Rogers Cell Phone - Problems Problems Problems

by Danielle

I switched over to Rogers for my cell phone when I moved (I was with Fido whom I loved, but did not have in my area and Rogers was a sister company, so I was allowed to switch my contract over without penalty)

I had ordered the black razor on a 2 year term.  Here are just a couple of things that went wrong;

1) I got the silver razor (which they had in store, and I was waiting for the black one to come in)  Well I got stuck with the silver.  No big deal.

2) They got my name completely wrong which caused a lot of problems when I tried calling them to sort it out.

3) They put me on a 3 year term (not what I asked or signed for) and then was told that I would have to pay for cancelling the 3rd year.

4) They provided me with a long distance number.  One that belonged to a city 2 hours away.  When I called about this I was told that they did not have Rogers in my area (I live down the street from them) and that is why I got the long distance number.  Well then I didn’t I stay with Fido I asked.  Finally I got someone else.  Then I was told, yes we have Rogers in your area (duh) but YOU will have to pay to have your number switched

5) Every month and I mean EVERY month, there was something wrong on my bill (my sister’s too) and I would have to call and spend forever on the phone to get it sorted out.

This isn’t even all of it.  However if you are lucky enough to have FIDO….They are great!!!

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    Lou says...

    I am sorry to hear about your problems with Rogers.
    I’ve had Rogers since 2005 and I’ve never had problems.
    However, I’ve dealt with them mostly at the store (Heather is the greatest manager) and only twice on the phone to have long distance added to my account and that went without a hitch.
    The only difference is that I don’t have a contract. I don’t believing in them. I have a buy-as-you-go plan that I purchase every year on the date which gives me the best paying plan for air time. I use this primarily as an emergency line. I for one, am a happy camper!

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    Jen says...

    My husband is also on Rogers. He always loved them until I started to point out the constant mistakes on his bills. He never used to look at his bills. He had signed a 3yr contract so he was stuck with them. I’m with Telus and for the most part have had great CS, better reception than Rogers and an awesome plan. I recommended my husband to see if Rogers would price match my plan with Telus. Rogers said they were unable to meet the plan but they could come close($20 over close!!!) After many CS managers and like an hour Rogers was able to pretty much match my telus plan. My husband was happy until he finds out that they renewed his contract without teling him!! I couldn’t believe it, they put him on another 3yr contract. They kept saying there was no way he could get out of the contract even though it didn’t authorize it or even sign anything. They finally budged when he threatened to call better business bureau on them. Needless to say I don’t have very much positive things to say about Rogers!!!!

    PS Sorry to hear you are having such a bad experience

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    Darlene K says...

    I am not surprized to hear about your Roger’s problems. Thank goodness we no longer have any cell phones with them. When your contract is up try Virgin Mobile. I absolutely love them! When I was purchasing a phone for my daughter I went around and got pamphlets from Fido, Rogers, Bell, Solo Telus and Virgin Mobile. Virgin beat out everyone!!! Better luck next time.

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    Eric says...

    When a friend of mine started work at a call center for Rogers Cell Phone billing, the first thing he said after coming home during the first day of training was, “NEVER get a cell phone with Rogers. We will screw you over royally.”

    I’ve worked for Fido billing, and was actually a supporter of the brand, if only they serviced New Brunswick. Oh well, the call center itself was horrible.

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    FunkyMunky says...

    I agree, Fido has been most helpful - with general questions or billing issues.. so glad I signed up with them when I decided to go on the contract

    companies like Virgin/Solo/Kudoo are all nice and dandy but you are stuck with their phones once you become their customer - I don’t advise any non-GSM companies, unless of course you never leave North America

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    Adrenalyne says...

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience, however if you purchased the phone in the store the contract would have the number of years you were signing for. Always always read the contracts before signing - that way if the rep did make a mistake when setting up the account you will catch it before your bound to anything. I have been with Rogers for many years and have to say that I have had an overall great experience with them - especially compared to the many issues I had dealing with Bell, I think Bell is the worst of the bunch.

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    JSAM_S MOM says...

    Sorry to hear about the luck you’ve had with Rogers. If you have a Telephone Booth store (also called T-Booth), you can take in 3-6 consecutive bills and they will do an audit of your Rogers bills and tell you if you’re on the right plan for your usage, and if you’re not, help you get onto the right plan. I’ve never gotten ANYWHERE talking to a Rogers rep myself, but the guys and gals at T-Booth have always helped me get what I need done, even getting me a credit on my next bill. And I always make sure I show my appreciation to the staff the next time I’m by the store by bringing them coffee. They remember me, and always do their best to make things right. They will always get my business!

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    grasshopper902 says...

    Correct me if I’m wrong… but Rogers owns Fido, making them the same company. How is it that their service is so different?

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    jenn24 says...

    hi everyone ,i would like to know how to get out of my rogers contract with no fees …please rogers suck!!
    i want to join fido :)

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    pinaySK says...

    similiar thing happened to me. I was with Fido but because I relocated and there was no Fido service at my new place, i had to terminate the contract with them. I had to pay for the early termination even if I was transferring the service over to Rogers. (Rogers and Fido, to my understanding belong to one umbrella.) At first, the customer service representative said I didn’t have to pay for early termination with Fido. But the second customer service rep that I talked to told me I had to pay… confusing wasn’t it.

    To jenn24, if you are going to break your contract to move to Fido, you will be charged a fee for terminating early. The Customer Service Rep will tell you to try and offer the contract to a friend or relative instead. I don’t know if there’s really any way to circumvent that contract agreement which we (subscribers) signed so naively in the first place…..

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    Anita Low says...

    OMG, someone ELSE is having PROBLEMS with ROGERS? I mean like, no way! My boyfriend and I each received a RAZR phone (his black mine pink) from each other on Valentine’s Day two years previous. The bills became ridiculous and Rogers went ahead and cancelled our lines because we “Reached the maximum $300″ calling features pre-programmed on our phones. We were told by the rep that it was per phone when in fact, it was combined. I required my phone for biz and emergencies and he had his phone for emergencies and texting me (we lived in two sep cities an hour apart). Texting was supposed to be $0.15 per text but it turned out to be per word/space. We both upgraded our phones to give us the maximum coverage for our three year (inconvenient) term. TO boot, the phones became blank and we lost all the downloads including ringtones on the phones which were not reimbursed by Rogers although we were told differently. Every rep had a different story and we never received the reimbursements we were supposed to get. We were told that to end our contract, we could pay the $200 for both phones, not separates, and when the attempt was made, we were told it was per phone. Fine. We tried paying our contract out but they’ve since placed my boyfriend’s name into the credit bureau although they were receiving the payments through my account! SO not only is ROGERS getting paid, we still owe the COLLLECTION AGENCY money that they are going to pay ROGERS. Lord, I should have stayed with BELL CELLPHONES. I have NEVER experienced anything so bizarre and that extended phone warranty is nothing but another money grab-really not worth the effort. It only amplifies that you don’t have to pay extra for the repairs that are offered when you initially sign on. Let me say this.. we are NOT amused.

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    Anita Low says...

    Oh yeah, another beef is that the TV TAX these big corporations want to impose? How ridiculous is that?! More money from thos of us who have to EARN our keep by PAYING too much already? The added &6.95 fee imposed by our service providers (lord help me we have rogers home phone and they charge on that too albeit no cell phones) was supposed to be thrown out because it is ILLEGAL to charge that. Funny how some corporations get away with overcharging and seems there’s nothing we can do about it. I hope my vote counts in the . I’m mortified but not surprised…

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    VirginMobileUser says...


    Rogers and Fido are the same company.

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    Leah says...

    To the original poster, we’re going through the same b.s. with Rogers, every month there is something wrong with our bill, we waited 5 months for the new iPhone 3GS because they kept screwing up our order, we’ve had to call them a million times to fix their mistakes. It’s a very poorly run company.

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    hya_been says...

    Hey VirginMobileUser we know Rogers and Fido are under the same ownership, but the customer service agents and the employees of Fido are completely separate from Rogers. I cannot pay my Fido bill and a Rogers and vice versa.

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    karen says...

    Rogers is Fido. Company policies should be the same even if employees are not.

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    spicy_n00dles says...

    That’s why now I use the ‘pay-as-you-go’ phone. I used to have a 3-yr contract with Rogers, had no problems until within the 2nd year they started charging me non-sense. I hated calling them because the service I got was crap…the people didn’t know SHIT! Even I knew their policies better! They overcharged me 3X, which I got refunded…after calling several times… the were reluctant to give me back my money. Anyways, when the contract ended, I didn’t renew with them. Now I am perfectly happy with prepaid phones and I’m now with Telus.

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    travelbug says...

    The TV tax is from the local stations who want Rogers/Shaw/Cogeco/Bell etc to pay give them a portion of their profits. Rogers pays NOTHING to deliver these channels to you but you pay THEM and think it comes in your basic package. They essentially charge you for channels they get for free and those free channels want their cut. I’d prefer the news over the garbage reality TV that gets broadcasted everywhere.

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    Vancouver Island says...

    Haha, this was actually really funny. I work in telecommunications and too often I hear the same old adage….OVERCHARGES when in a contract. If you actually read your bills dumbasses you would see that the overcharges are from OVERUSING it. When you get a new phone or better rates on a plan that equals a new term. WHY you ask? Because cellular is a business that provides a service like a utility. The misfortune is that in Canada no one buys phones at the real price as we are all quite cheap here so we subsidize hardware when you sign up so customers can use our service. Does SHAW provide TV’s or Computers when signing up for cable/internet? No they don’t and that’s why there isn’t a lot of dissatisfaction with them because consumers don’t misconstrue EQUIPMENT issues with service issues. Also we are more expensive then Europe and the USA, look at how big our country is and how sparsely populated it is. England is smaller than Alberta and that’s a whole country with a huge population. Doesn’t take too many towers to cover small areas….get it? READ your bills. Nothing is hidden. DON’T assume things are included unless you are told you have it. Remember assuming makes an “ass” of “u” not “me”.

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    Vancouver Island says...

    P.S. Anita Low: you were the funniest.
    Clearly you are the most ignorant of all ignoramuses.
    You were charged $0.15/word and space? So a text message could potentially cost you upwards of $20 each?! WOW. And you were told that the contract would be $200 to cancel for both phones when on your agreements it clearly states $20 for each month left maximum $200 per cellular telephone number, are you illiterate? Did you read this and decide to hear the salespersons words in a way to suit your thoughts? Also why would Rogers be responsible for your MOTOROLA phone erasing all your downloads? You should have called the manufacturer of your cell phone to complain and get a refund. Rogers sells service and the downloads were on the phone and you got use of them. It wasn’t Rogers’ fault they disappeared correct? It was because your phone broke and Motorola manufacturers that handset. Is this making sense? You should have stayed with Bell or gone with Telus and this would have happened as well. You would have defaulted on your payments and you would have a collection agency hounding you for not paying your bills.

    Thank you for making me laugh. The part where you stated they charge $0.15/word and space was honestly the funniest.

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    jonkat says...

    we have also had nothing but problems with rogers, i can’t wait to get out of our contracts, up in march thank goodness

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    Diddy says...

    I’ve had Rogers, Telus, Fido and Bell but I gotta say Rogers takes the cake. One night when I was out at the club I lost my phone lol called Rogers to get a new one, new one arrived 4 days later Sweet! oh wait its defective and doesn’t work LOL I returned the defective one, they confirmed that they had received it and sent me another one, a few days later I receive my new one get my bill next month and guess what there’s a charge of $870 on it! they charged me for the defective one and the new one! long story short Rogers claimed it was usage charges and not the 2nd phone complete bullshit! I just wanted to be done with this company so I paid and also paid out my contract so I could be rid of these vile creatures!
    don’t give this company any of your money they are outright thieves!

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    Grit says...

    Rogers and Bell think they’re making money by refusing to cap cellphone usage when it hits the plan maximums(all those delicious extra charges!) but there are lots of well-heeled parents that don’t provide access as a result. Their policy makes it very prohibitive to ever give cell phones as gifts.

    I finally put an end to the plan-pumping and extra-billing by tranferring my kids’ phones to their names last week. Rogers couldn’t resist providing my son with an equipment upgrade when he went to the store and for “convenience” they added the connection charge and an administration fee for the connection totalling $130 (taxes included) without my approval. They informed me that it was my problem to work it out with my son. I disagreed since they have a collection problem. They suggested that I convince him to pay or return the phone. Talk about gall.

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    Grit says...

    Re previous post: they added the $130 to MY bill without authorization.

    Take a pill Vancouver. Cell phone service in Canada stinks because there is no real competition in most areas. We’re not all rocket scientists and these companies are very good at deception and using their technology to suck all kinds of unearned revenue from us poor saps. It’s not a fair fight.

    It’s time we had consumer protection laws to put an end to all this needless and costly confusion. The funny part is that providers would gain a lot from simplification. They have a horrible public image which makes them very vulernable to any competition in the long run.

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    Craig says...

    While Rogers and Fido are owned by the same company they are run as separate entities.
    The same with Virgin Mobile which in Canada is operated by Bell.

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    Vicky says...

    It is really a crazy thing that I renewed my contract for the second time ending up 6 years at Rogers…. It is really true that Rogers always make a horrible mistake in billing imagine they charged us on receiving text messages for $57.00 for receiving a 284 messages.Rediculous.

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    Theresa says...

    Ah Rogers. Can’t stand them!

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    Amanda says...

    Rogers Wireless has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I work for a company that has a mobile department and sell several different providers. Because of our association with wireless companies many of them offer employee purchase plans as an incentive to employees of the company. On the recommendation of one of my friends who worked in the mobile department, I was made aware of a new purchase incentive that Rogers offered if employees signed onto a three year contract with Rogers. From the beginning there was nothing but problems. Rogers had told the sales representatives of our store that we had to sign the three year contract and then they would apply the discounts to our accounts after we purchased the plan and processed further paper work. This was nothing but a big scam. Not only did Rogers scam the employees but they also scammed the employees in mobile who later felt really badly about convincing employees to sign up for the plans. When we applied for the employee discounts many of us were told that our plans were ineligible which was not told to our representatives in mobile who signed us all up for plans with the specific intent of later applying the discounts that Rogers had promised. Not only did they refuse to discount our plans but they also didn’t get back to us until after the 30 days leaving us with contracts that would cost us hundreds of dollars to get out of. After all this I was given the choice ti resign a new 3 year contract under a student plan which would be more expensive then the discounted plans were supposed to be but better than the plans without the discount. 6 months down the road I also had a problem with my phone which was still under the one year warranty and Rogers sent me a refurbished phone which again broke down two months later and was again replaced by another unreliable phone. When I called for the third time about the hardware that they sent me being defective I was told that if I sent it back again and they deemed it user use I would be charged for the new phone which would be almost $600 I didn’t want to take the chance of incurring charges hence I didn’t want to send it back and remain with a defective phone. Now 2 years into my contract and only one year remaining Rogers has been sending me outrageous bills because I live on a border city and have been magically all of a sudden picking up roaming signals. I have always lived on a border city so what has changed, I think it is a way to get all the money they can due to the fact that I have told them several times I would never renew my contract with them. Last month I was told that there was now a block on all roaming and that if I went out of the service area my phone would say no service and would not pick up any signal, which in itself is inconvenient in case of an emergency I would not be able to pick up a signal but for fear of another $200 bill I said ok. Surprise Surprise this month again more roaming charges. I will never in my life recommend Rogers wireless to anybody and working at a store which sells technology and mobile devices anybody thinking about 3G for there ipad should think about using Telus because customers have come back with outrageous stories about how Rogers overcharges them for their SIM card use on those too. I have had great reviews on Telus and the rest of my family has Telus and has had an amazing experience with them. For people out there who are thinking about new cell or 3G contracts I would recommend anything but Rogers if you want to keep your costs reasonable.

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    tom says...

    Rogers is just a plain bad company for cell phone ….i never had so much problems with a cell phone company in all my life .

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    Rogers sucks says...

    Every other month there is a mistake on my Rogers bill. They’re usually just a few dollars, and it’s not worth spending 20 minutes on the phone explaining everything to the customer service reps and being put on hold several times. Check your bills!

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    Rob says...

    My 3 Year contract ended June 2, 2012. I transferred to another carrier on May 23rd, 2012 just to be sure that my number did not get lost before getting ported. Rogers still tagged me with a $100 early cancellation fee for the phone service AND $25 for the data plan with only 9 days to go!!!

    This after years of problems - my favorite being when they disabled my Android HTC phone FROM ROGERS because of some security issue they found. It took over 2 months to get the phone working again and countless calls. They even tried to charge me $25 to fix the phone they disabled!

    I will never go back and will endlessly trash them to anyone who mentions looking for a provider for the rest of my days.

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    Olivia4564 says...

    Hello, first off we are long time Telus customers and never had issues. My husband started working outside The Telus coverage area so we went to Rogers to get him a pay as you go because they had coverage in the area. He is gone for 28 days straight and is 21 hr drive away from home. the manager sold us the phone. It turns out they only have 4G service in the area, so why would you sell someone a non 4G phone if they were not going to get service? They say i can return the phone for a refund with in 15 days, except its a 21 hours drive to get it! Not only did we pay for a phone we can’t use, they will not refund the 100.00 card we bought under her suggestion. Maybe the should better educate their staff, especially if they are going to be managers, on their coverage areas. I’m not pleased at all we have limited funds and never would have purchased a phone on a maybe it will work policy.

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