy:


    We would like to inform you that online is the new medium for you to obtain coupons, it is our position that we will accept these coupons in our Zellers. All coupons must be validated for legitimacy before they are accepted for redemption.


    The stores will accept the coupon if it meets the following criteria:

    1) The coupon has not expired.

    2) The coupon applies to the exact item being purchased (including size

    illustrated, regardless of whether it’s actually stated on the


    3) The coupon is valid for redemption in Canada (and not just valid for

    redemption in the USA).

    4) The clearing house address is a Canadian address and not American.

    5) The value of the coupon should never result in the customer receiving

    the product for free or almost free.

    Please note that most vendors generally handle free or almost free

    scenarios with ?mail in rebates?. In this case, you need to purchase the

    item and then render the rebate with your proof of purchase to obtain a

    cheque back from the vendor.

    —>>We would also like to inform you that certain vendors have declared that

    they do no post any of their coupons on the internet. Consequently,

    these vendors reserve the right to inform retailers that we should not

    accept any internet coupons for redemption towards any of their products

    purchased in our stores.

    —>>>The manufacturer generally states on the coupon how many can be use and

    if the coupon can be combined with any other offers or promotions.

    —>>A coupon can be used for an item which is on sale. However, the coupon

    will only be honoured if it does not result in giving the product for free.

    –>> The value of the coupon must not exceed the current retail price of the item being purchased.

    –>> If the coupon states that it is only one per purchase, then you may only use one coupon per purchase.

    –>> If the coupon indicates, one per item, then you may use more than one coupon per purchase but only one per item.

    –>> If a coupon value is higher than the cost of an item, then you may not be able to use that coupon to purchase that particular item.

    –>> Please be advised that it suffices to print the initial email as well, if the actual coupon cannot be printed. You can print the email itself and show this when you are ready to purchase. Now we are working towards a solution that allows customers to just show the emails from their Smart phone at the counter.

    –>> Please be advised that our stores will accept manufacturer’s coupons provided that they contain a barcode and the terms and conditions which are fully legible.

    –>> We will also accept on-line manufacturer’s coupons but only those from the vendor’s website. In case you find it difficult to print the coupon from the Internet then please note that the coupon can be printed via the print button underneath the coupon page, or alternatively using the PDF version (again, available through a button underneath the page).

    Should you require further assistance please contact Zellers Customer

    Service at 1-888226-2225 Monday through Saturday 8am to Midnight,

    Sunday 10am to 9pm EST.

    We appreciate your business and look forward to continue serving you at

    the Bay and Zellers stores.



    Customer Service Representative


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    messika says...

    (sookebrook… the lady wasnt buying travel size… If the company gets the money back than who cares if the customer gets it free or not!)
    Walmart is very smart! Ill tell you why, they get a re embursment from every coupon + 8 cents… even if the customer gets the product for free… its garenteed money.. Its really sad when these cashiers make faces and comments. I went to Rexal and they wouldnt let me use my coupons either, I left my purchase and went to Walmart where it is always busy. Walmart will survive the bad economy because of its customer service…I will always shop at Walmart. I never shop at Zellers! they didnt accept one of the coupons I had a long time ago…

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    Theresa says...

    I would contact the head office. I have noticed that all the Zellers in my location are pretty depressing. I used to hate Walmart, but I just go there now and avoid Zellers. I had no problem using the icoke coupon. You were treated pretty bad.

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    Cheryl888 says...

    Has anyone actually read the BOGO Coke Coupon?! Maybe its just a typo on mine, but it clearly states they will pay a $10.25 handling fee lol. Granted, I think this is supposed to say $0.25, however, it doesnt lol.
    Zellers is SO stupid for refusing a coupon as generous as that!! lol

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    rclayton1 says...

    Im so sorry you had to go through that. I would contact Zellers head office with your complaints! Both in the Welland Zellers and Zellers St.Catharines (Fairview Mall) have exceptional customer service. Not only are we allowed to purchase SALE items on coupons, they encourage the price match (which they take the flyer and cut out the portion of the ad). I have also been able to use my PG coupons save 5 when purchase 3 during sales that would make 2 of my items free.

    REXALL will take your B1G1 free coke coupon. Rexall accepts coupons for everything without giving hassles.

    I suspect that as the majority of Zellers in Niagara (with the except of sometimes the Pen Centre) have great customer service, that perhaps your store has poor management? I think that is crazy this person gave you so much trouble. Also when you ask for head office number you are suppose to give it to the patron-

    I am posting a link below. I encourage you to complain.


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    JSAM's Mom says...

    At least the Upper James store isn’t as bad as the one in Ancaster (at least in my experience anyway). The last time I went to the Ancaster store (and I will never, ever shop at Zellers again, no matter what because of this), I was called “one of those people”, was accused of trying to rip off the company for using a coupon on a trial size product (even though the coupon stated that it was valid on any size), and when I noticed on my receipt that they hadn’t deducted one of the coupons I had handed over, was told “so what, you got a great deal on the rest anyway”. This wasn’t from the cashier - it was from the cashier supervisor! Bring on Target! They can only be better - right?

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    jing says...

    I think Zellers has policy that the coupon must not be more that the price your buying. (e.g. if coupon is save 3.00 but ur buying 2.99, they won’t allow it) Reason being, the vendors will not pay them back if they make a mistake. I agree some cashier doesn’t have proper training on these cases that’s why they don’t know how to handle this kind of situation. And giving you a bad look and saying don’t be cheap is unacceptable…

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    joi says...

    Has anyone seen the show on channel 34 about coupon shopping. This is a US show, but it shows you how people shop only by using coupons and the amount of savings tha is accrued. If the coupon is more than the product, then the coupon is honoured and the store OWES you money in return.

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    Idalia Liebel says...

    What I thought was interesting though was the CIF issuing a statement that there is probably only 8/9 months housing supply in the market currently. The Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government in their own report with DKM Consultants issued just over a year ago state: “The oversupply of units available in the market – over and above what is considered as the “normnal” level of vacant units – is estimated at 136,000 units on average, which is equivalent to around four years of current housing demand.”

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