Auto Vatche in Cambridge doesn’t want to help you if it’s raining

by Mel

I am currently in the market for a used car and have been checking out many used auto dealers in the tri city area. Unfortunately, I work a lot so my boyfriend and I had to check out cars on a day it was raining. We went to Auto Vatche because of the selection in our price range. When we arrived there was a note stating he would be back in 5 minutes - no problem. He pulled up shortly after with no apology for keeping us waiting, but whatever. I never expected incredible customer service from a used car place, but the owner at Auto Vatche made us feel like we were bothering him.

We test drove one car, and decided we didn’t like it very much, so we asked to test drive another. He became incredibly impatient and asked us how many cars we intended to test drive today. We told him we saw two more that we liked, and we would probably be back Thursday to make a purchase. When he heard we weren’t spending any money at that moment, he told us: “You know what, come back Thursday. It’s raining and I’ve been here all day and I just want to go.” We were astounded!!!!! We are here to drop some cold, hard cash on a car and he tells us he doesn’t want to help us! We will NEVER be back!

I personally suggest going down the street from this horrible place, to Advanced Auto Brokers. They treated me very well, and even though I didn’t end up getting a car from them, they definitely made me want to give them business because of their helpfulness.

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    C. Tang says...

    I had a similar experience at Auto Vatche…only it was a beautiful day and I think the guy is just a jerk. I have never been treated with such disrespect and rudeness in my life. Do not shop here!

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    Di says...

    I’d sure like to know where Mel ended up buying a car! We are currently looking for a second-hand, second car - Dec. 18/09

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    Randy says...

    I was also interested in buying a vehicle from Auto Vatche and was concerned by the comments here. I would be driving about an hour each way to see it and didn’t need to be treated badly by the dealer.

    I decided to give Mr. Vatche a call and he was pleasant on the phone, so I decided to drive out to Cambridge to take a look. I have to say I had the opposite experience as the others and found him to be pleasant and easy to deal with. (It was a sunny day if that makes a difference).

    Anyway, I bought the minivan for what seemed to be a good price compared to other dealerships. I would say if you see something you like, start with the phone call and evaluate the service yourself.

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    Smartron says...

    I have been speaking with Vatche about a sub-compact, and dude was on the ball, he knew every detail about all his vehicles. I found nothing wrong with his attitude or service. I like several of his vehicles and even told him I was just getting my feet wet but he was still more than happy to take his time with me. Now I’ve done my research, and I have my choice, I’m gonna take it for a test drive and an inspection by a friend, then I’ll let you know how it went.

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    Jon says...

    I spoke with him about a car on the phone today. Found him quite pleasant and helpful too. There may be a bit of a language barrier simply due to his accent, but that’s not an attitude thing.

    He was on the ball, and I asked him if it was worth coming out for well under his asking price, he countered very reasonably and I am going up tomorrow to look at the car, drive it, and hopefully take it home. He didn’t play games and was straight with me from what I can tell. He even offered up that the car has a small dent in it, and was very accommodating that I was coming from a 3 hour drive away (said he’ll have it all setup to take home if I like it).

    I can’t say I had a bad experience so far, and really hope that continues. Will post back as to how it goes.

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    brady says...

    Doesn’t he only sell accident cars? Does he even provide a seven page carproof?

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    Pat says...

    Just got back from Auto Vatche and had a very good experience. The salesman spent a whole lot of time with us ouside (-11 C windy) and put up nicely with our 4 kids. He knows the cars he has and was very plesant. No rush. No presure. Gave us the pros and cons of the different models of vans he had and we ended up buying one of them. Good price Good service. I would recomend them to friends. Carproof was provided. No Hits. GMAC Off lease vehicle.

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    james says...

    i have purchased a vehicle and have recommended many people to shop from Auto Vatche. The cars are very well taken care off both mechanically and cosmetically (and have this awesome smell when you get into them - im picky i notice this stuff). So far, everyone ive recommended hasnt been happier with the cars they have purchased.
    I looked around for months and compared other dealerships. Autovatche has excellent service, fair pricing - that its not even worth looking around or bargaining, and clean cars. Great experience!

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    Ray G says...

    I’ve bought 3 cars from them so far. (2 teenagers - 2 cars totaled — don’t ask)

    I really like the range of cars he has and he’s always been good on the warranty side.

    I get it that if you own your own business and you work a 60 - 70 hour week, you might be a little edgy at the end of a hard day.

    Looking for a 4th vehicle. (again- don’t ask)


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    Chris says...

    I’ve dealt with Vatche D. several times, and I’ve never had a bad experience with him. I’ve actually found him to be funny and very family-oriented. I understand that as the owner and only employee I’ve ever seen there, he can probably come off as stressed - but I’ve seen the way he takes care of his cars and customers, and I was surprisingly impressed.

    And as for Brady’s comment: You’ve obviously never dealt with him. He sells both clean cars, and a few cars with minor damages. He even went so far as to show me a receipt for some work he had done for $900 - well below what he was obligated to report. That kind of transparency is rare, especially in used car sales.

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