Banana Republic In GTA:Snobbish Customer Service

By Jenny

I was never enjoyed shopping at Banana Republic, they don’t seem to have good customer service, not only that, their sales girls are snobby.

My mother bought some T-shirts from Banana Republic for my husband with her senior citizen discount. My husband decided to exchange for difference colour, so I went to the Mississauga Square One location to exchange. When I showed the gift receipt to the girl at the cash counter, she told me that I need to pay the difference for exchange. I asked why, she said that there is a senior discount on the purchase, and I was not senior.I would have to pay the difference . I couldn’t believe what I heard, so I told her that regardless, it’s just an exchange, what’s the purpose of gift receipt if I can’t use it? She repeated what she had said again with a cold and snobby attitude. I did not want to bother to argue with her, so I asked to see the manager. She left to find the manager, a few minutes later, she returned to the counter without saying a word to me. She starting to process the exchange procedure without any explanation nor apology. When she was done, she handed out the item, and said “here you go.” Still no apology, nor thank you from her.

I was shocked with this kind of poor service. I don’t know if she was just dumb or if it’s poor training from Banana Republic. I was never enjoy my shopping experience there, not just Mississauga location, but all their GTA locations.

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    ratatouille says...

    Sorry about your experience. That was so rude!
    I avoid shopping at Banana republic too.. For some reason, I always feel like I’m not skinny enough when I enter that store :-).

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    trucks12trucks says...

    I like shopping at BR; Its one of my fav stores. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I would have asked to see the manager again.

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    GoJays says...

    I like shopping there too, I’ve never had a bad experience. Sorry to hear about yours.

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    Jeff K says...

    Both, dumb as a rock and poor training. I would’ve still complained to the manager. At least write a complain letter to head office or something at the very least.

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    MojoMom says...

    I enjoy shopping at BR, it is one of my favorite stores, but I will admit that at the location in the GTA where I shop, there is a particular sales person who on several occasions I have overheard making snide remarks about customers in general, and even once directly towards me.
    We all know that BR has SEVERAL sales throughout the year, I hardly ever buy anything full price because they have so many promotions! Last time I was in I heard the sales woman say to another associate “…I don’t understand if you want a sale and you can’t afford to pay full price, why don’t you just go to Winners!” Ugh! RUDE??!!
    And since I have a small child, I very rarely have the time to try things on in the change room and sometimes end up returning them or exchanging for a different size. Last time I was in to make a return, I approached the counter with my BR bag in hand and before I could even get to the counter and get the item out, the same associate YELLED out “Oh, here to make a return again I see?” and when I meekly said “yes”, she said “Of course” (in a “I knew it” sort of tone)
    How freaking rude is that?

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    Sue says...

    I like BR but have had the same experience at Yorkdale Mall. Bought a winter jacket for my husband before Christmas. They had an advertised sale of 30% off I believe. The jacket was tagged incorrectly and scanned at a higher price than what was written on the tag. We informed the associate of this and she protested at first until we insisted to speak to the manager. It was downhill from there. She was rude and pretentious.
    I don’t understand. Didn’t she know what side of the counter she was on?
    The manager came and told us it was our lucky day! Literally. He adjusted the price as he should. It’s not our fault it was marked incorrectly!
    The associate who processed our sale couldn’t wait to get us out of the store, she shoved the bag towards and pretty much tossed the receipt at us.
    Maybe they don’t get paid much that’s why they’re so angry at BR? Or maybe they aim to hire those that just naturally have issues? Shop online it’s much better. Return policy is 45 days with a longer grace period if you haven’t done a return of online merchandise before.

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